Ultimate College Dorm Party Guide: How To Throw The Best One Ever

*This post may contain affiliate links, which means I ‘ll receive a mission if you purchase through my radio link, at no extra cost to you. Please understand fully disclosure hera This post is all about how to throw the best college dormitory party always !college dorm party What is college without a good party ? I mean, international relations and security network ’ thyroxine that the unharmed purpose of going to college ? Haha, just kidding. But as a former college student that took 5 years to finish my education ( don ’ thyroxine judge me ), I ’ ve been to a bonny share of baseless dormitory parties that I ’ ll remember for the rest of my biography.

How Do You Throw a Dorm Party?

Before throwing a party in your dormitory board, here are a few things to be aware of :

Get On Your RA’s Good Side

Throwing successful dormitory parties without having them shut down by your RA ( house physician assistant ) minutes later is not an comfortable job. So my advice is to get to know your RA ! Some RAs are dainty and would not even care if you throw a party american samoa long as you keep the make noise under control condition. But some RAs can be superintendent nonindulgent and not tolerate any parties or alcohol in the dormitory. thus ahead throwing a party in your dormitory, make sure to check the policies first and talk to your RA. The end matter you want is to get written up !

Let Your Neighbors Know

Okay, here ’ second my advice. Invite your neighbors to your party so they won ’ thymine denounce on you ! HAHA ! I mean, you got tantalum do what you got ta do ! But, if they ’ ra not interest in partying with you, make sure to be respectful ! Let them know what meter your party starts and ends, and ask them if it ’ sulfur all right for you to play music. Most of the clock, unless you ’ re hosting a party in the middle of finals week, people are generally all right with you having a party adjacent door. I mean! It’s college! But still, don’t blast the music so loud to the point that the walls are literally vibrating.

Put Your Valuables Away!

This is so indeed so important y ’ all ! One of my best friends in college hosted a party at her invest, and at the end of the party, her laptop, speaker, and skateboard were all GONE! Wheww, the total of money she lost ! The worst thing is that there were no security cameras around so she wasn ’ t tied able to recover any of the stolen items. needle to say, leaving your valuables unattended in a party wax of crazy ( & sometimes broke ) college scholar is not that capital of an idea LOL !

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College Dorm Party Ideas: Themes

dormitory parties are normally pretty laid back and everyone fair wears whatever they want. But sometimes it can be super playfulness to spice it up with a theme. here are a few ideas you can steal :

  • Decades party (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s )
  • Pajamas party
  • Jazz night
  • Hip Hop night
  • Y2K night
  • Ugly Sweaters party
  • Devils and Angels
  • Sexy Nerd party
  • Masquerade party
  • Rock n’ Roll
  • Denim themed party
  • Rave rager

Oh yea, don ’ triiodothyronine forget to take pictures ! I LOVE taking disposable pictures during playfulness nights like this because they ’ re always turn out then candid and the vibes are always ✨immaculate✨

College Party Food and Drinks Ideas

college dorm party ideas
Your party guests will love you if you provide some food to munch on at your party. It doesn ’ t have to be anything fancy. A fiddling nosh will do ! You can also ask your guests to bring snacks as their “entrance fee”, this direction, you won ’ thyroxine have to spend extra money on food. Here are some popular college party food ideas:

  • Chips & Salsa
  • Ham & Cheese Sliders
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Donuts
  • Tortilla Wrap-Ups
  • Hotdogs
  • Pizza (How could I forget!?)
  • Macaronni and Cheese Bites
  • Party Mix
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Burgers and French Fries

Lots of dorms have a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol. So here are some non-alcoholic drink ideas: Related Post: How to Have the Most Amazing 21st Birthday Ever

Make a Bomb Spotify Playlist

Having a BOMB Spotify party playlist is the key to having a successful college party. Of course, depending on the root of your party, the type of music you play can vary. But having some Hip Hop classics could never go wrong. This is one of my favorite playlists for dormitory parties ! It’s such a vibe and constantly gets the crowd going ! If you are into Bay Area slaps, this playlist is DEFINITELY for you ! Having the correctly speakers is besides crucial ! Playing music off your phone or laptop precisely won ’ thymine cultivate because like… HELLO? where’s the bass? Without a doubt, JBL makes the best speakers for parties. The JBL Partybox 300 is amazing for huge parties ( like fraternity parties ), but if you ’ re merely hosting a dormitory party with 20 people, this JBL model should work absolutely fine .

Dorm Party Games & Activities

If your guests don ’ thyroxine in truth know each other that well, playing games during or before the party can be a capital way for everyone to get comfortable ! here are some games & activities that you must try at a college party .

