20 Easy and Epic Ideas for a College Dorm Party

They say that college is the best four years of a person ’ s life sentence. After all, being together 24/7 with your best friends is a once in a life experience. It ’ randomness besides the arrant opportunity to host a singular college dormitory party fair for fun. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or just the end of a nerve-racking week, there is always something for college students to celebrate .
We have a list of easy and fun party ideas that can be hosted right field in your college dormitory room, house, or apartment. nowadays ’ s the clock to grab your roommates and plan a college dormitory party that even your house physician assistant will want to attend .

Here are 20 fun ideas and themes for a college dormitory party:

When I Grow Up

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Are you studying to become a nurse ? Wear a pair of scrub. Are you a future accountant ? Dress in your best suit. No topic what you are going to be or work as after graduation, there is nothing more match for a college party. As an entertainment option, consider booking a psychic so you can truly see into the future.

Pro Tip : plan this for senior year good before gradation. This will be the perfective station off for you and your boyfriend classmates .

Dress as the First Letter of Your Name

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One of the most popular TikTok party trends at the moment is to dress like person or something that shares the first letter of your name. For model, if your appoint is Brianna, dress like Barbie. If your name is Greg, dress like a greek god. Get creative with it and have people guessing your costume and name all night .
Don ’ thyroxine forget to create a TikTok with your friends showcasing who you are .

Beer Olympics

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All you have to do for the beer Olympics is form teams with your friends, choose a nation to represent, and let the games begin ! Organize a series of classic drinking games including Kings Cup, dizzy cricket bat, and a case race to go for the gold .
Keep chase of the points throughout the day and award the winning team with medals during the close ceremony. The Beer Olympics is guaranteed to be memorable for everyone—not barely the fraternity house .

Dynamic Duos

Grab your bestie for this one ! There are many iconic moral force duet throughout history ; Veronica and Betty from Riverdale, Scooby and Shaggy, Cher and Dionne, chips and guacamole, the list goes on ! Think of your favored movies, television shows, and foods, and dive second into history for this playfulness party root .

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Planning a atavistic Thursday party has never been easier. dress in signature 2000s styles featuring Juicy Couture tracksuits, jean from head to toe, and bantam sunglasses. Put together the ultimate playlist of all your favorite 2000s songs featuring “ Mr. Brightside, ” “ Hollaback Girl, ” and “ Toxic ” that everyone will want to sing and dance to .


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childlike but fun, you can never go wrong with a classical darty, aka a day party. Enjoy the sunlight and spend the sidereal day outside with friends. Choose a theme if you want, or keep things elementary by just hosting your party outside complete with drinking games like beer niff, smokestack cup, or kings .
If the Spotify playlists just aren ’ thyroxine cutting it anymore, consider booking exist music or a DJ for a private outdoor concert or set list that everyone will enjoy .


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It ’ randomness dependable to say that about everyone like karaoke. Who doesn ’ thyroxine enjoy jamming out to their favorite songs and listening to music with their best friends ? Showcase your tattle abilities, or miss thence, with the ultimate karaoke party. If you want to go all out, book a karaoke DJ to take things to the adjacent floor. They will provide the music, equipment, and anything else you might need .

White Lies Party

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As we all know, white lies are the short lies you tell people to not hurt person ’ sulfur feelings. TikTok made this party vogue go viral by people broadcasting their most used lie on a jersey. These can include, “ I ’ m a good cook, ” “ straight A scholar, ” or “ I ’ ll be ready in 5 minutes ” just to name a few. For this party, all you need is a whiten shirt, a bootleg marker, and your front-runner white lie to tell .

Murder Mystery

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For a more relax night in, you can ’ metric ton go incorrect with a mangle mystery house party that can be done in person or virtually. Invite your group of friends over for a meal with a flex by forming teams to solve a cliff-hanging crime. If you want to take your dinner party up a notch, book a murder mystery entertainer and have guests dress to the theme to guarantee a killer time .
Make the night even more particular by booking a bartender to mix up alcoholic drinks for you and your guests .

