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The Healthcare Industry
is full of regulatory compliance and strict guidelines regarding
privacy and security.
You have your patient data and billing under control condition, but what about all the early operations of the hospital or offices ? Compliance regulations alone can be overwhelm. ( HIPAA, HITECH, Stark I, II, III, Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, False Claims and Joint Commission )
Contract Guardian Healthcare Contract Management will
optimize the value, control and compliance reporting for every agreement. 
Our healthcare abridge management software meets the needs of healthcare by delivering the most intuitive and flexible abridge management software in the diligence. Contract defender gives you the tools to manage the specific needs of healthcare. A contract Manager can create inexhaustible types of agreements with outright user defined fields .
Tired of digging through file cabinets and emailing different departments to get the compress information you need ? Using Contract Guardian, you can find it in seconds with good a few keystrokes .

Healthcare Contract Management Best Practices

Systematize Your Contract Management Process The contract management summons in a healthcare organization can be complex and requires the engagement of numerous parties within your organization adenine well as those outside. Steps might include initial request, reviews, corrections and a series of final approvals. Establishing a defined process and run for each condense type will help prevent mistakes and reassure complaisance. One can start by visualizing the flow through their process and then internalize the process via abridge management work flow. .

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Reading: Medical Industry Contract Management | Custom Healthcare Contract Solutions

Use Workflow in Your Healthcare Contract Management A work flow system can typically accommodate an unlimited number of processes and steps to address any position with healthcare contracts. In accession to standardizing your process and automating the flow, you will be able to readily identify the status of the contract as it moves through the system .
Leverage Role Based Security to Mirror Your Organizational
Role based security will allow you to readily identify the users, access and permissions associated with each person. This will provide your healthcare conformity military officer the data and assurances required for monitoring a drug user action. All actions are distinctive tracked with the audited account journal .
Healthcare Contract Management Reporting with Contract
enables you to construct a report using criteria from any field in the system. Contract defender search the full textbook of all documents in the system. early features in Reports : one-step and advanced filtering on all data fields Page size selection Drag and Drop Layout Export of data to Excel ( CSV ) and PDF format. Save Reports list and save your reports for future execution Create individual and populace reports. public reports are shared with the users you designate. private reports are for your eyes entirely.

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Implementation Timeline

Common Agreement Types

Create unlimited

  • Physician Employment Agreements
  • Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Insurance & Bonds
  • Property, Equipment & Vehicle Leases
  • Information Technology Agreements
  • Managed Care
  • Affiliation Agreements
  • Research and Grant Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Employee Agreements

Healthcare Contract Management

Just a few
of the benefits

  • Address Compliance Regulations
  • Bring Transparency to Contract Management
  • Unparalleled Notification System
  • Secure Web Based Contract Repository
  • Find Contracts in Milliseconds
  • Complete audit journal of all Contract Activities
  • Unlimited Contract Templates
  • Rapid ROI

Healthcare Organizations

Certified professionals
helping you

A wide range of Healthcare Organizations benefit from our Contract Management Software. Examples include :

  • Hospitals
  • Group Practices
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Managed Care
  • Information Technology, Medical Billing and
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