The Classic Beer Pong

Beer niff is the most basic even iconic game you can play at a college party. I ’ thousand surely you see it in all those “ coming-of-age ” Hollywood college movies, lol. All you need is a farseeing board and a total of red cups and you ’ re fix to go. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know the rules ? Here’s how to play it .

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Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

“ never have I always ” was another game that we played a lot at parties. It ’ s an ice-breaker for certain, and things could get pretty lewd ( just a warn here ) 😂 You can either play the family-friendly version or the pornographic version. Whichever fits the vibration you ’ re going for .

Spin The Bottle

I ’ meter certain we all know how to play spin the bottle. This bet on assorted with a little snatch of alcohol courage can get pretty playfulness and crazy haha ! This can be a bang-up pre-game activity to warm everyone up and get the party going !

Flip Cup

Flip cup is credibly one of my favorite college drinking games. It ’ randomness played like a relay subspecies, where each teammate downs a cup of beer, then tries to flip the cup top down earlier moving on to the next person. hera ’ randomness Wikihow’s explanation on how to play the crippled. It ’ mho super playfulness and if you ’ ve never played it before, you have to try it once !

College Party Decoration Ideas

Transform your dormitory room into the coolest set on campus with these super cute party interior decoration ideas !

1. Shitshow Tapestry

What better way to warmly welcome your party guests than this super relatable tapestry right here ? ! college students are basically equitable a bunch of people who don’t know what’s going on 90% the time but somehow still know where the party’s at .

2. Dazzling String Lights

These aglitter string lights are an absolute must in every college dormitory room. Most importantly, they make an awesome backdrop for cute polaroid party photos ! Related Post: 12 Insanely Cute Dorm Room Decor Ideas You Need To See

3. Neon Lights

Going for a more chic and minimalist vibration at your party ? These neon lights might just be what you ’ re looking for ! They ’ ra extremely cunning and can give off a insidious glow to your room .

4. Party Disco Lights

These disco lights would be absolutely perfect if you ’ re hosting a 70s or 80s themed party ! You can attach it to the wall, ceiling, or other places. It even has a sound-activated manner that ’ ll allow you to sync the colors to your music !

Have Fun & Don’t Go Too Crazy!

College parties are meant to be fantastic and fun ! But barely a nibble of advice : Don ’ thyroxine go besides crazy because you might regret it the future day. specially if you have an 8:00 am class to go to : ) Trust me, I ’ ve been there. NOT FUN AT ALL ! ( I was SO WASTED in my morning calculus class that I almost fell off my chair lmao)

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Put Paraphernalia Away

Yes, some college Juniors and Seniors are over the long time of 21 and can technically drink and smoke. however, most ( if not all ) dorms have a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs. so ! If you don ’ t want to get in trouble, please make certain to put these things away … at least when you hear the RA orgasm .

Don’t Do Things You’ll Regret

  • Beer goggles are real y’all! Don’t just kiss anyone you see at a party. If you see someone cute, confirm that they’re ACTUALLY cute by asking your friends first! 😂
  • Okay, I’m not encouraging you to drink or smoke. But! If you do decide to do these things, don’t drink or smoke from unknown sources. Haha, I know that sounds kind of weird. But just make sure you drink from your own cup and keep an eye on it. Don’t take anything that a stranger offers you because you have no idea what they put in there.
  • Lastly, wear protection and stay hydrated babes!

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Know Your Limits

Throwing up after drinking besides much is literally the WORST palpate on Planet Earth. If you know that 3 drinks is normally your specify, don ’ triiodothyronine yield to peer blackmail and force out yourself to take another toast. Know your limits! seriously, you ’ ll thank me former. Oh yea, by the way, don ’ thyroxine mix your drinks. If you ’ ve been drinking Vodka the entire time, don ’ thyroxine just abruptly take a shot of Tequila. Trust me, it’ll F U up! There you have it besties ! Everything you need to know about throwing successful dormitory parties in your college years, and things you need to be aware of ! PRO TIP : Yes, you can wholly “party hard and study hard” ! But… if your body can ’ thymine wield it, please rest ! Don ’ t force yourself to go out and party if you had just pulled an nightlong the day before. Girl! Stay home and chill, no one will judge you! Partying is an necessity separate of the college experience, but don ’ triiodothyronine let it be ALL of it. apart from partying, besides join clubs, go to office hours, study at the library, frisson with your roommates, volunteer, and live your best ( and balanced ) life on campus✨ Have fun and stay fabulous ! xoxo, Jamila Spread the love

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