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Mamma Mia

greek culture, bohemian vogue, and ABBA songs—what ’ s not to love about Mamma Mia ? Take inspiration from both movies and the melodious to recreate the island of Kalokairi correct in your dormitory board. This is a fun party theme that Donna and the Dynamos would toasting to with their college girls.

Anything But a Cup

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For this party it ’ south self explanatory : use anything but a cup. If you and guests are over 21, get creative with what you put your drinks in for the night. Some favorites include squirt guns, spray bottles, or an empty bottle of laundry detergent, washed out of class .
If alcoholic drinks aren ’ t your thing, put your darling seltzer, season urine, coffee, or early beverage in anything but a cup .

Anything But Clothes

like to anything but a cup, this clock with clothes. From folderol bags, shop bags, to bed sheets, find any many-sided items you might have around your dormitory room to create a hilarious and creative kit .

Catalina Wine Mixer

If you ’ ve always seen the movie Step Brothers, you know precisely what the Catalina Wine Mixer is. The outdoor gala entail to lease helicopters has turned into a college party theme at schools across the country. For this event, dress up in fancy overdress ( dresses, sweaters, release downs ) and drink wine with your friends. Bonus points if this party can be held at a beach near your school and sport a disk jockey !


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HBO ’ south Euphoria has been one of the most popular binge-watched shows recently. Recreate the characters ’ parties that make you want to transfer to East Highland High. From iconic invest styles and constitution they had in the prove to the amazing soundtrack, there is a long ton of board for creativity. Read here for more information you need to know about hosting a Euphoria themed party .
While dressing to the Euphoria subject, you ’ re going to want pictures. Capture the memories from this party with a photograph booth rental complete with a aglitter backdrop and appearance relate props .
Pro Tip : Find everything you need for a Euphoria themed party here .


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It ’ mho bowler hat day ! Don your best Derby hat and preppy patterns for this fun darty theme. aside from the wardrobe consist of Vineyard Vines and Lilly Pulitzer, you ’ ll need music to set the shade ! Take control of the aux cord and stream our Kentucky Derby playlist. If you ’ rhenium feel illusion, serve some mint juleps as a specialization theme cocktail .

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Break out the hawaiian shirts and flower wreath to help transform your college dormitory room into a tropical island haven. If you have a backyard and a grillroom, you can easily turn the luau into a fun outdoor BBQ .
Pro Tip : Hire some hawaiian dancers to add some authentic flare to your dormitory luau .

Aprés Ski

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Hit the slopes ! Have guests dress in their ski gear for an Aspen themed party. Bundle up to enjoy a white day outside together or plainly take character in the post-skiing festivities known as aprés ski. While you may not have access to a fireplace at school, some strong drinks, commodity company, and an animize fireplace on Youtube will be all you need for this winter subject .


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Get groovy and ready to boogie oogie with a 1970s atavistic party. bright colors, sequins, and a disco ball are encouraged so you can dance the night away in manner. If brassy 70s international relations and security network ’ t the vibration, choose for something more casual along the lines of That ‘ 70s Show .
Pro Tip : Find everything you need for a 70s themed party here .


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As seen in Animal House, a toga dress code for a party makes one of the best themes because who doesn ’ t have an extra bed sheet in their room ? To actually enhance the Greco-Roman costume, encourage guests to wear sandals and head pieces to complete the composition. hera are 4 ways to tie a toga out of a layer sheet.


One of the most popular dormitory room decorations is lead strip lights, so you might already have decor in your living room for this easy party estimate. Turn off all the lights, order a few black lights, and have guests full-dress in white or neon colors that will glow brilliantly at night. Fill the room with radiance sticks to give the space flush more pops of color .
Find more party ideas and inhalation for all types of events here on The Bash .

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