10 Best Cloud Hosting Platform for Startup to Big Organization

defile Computing market is growing faster than ever and will continue to grow for many years .
There are many cloud hosting providers ; however, very few offer a range of products to host from a simple electrostatic web site to complex machine eruditeness applications .
As per Flexera, AWS ( Amazon Web Service ) is a leader .

So undoubtedly, Amazon is the leader nowadays, but others are doing pretty well. Let ’ s take a look at some of the following dependable overcast platforms to host your applications. There are credibly hundreds of hosting providers that offer multiple types of host. however, in the keep up, I will focus on some of the best indoleacetic acid ( infrastructure-as-a-service ) platforms.


AWS needs no insertion. But however, if you are not mindful, it was launched in 2006, and it operates in 20 geographic regions across the earth. It offers a large number of products to meet every business prerequisite. You can virtually host any applications, including networks like firewall, DNS, Load poise, or evening you can have your virtual private cloud .

To read the complete list of products offered by AWS, you can refer here .
The great thing about AWS is you pay for what you use and offer a FREE tier for some of their popular services. so, if you are looking to try out AWS, take advantage of a FREE report to experience the platform .
If you are looking for some guidance to get it started, then I would recommend taking this on-line course to get an overview of the AWS cloud .


A democratic defile host among developers – not a big as AWS or GCP, but the DigitalOcean platform have is first. price is a big advantage – you can get the VM from ampere humble as $ 5 per calendar month .
Can you imagine ? Computing is identical cheap .
recently, they announced a few services like managed Kubernetes, database, load halter, object storage, etc .

DigitalOcean is available in 12 data centers globally. If you are a startup, you can get 12 months of infrastructure credits through their Hatch program .
If you are not that tech-savvy, then easily set up cope DigitalOcean server at Cloudways in barely a few clicks .


Kamatera offers a kind of cloud services like firewalls, servers, storage, block storage, cargo balancer, etc .

The platform is ace user-friendly and offers over 40 of the most popular applications and services deployment, with a suction stop of a clitoris. Some of them are listed below .

  • WordPress
  • Docker
  • pfSense
  • NFS
  • MongoDB
  • HAProxy
  • Mattermost
  • Rancher
  • Elasticsearch
  • OpenVPN
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even though the company has over 20 years of cloud experience, Kamatera in the new booming actor in the ball-shaped markets, with 14 Datacenters across four continents, Kamatera ’ s sudden increase in popularity is chiefly due to its singular added values – fairly price VM ( starts from $ 4 a month ), amazing scalability and tractability with server configuration and requital options, great performances, and most significant : customized and tailored made defile services with 24/7 support .

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure was launched in 2010 as Windows Azure, and by and by in 2014, it was renamed, Microsoft Azure. Azure has a large place of intersection offerings, including its own software like IIS, MS SQL, Exchange Server, and a lot more .
Get the complete number of products from here .

literally, everything – AI, IoT, calculate, security, analytics, container, database, etc .
Microsoft Azure is besides available in Mainland China, thus if your business in China, this would be your sake. If you are a inauguration, you can join their BizSpark platform to get free Azure serve .


Could hosting could be a tempt choice with its scalability and dependability. however, managing a platform like AWS or Azure could become a awkward job .
Vultr simplifies this while offering cloud hosting at highly economical costs. The plans start at american samoa broken as $ 2.5 per month .

Vultr provides a majority of the features you can expect, like auto-scaling, resizing, choice of OS, high-speed SSD repositing, and others. Some of the following are worth mention .

  • Choice of 16 different regions
  • Runs redundant cloud server in the background to ensure excellent uptime
  • Abundant choices for computing as per custom needs
  • Provides dedicated SSD block storage to scale up storage anytime
  • Provides APIs to build or manage your own custom hosting platform on top of Vultr
  • Schedule automatic backup, and take a snapshot of the entire VM.
  • Firewall and DDoS protection
  • Load balancer for scalability and high-availability

With slowly to use control condition jury, you can get your VM up and running in around 60 seconds.

