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Wednesday,  June 1,  2022  2:50 AM 
Bob WeismanMeteorology ProfessorSaint Cloud State UniversityAtmospheric and Hydrologic Sciences Department

not As Cool or As Windy, But A May-Like Start to June

Lingering Low To Dominate Our Air Flow This Week
The old low pushed northeastward along the Ontario-Manitoba border ( see Mid-tropospheric water vapor loop topology from Colorado State satellite slider ), pulling more cooler and drier vent into Minnesota. The actually warm and muggy air was pushed to the south, so that the firm afternoon and nightlong thunderstorms ran from Texas to northern Missouri and Illinois ( see clean infrared satellite loop topology from Colorado State satellite luger ). There were some fall showers throughout the day in northern and central Minnesota ( set number of frames to 200 on the College of DuPage union central US radar loop ) as the low traveled northeastward, but these showers were clean and tended to dissipate after sunrise. The big change was the temperature. Where it stayed cloudy in northern and cardinal Minnesota, temperatures hang in the 50 ‘s. southerly Minnesota did see more fair weather, so high climbed into the 60 ‘s and even a few 70 ‘s ( see 4 PM Tuesday NWS WPC North american zoom-in function ).

That low to our north is going to hang around for most of the cultivate workweek, pulling more cooler than average air from Alberta and Saskatchewan into Minnesota. As the workweek goes on, the continued flow will pull down air from the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. so, we are done with the warmer than average temperatures and high humidity for quite a while. finally, the lingering high clouds still around northern and central Minnesota ( see College of DuPage shortwave albedo coil ) will break up, allowing more cheerfulness. And, the potent winds that calm dominated yesterday ( gusts of over 35 MPH on the NWS : 72 hours of St. Cloud observations ) have eased off across Minnesota ( see new NWS Aviation Weather Center METAR map ). That combination means highs in the 60 ‘s to possibly near 70 when we get a distribute of cheerfulness and lows in the 40 ‘s on a clear night and near 50 on a blowy one .
The main wonder is when pieces of that south cardinal canadian moo will pass close enough to Minnesota to pull a cold front down and allow some scatter showers and a thunderstorm to develop. The best prospect appears to be Thursday good afternoon and early on even when a stronger cold front will come by. I do have a flimsy gamble of showers each good afternoon from tomorrow on, as the publicize aloft may be cold enough to develop some cumulus clouds and a few popcorn showers. still, any showers will be luminosity and wo n’t carry the hard weather seen over the Memorial Day weekend .
Damage Surveys From Sunday’s Storms: One Tornado on the Ground for 50 Miles
Damage survey teams will be going out from the NWS offices in Grand Forks, Sioux Falls, and the Twin Cities to determine whether the numerous reports of wind damage were caused by straight-line winds or tornadoes. There were 5 reports in which tornadoes were actually spotted, most notably in Forada. early surveys show that one tornado was on the ground for at least 50 miles .
Final Rainfall Rankings: 5th Wettest May, 8th Wettest Spring
indeed, the final May St. Cloud Regional Airport rain was 7.32 inches, precisely double the average of 3.66 inches. It ‘s the rainiest calendar month since September 2019 ( 7.55 inches ). This ranks as the 5th showery May in St. Cloud records and the showery since 2012. There have been 12.39 inches during meteorologic leap ( March 1-May 31 ), which is 4.55 inches above average and ranks as St. Cloud ‘s 8th wettest spring. And, there was more rain just to the north and west with over 8 inches over the past 30 days ( colored red on the NWS Minnesota 30-day rain map ) .
Detailed St. Cloud, MN, and Vicinity Forecast
Confidence Level: “I Will Have to Remove Five-Foot High Snow Piles to Put Out the Trash
Wednesday 6/1/2022: Morning sunlight, blend clouds and sun in the good afternoon with a slender gamble of a sprinkle, not as airy, meek, and dry. high : between 64 and 68. Winds : WNW 8-15 MPH. prospect of measurable rain : 20 % .
Wedn esday Night: Partly clean, light winds, and cool. low : between 45 and 50. Winds : SW 5 MPH evening, 5-10 MPH after midnight. gamble of measurable rain : 10 % .
Confidence Level: “The Continuing Snow Melt Will Make It Icy Right Where I Have to Change My Balance and Throw the Snow”
Thursday 6/2/2022: Sunny in the good morning, desegregate clouds and sun in the good afternoon with a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, blowy, and a tad heater. high : between 66 and 72. Winds : SW 10-20 MPH, becoming WNW 15-30 MPH noon and afternoon. opportunity of measurable rain : 30 %.

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Thur sday Night: Some early clouds, then clearing, winds diminishing after midnight, and cool. Some fog possible by dawn. low : between 42 and 46. Winds : NW 10-20 MPH evening, NW 5 MPH after midnight. luck of measurable rain : 10 % .
Friday 6/3/2022: Morning fair weather, mix clouds and sun with a little chance of an good afternoon shower, breezy, and a morsel cool. gamey : between 62 and 67. Winds : NW 8-15 MPH. probability of measurable rain : 20 % .
Fri day Night: Partly clear early, largely cloudy recently. A shade balmy. low : between 45 and 50. Winds : light evening, S 5 MPH after midnight. luck of measurable rain : 10 % .
Saturday 6/4/2022: Mixed cloud and sun with a gamble of an good afternoon shower or thunderstorm. light winds. slightly warmer. senior high school : between 65 and 70. Winds : W 5-10 MPH. casual of measurable rain : 30 % .
Confidence Level: “The Melting Maven Will Magically Make My Sidewalk Ice Disappear Overnight”
Satur day Night: Cloudy evening, partially clear belated, blowy, and continued cool. depleted : between 43 and 48. Winds : N-NE 5-10 MPH. luck of measurable rain : 10 % .
Sunday 6/5/2022: Morning sunlight, desegregate clouds and sunday with a opportunity of a shower in the afternoon, and continued cool. high : between 63 and 68. Winds : NW 5-15 MPH. casual of measurable rain : 30 % .
Extended: Continued cool than median into early future week ? ?
Forecast Confidence  ( 10 – “ The Rabbits Will Thump even Though I Fed Them ” ; 0 – “ The Rabbits Will Offer To Groom My Bald Spot ” ) : 7 Wednesday, 6 Wednesday night, 5 Thursday through Friday, 4 Friday night and Saturday, 3 Saturday night and Sunday .
Yesterday’s High: 68°F (set at 1 AM); Yesterday’s Daytime High: 63°F; Overnight Low (through 2 AM Tuesday): 55°F
St. Cloud Airport Storm Total Precipitation (since Saturday): 1.26 inch; SCSU Storm Total Precipitation (since Saturday): 1.85 inch

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St. Cloud Daily Average and Record Temperatures
June 1 Historical Data High Low
Average Temperatures 74°F 52°F
Record Temperatures 93°F ( 2020 ) 68°F ( 1933 )

47°F ( 1945,1999 ) 32°F ( 1993 )

Next Update: Thursday, June 2, 2022 7 AM (or as needed)

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