Dorm Party Guide: How to Throw a Great Dorm Party

College is the gateway to adulthood. For many of you, it ’ s the beginning meter you live independently away from your parents. It is besides the best time to socialize and make new friends. dormitory rooms are normally a bantam space with roommates cramped up, wear socks on the floor, and cold pizza waiting to rot out. At least that ’ s what you see on television, but it ’ s not constantly truthful. Dorms are friendship incubators. many students make lifelong friends with their roommates and other students they share the dormitory with. Dorms are besides bang-up venues to throw a party because what better way to spend an evening at dormitory after the examination is over anyhow ? Whether you ’ ra throwing your first or nth party, your goal is the same. The party should make a lasting impression on your guests and everyone should be having a good time. hera are some tips that will help you achieve these goals .

Can You Throw a Dorm Party?

Can you legally throw a party at dorm without breaking rules

First things first. Can you even host a college dorm party without getting shut down by the resident advisors ( RAs ) ? The answer is it depends. Some dormitories allow parties, some don ’ triiodothyronine. You can find out by digging through the house rules or consult your RAs. Make sure you find out the legality before you even begin planning for the party. You don ’ thyroxine want your campaign to go down the drain. Or worse — getting your party shut down 10 mins into the party. once you ’ re certain that the party is not violating any rules, clock time to get your roommates ’ accept. Throwing a party without consulting your roommates is super inconsiderate. What if they have important assignments due the following day or their parents are coming over to visit ? similarly, you may want to consult your neighbors excessively. Everyone ’ randomness class schedules are different, what works for you may not be the best interest of everybody else. With the dormitory rules and roommates on your side, it ’ south time to move on to other things .

Dorm Party Planning Committee: Gather Your People

Form a party planning committee It ’ randomness much easier to plan and throw a party when you have two or more people involved. You can go alone for surely, but that means you have to do all the work by yourself. And the work can get boring : clean up before and after party, acquiring food and drinks ( who ’ second footing the bill anyhow ? ), deciding on subject, music, and decoration, etc. Read also 12 Things to Know about Dorm Life

Dorm Party Theme: The Soul of the Party

Party Themes for Dorm Decide on a theme. Like Halloween when everyone dresses up as their favorite characters, having a subject makes a party stand out. The theme can be anything. You can celebrate collegiate sports, your roommate ’ second birthday, or the end of midterms. The composition can be about sealed fashion style. For model, you can arrange for everyone to wear pajama, new jersey attires, or swimsuits. Throwing a bang-up party is all about being creative and thinking outside the box. The bottom line is the composition should make the party more playfulness, not boring. hera are some composition ideas to jumpstart your brainstorming session .

  • Dorm floor party – get to know fellow students who share the same floor
  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • End-of-midterm
  • End-of-semester
  • Farewell
  • Dorm warming
  • Homecoming
  • Girls’ night
  • Pajamas party
  • 80’s
  • 90’s
  • Pink fantasy – everyone has to wear something pink
  • Plaids and checkers
  • Ugly sweaters
  • Ghosts and monsters (great for Halloween)
  • Unicorn
  • Black & white attire only
  • Jazz night
  • Hip-hop night

More Party Theme Ideas
here are some extra party theme ideas to keep you inspired .

  1. 51 Theme Party Ideas from Actual Party Planners by StyleCaster. Some of these ideas are really too complex for a simple dorm party, but they are fun to look at and you will definitely feel more inspired after going through the list.
  2. 30 Instagram-Worthy Party Ideas by EventBrite. This article doesn’t have pictures on it but the ideas are quite creative. They will definitely look great on Instagram if you can pull them off.
  3. 20 Best College Party Themes by Seventeen. I think you have the best chance of pulling off these themes. They are fun, creative, and more achievable. Definitely check out these ideas for inspiration.
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Dorm Party Guest List & Invitations: Who to Invite, How to Invite