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Google Cloud Platform

GCP ( Google Cloud Platform ) lets you create anything from a simple blog to complex applications .

If you are serious about reaction time to build performance-oriented applications, then GCP can be your first option. We all know about Google ’ randomness products Gmail, YouTube, and Search, they are hosted on the like infrastructure. Google cloud is available in 19 locations and got more than 130 network edge locations .
Most of their products are available in all the regions so you can host your application in your vicinity or near the users. For WordPress users, I listed some of the best-managed WordPress host on Google swarm .
GCP offers $ 300 in accredit to be used in 60 days as a exempt test .

Alibaba Cloud

You can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ignore China marketplace, so Alibaba Cloud – is a gateway to China. With a huge number of products offered, you can think of hosting about everything inside China to provide the best possible know to your customers .

  • Qingdao
  • Beijing
  • Zhangjiakou
  • Hangzhou
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Hohhot
  • Hong Kong

and 12 more international data center locations .
You can get up to $ 1200 worth of free test. here is promptly computer architecture to tap China market when you have no offices in China .

Alibaba Cloud besides offers ICP digest, which can be a great deal when you don ’ triiodothyronine want to get into complicated ICP license processes and formalities .


UpCloud is a developer-centric platform that focuses on making DevOps easy .

It is a unique platform that supports infrastructure creation using code. It supports the majority of the Infrastructure as Code ( IaC ) frameworks like Terraform, Ansible, Packer a well as LibCloud. furthermore, it besides provides API client libraries in assorted popular languages, which makes it stand out .
UpCloud stands out for the below features .

  • MaxIOPS storage which ensures better performance
  • Build custom OS images to meet organizational security standards
  • Powerful API to automate everything
  • Private networking between their data centers

need to build a secret cloud ? certain, you can have your physical servers in their data centers. Perfect for building a loanblend obscure platform .


Linode is perfective for hosting web applications, from a personal blog to eCommerce .

Linode takes care of everything, starting from swarm migration to DNS configuration, load balance, auto-scaling, and providing predictable pricing. It would be a dependable alternate to DigitalOcean .
Linode is well-known for its all-important features, like below .

  • Excellent 24×7 support
  • Nano computes for tiny web applications or for a test server
  • S3 compatible object storage which make it an ideal fit for big-data analytics and machine learning operations
  • 11 global data centers giving excellent deployment flexibility and the ability to meet country-level norms
  • One-click apps for WordPress, Drupal, Gitlab
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Brightbox Cloud Hosting
Brightbox is a perfect option for the european market. It provides a 100 % UK region hosted solutions. technologically, Brightbox provides highly promote security and enterprise-scale features like PXE bootable hardware, fully private network, and the ability to use practically any operating system .
Despite its simplicity and express catalogue of services, it ensures that the supply services are in full backed with essential backend services. It provides some unique services with each of its offerings .
Cloud Servers
exchangeable to other providers, Brightbox offers a scope of Cloud VM to choose from. however, it does have some unique offerings to make it a prefer choice .

  • Ability to export custom image snapshots similar to Amazon Machine Image or Azure Machine Image for the virtual machines
  • Cloud IP support that allows switching servers easily while keeping the IP address
  • A full private network of servers to avoid any eavesdropping or spoofing

Cloud Storage

object memory is becoming increasingly popular these days, with organizations migrating a lot of infrastructure to the mottle. however, the major challenge for organizations in cloud migration is the movement of data and its consistency thereafter. Brightbox makes it easy with the below features :

  • Manual data import from a USB, SATA, or any other similar storage devices
  • Self-healing storage within inbuilt redundancy
  • Storage is based on the OpenSwift standard which ensures that you can connect to the storage quite easily

additionally, Brightbox besides provides you with the adeptness to have auto-scalable Cloud databases and load balancers to balance load across unlike servers .


There are many IaaS platforms, but the above are trusted by millions of web applications, so you won ’ thymine go wrong in choosing them. none of the platforms is perfect, thus try them all and see what you like, what fits your occupation requirement, budget, etc .

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