Episode 28: Matt Moody – Principal & Matt Williams – Athletic Director – North Cobb High School, Kennesaw, GA

Episode # 28 … Matt Williams/Matt Moody, North Cobb High School ( GA ) Synergy is defined as the interaction or cooperation of two or more agents to produce a blend effect greater than the summarize of their divide effects. This is a definition that surely applies to today ’ randomness guest. Matt Moody and Matt Williams serve as the star and athletic director at North Cobb High School in Georgia. Matt Moody is a master communicator who has an preternatural ability to build incontrovertible relationships with everyone he meets, and Matt Williams is an award-winning athletic director in the department of state ’ s largest classification. together these two leaders are creating the template for the generative principal-athletic director relationship and I have no doubt that you will take something from today ’ s conversation to help you in either function. Let ’ s jump in and get to know…Mr. Matt moody and Matt Williams.

1:17- Introduction
6:58- Promoting Your School Through Social Media
10:24- New AD with a New Principal
13:40- ‘ Head Down-Head Up ’ Balance
14:35- Being Aligned as a Principal and AD
17:25- Advice for Strengthening the Principal-AD Relationship
20:08- Leading as a Principal with Athletic Experience
22:19- Challenges Moving from Coach to AD in the Same School
23:28-Importance of Attending the GADA Conference
27:00- Connecting with Your Alumni
32:10- What is special about North Cobb Athletics
35:10- Luncheon to Recognize Partners
38:05- Hiring Great Coaches and Great Teachers
41:06- Responding as AD to Passionate Parents
43:02- Leading with rural Roots in an suburban School ; Being a hospitable Leader
46:23- Presentation of Your School Facilities
49:39- Most Difficult Part of Being an AD
52:44- Most Rewarding Part of Being an AD
54:52- 2-Minute Drill

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Book Mentions : The hospitable Leader

You can follow Matt Moody, Matt Williams, and North Cobb Athletics on social media
Twitter : NorthCobbPrincipal North Cobb Athletics Instagram : North Cobb Principal North Cobb Athletics
Find out more about North Cobb Athletics at : north Cobb Athletics

About Hangin With The AD Podcast…. Hangin with the AD is an consultation style podcast where Don Baker partners with Josh Mathews to discuss hot topics and lessons learned with leaders in the earth of athletics. These leaders include high school acrobatic directors at the district and local school levels ; college athletic administrators ; leaders in spaces that connect to athletics such as nutriment, health, recruit, student-athlete recognition ; current and early athletes ; and others, who can help athletic administrators develop themselves and their programs for a better daily experience for their athletic communities. Please leave us a review or rate to help us know how you were benefited from this podcast or how we can improve it. Thank you for listening. And until following time, thank you for spending your time, Hangin with the AD.
Don Baker, CAA …. Director of Athletics for the Cobb County School District in Georgia. @ CCSD_AD ( chitter & instagram )
Josh Mathews, CMAA … Athletics Director at Pope High School in Marietta, GA ( East Cobb ) @ jwmathews14 ( chirrup & instagram )

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