Dorm Party Invitation Ideas. Guest List. Who to Invite? A party is not a party if no matchless comes ( on second remember, a one-man party sounds like a terrific idea ). Anyway, you will want to invite some guests. Start off by estimating how many people you can realistically fit in the room. You don ’ thymine want the party to become overcrowd. When you ’ ra estimate, make certain there ’ second room for the guests to move about. As the party server, it ’ s up to you who you should invite. here are some ideas : friends, classmates, roommates, dormitory neighbors, and house physician advisors. Depending on the party theme, you might want an even mix of guys and girls. If the theme is daughter ’ night, obviously no guys would be invited. It could be a big party that packs the room or a smaller, cozier party that allows your guests to actually get to know each other. Invite your neighbors and nonmigratory adviser. Your neighbors are less likely to file a make noise charge if they ’ re attending your party. The invitation besides gives them a heads up that you ’ ll have guests coming over. As for the actual invitations, it can be made through news of sass or textbook messages. textbook messages are probably the most common direction to invite a party node. not to mention that it ’ sulfur convenient. Another manner to invite your guests is to create an consequence on Facebook. alternatively, you can make your own invitation card if you ’ re good at designing graphics. You can besides find templates for invitation card on-line that you can customize and print out at the calculator lab .

  1. Party Invitation Templates by Greetings Island. These are free templates that you can customize and print. You can also send them digitally.
  2. Customizable Party Invitation Templates by Canva. Free templates for all kinds of occasions: birthday, graduation, and even baby shower. There are thousands of choices available so you will need to go through them to find what works best for you then customize it to your liking.

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Dorm Party Music Because a Silent Party is Hardly a Party

Dorm Party Music - Playlist for Party music brings liveliness to a party. Like a movie scene that becomes awkward when you remove the background music, a party without music is soulless. Start curating a playlist at least a few days ahead of the party. You should be enjoying during the party, not burdened by the undertaking of searching madly for the future song to play. Make sure to add full of life, wellbeing, and democratic songs that everyone will be able to sing and dance to. It ’ mho besides important to mix the song order ( i.e. put it on shamble ), it ’ s not ideal to put the all the best tracks at the begin of the party when the guests are still arriving. Remember to mix in some slow songs in between to prevent musical tire.

sol pop songs are the condom way to go, but if you understand your group ’ s tastes, or if your party has a particular root, you should curate your song list accordingly. For example, if it ’ s a jazz night party, you ’ ll probably want to prepare a playlist predominantly made up of wind music. Remember don ’ thymine be besides brassy. Always keep in heed that your neighbors might already be sleeping.
Youtube vs Spotify
I recommend storing your birdcall list on Spotify. Youtube works OK but unless you ’ re adding official music video, some of the video recording might get removed due to copyright misdemeanor before your party starts. If I remember correctly, that means your playlist will get stuck when it tries to play the delete video recording. so Spotify is the manner to go and try to get Spotify Premium to prevent the annoying ads from annoying yourself and your guests. Spotify offers complimentary trial for their premium design. You can besides ask for aid from a supporter who has access to premium. now some of you enjoy the work of choosing songs for the party. Others might prefer immediate and easy access to good music. here are some curated Spotify playlist if you prefer the latter : –

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Dorm Party Games & Activities: Things for the Party Guests to Do

Dorm Party Activities & Games Games are always a good idea. It keeps your guests occupied and concerned. It besides serves as the arrant icebreaker for guests who are meeting for the first time. You can play the classics like Spin the Bottle or Never Have I ever. You can besides play card games like Cards Against Humanity or table games like Beer Pong or Juice Pong – the non-alcoholic cousin. Just make sure that your games are inclusive and great for groups so that no one gets left behind .

Dorm Party Food & Drinks – Empty Belly is the Number One Reason Party Guests Leave Early

Dorm Party Food & Drinks music creates the temper and sets the atmosphere. But the party will be ephemeral if your guests are hungry and thirsty. The last fourth dimension I check, music doesn ’ metric ton cure starve. so keep your guests felicitous and satisfied by preparing some snacks and beverages. unfortunately, most college dorms do not provide access to a kitchen. So you won ’ thyroxine be roasting chicken or making building complex hor five hundred ’ oeuvres. not very indisputable what you can provide for the guests ? here are some food & drinks ideas. This is besides where having a planning committee actually helps. Prepping food & drinks can take prison term, department of energy, and money.
Snacks are a party must-have. Expect your guests to leave early on if there ’ s no food. The food you serve doesn ’ thyroxine have to be a full naturally meal. Just make surely there are finger foods ( snacks ) that go great with your drinks. Some good choices are : –

  • Nacho chips
  • Fries
  • Chicken fingers
  • Nuggets
  • Popcorn
  • Pizza
  • Nuts

More Party Food Ideas Drinks
It ’ s not a party without drinks. Think of beer bottles, kegs, wine bottles, cocktails, hard liquor, juice, sodium carbonate, and even water. Most dormitory banish alcoholic drinks. Some students sneak them in. Others plainly befriend their RA and talk them into letting it slip for one night. For some of you who don ’ metric ton want to break the rules, and you really shouldn’t, there are a set of lusciously satisfying non-alcoholic mocktail recipes. Whichever it is you prefer, there are no excuses not to serve drinks at a party. here are some non-alcoholic beverage ideas : –

  1. Soda / Pop – carbonated drinks. Coca-cola and Pepsi are the more popular choices most people enjoy. Some drinks can be divisive… like Dr. Pepper and Cherry Coke. If you aren’t sure, just get a few brands so your guests can choose what they prefer.
  2. Lemonade – the regular bottle lemonade or the pink stuff.
  3. Juices – juices are delicious and could be healthy.
  4. Cardinal Punch Mocktail – The Spruce Eats
  5. 15+ Easy Mocktail Recipes – Delish
  6. 30 Non-alcoholic Party Drinks – Taste of Home

Don ’ thymine forget about the cups. You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate expect your guests to drink out of the bottle. For a belittled party, you might have enough coffee mugs for the group if you ask your roommates for help. You do have to wash the mugs subsequently, but it ’ south more eco-friendly. For a bigger crowd, disposable cups are the way to go. The crimson fictile cups are a college party custom in the US. unfortunately, plastics are atrocious for the environment. For that rationality, consider getting some disposable newspaper cups rather .

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Preparing for a Dorm Room Party

Look at your room in its stream department of state. It ’ randomness credibly not in the most presentable circumstance. At least not for your guests. even if it ’ randomness goodly for your day by day use, hosting a party means that your room needs to be tweaked for party manipulation.
Tidy up your room
People need quad. More people need more quad. You don ’ metric ton want your guests to overcrowd and have little outer space to move around. You besides don ’ thymine want your homework to turn into a beverage coaster or getting drinks spilled on your laptop. In other words, your mess, clutter, and all non-party essentials need to go. ideally, you should keep your dormitory room clean & tidy in the proper way. But we get it. so here are some “ hacks ” to clean up and free up distance .

  1. Keep all non-party related items out of sight. For example, school supplies, textbooks, dirty laundry, worn jeans, school backpack. Where to store them temporarily: closet, under your bed (in a box or cover with cloth), drawers.
  2. Lock valuables in drawer or closet.
  3. Vacuum the floor
  4. Remove dust from surfaces: e.g. desktop
  5. Keep pillows and blankets in the closet if you prefer to keep them clean

Responsibilities of the Party Host

Throwing a party is fun but it’s not all fun. There are tasks and responsibilities that a party master of ceremonies must bear.
Hosting Duties
The person that ties this party all in all is you — the host. It ’ s your board and you make the rules. You ’ re in charge of making this party successful but don’t feel too pressured. Greet your guests and thank them for coming. Introduce your guests to one another to make everyone feel comfortable. Make jokes, take song requests, challenge your guests to unlike activities, or barely have a meaningful conversation with them. once your guests loosen up, your party will surely be more playfulness. therefore, enjoy yourself, be confident, and accept that not everything will go vitamin a planned.
Maintaining cleanliness
Expect your put to be trashed. Your guests are probable to make a mess. Prepare a clean toilet for your guests with loads of tissue paper and empty bins. If you ’ rhenium not uncoerced to clean up after the party, then don ’ thyroxine have one. Be ready with folderol bags and cleanse products. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want rotten food smell stinking up in your put or gluey floor from dried up drinks, it ’ s best to clean up mighty away. It ’ second capital that you decided to organize the event as a group, am I right ? now you have person to help you clean up .


Parties are quintessential college experience. While hosting a party is credibly easier for person who lives off-campus or in a fraternity house, don ’ thyroxine lease that dissuade you from having a little fun in your dormitory. Remember not to break any rules and be considerate to others. If the house rules don ’ thyroxine allow for a party, possibly there ’ s a definition for partying in the rule book. Say the rule book defines partying as a gathering of more than 15 people, you can constantly plan a humble party gather with 10 guests. anyhow, these are necessity things to keep in judgment when throwing a dorm room party. I hope you have a big party.

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