Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect 2022 (Our #1 Pick)

Best protection


Try Now Clixtell is the earth ‘s best chatter fraud protection software for 2021 by using the latest technology and gain security system features. Clixtell will detect click imposter activity and protect your Google Ads campaigns by immediately blocking any attack by your competitors to click on pay ads. Save valuable time and money, Increase return key on investment and improve your Google Ads performance. Clixtell is dependable, brawny, and user-friendly automatize software that allows you to instantly secure your Google Ads and Bing campaigns Best overall


Try Now ClickCease Google Ads click fraud auspices software will exclude invalid IPs and block bogus clicks. This will boost your campaigns and allow you to acquire more customers. Clickcease automatically send deceitful IPs to google in real-time qualification surely bots, competitors or any harmful sources do not get the opportunity to click on your ads. ClickCease mechanically send deceitful IPs to google in real-time make certain bots, competitors or any harmful sources do not get the opportunity to click on your ads Best pricing


Try Now ClickGUARD intelligently identifies and blocks all types of worthless clicks on your Google Ads to eliminate uneconomical clicks on automatic pilot with best price. Clickguard provides brawny and actionable report that allows wax audit and accountability for every click on your account. ClickGUARD is rated as the best click fraud protection platform for effectiveness, features and value on G2Crowd, Crozdesk, TrustPilot & TrustRadius. Contact ClickGUARD nowadays and start holding your ad platform in full accountable to every chink .

The software to be compared today are : Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect.

Why waste valuable marketing dollars on clicks that could be coming from bots?
As a PPCMarketing technical, I have to say that chink fraud is one of the biggest issues in our industry. The problem with click fraud is that it can take away all of your money, and flush more if you are not careful .
These software are the solution to your click fraud problems. It will help you to make indisputable that each and every one of your clicks is legitimate and safe .
Stop wasting money on clicks that will never convert ! Your current snap imposter protection software is old and outdated .
These 4 products will save you money and time, merely try it for 30 days with their 100 % money back guarantee .
An calculate 54 percentage of the world population now has access to the internet. And that number is on the increase quickly. Research besides shows that people around the ball are spending well more meter on-line now than they are watching television receiver. That global phenomenon has opened online selling floodgates. Companies and marketers are turning to digital ad channels to compete like never before for the attention of their viewers .
then nowadays I will discuss the the best Click Fraud Software available in the market and which is best among Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect .

  • ClickCease
  • Clixtell
  • ClickGuard
  • PPC Protect

so, let ’ s prima donna in !

Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect 2022 (REVIEWED) Which is The Best Click Fraud Software?

here is a tabular representation to give you a agile overview of the four platforms, their prices, features and more. All platforms are about at equality when it comes to the tools and features offered to clients, it is however the price rag that is the actual deal-breaker here .

Clixtell ClickGuard ClickCease PPC Protect
Starting Price $15.00/month $47.00/month $15.00/month/user $29.00/month
Best For A program designed for small and medium business owners, digital marketing agencies, data-driven marketers and companies who are looking for the full marketing image.  
Crafted for Google Advertising PPC account managers and marketers looking to optimize their ROI from pay-per-clicks by deleting clicks from advertisements that are fake, illegal and wasting money .
A platform ideal for those concern in eliminating their node competitors from the deceitful clicks by optimizing their campaigns. This includes drug user types including PPC managers and advertisers .
Digital marketers and agencies, paying agencies by click, paying professionals by click, advertisers for Google Ads, global brands, etc.
Product Features · Account Alerts
· Activity Monitoring
· IP Address Monitoring
· IP Blocking
· Keyword Tracking
· Refund Management
· Risk Assessment
· Time on Site Tracking
· Account Alerts
· Activity Monitoring
· IP Address Monitoring
· IP Blocking
· Keyword Tracking
· Refund Management
· Risk Assessment
· Time on Site Tracking
· Account Alerts
· Activity Monitoring
· IP Address Monitoring
· IP Blocking
· Keyword Tracking
· Refund Management
· Risk Assessment
· Time on Site Tracking
· Account Alerts
· Activity Monitoring
· IP Address Monitoring
· IP Blocking
· Keyword Tracking
· Refund Management
· Risk Assessment
· Time on Site Tracking
The ideal number of Users 1 – 1000+ 1 – 1000+ 1 – 1000+ 1 – 1000+

Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect Comparison in Detailed 2022

Have you ever seen a campaign that is converting at 20% and then it suddenly drops to 2%?
well, it could be because of a snap imposter. Click imposter is the practice of clicking on an ad in order to generate a charge-per-click without any purpose of buying the product .
No need to worry ! these softwares are designed to stop money wasting clicks, boost crusade conversions and maximize PPC Marketing .

Features and Functionalities of Click Fraud Softwares (Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect)

Let ’ s have a look at some of the top features and functionalities that are provided by the four platforms for the users .

Clixtell Software

  • Automated Click Fraud Protection

secure campaigns for your Google Ads & Bing Ads using their automated software for imposter security against clicks .

  • 24/7 Click Fraud Detection

path, identify and Avoid deceitful activeness on Google Ads & Bing advertising .

  • Website Video Recorder

watch and consider the actions of your Website users with simple, valuable ocular insights .

  • Conversion Intelligence

track and see Converting channels, keywords, and ads .

  • Click-to-Call Ads Tracking & Recording

Calculate and record cry extensions and call-only advertising cut .

  • Google Ads Refund Claim Reports

high success rates to receive a entire refund for invalid activity using our detailed report on imposter clicks .
Clixtell Features

ClickGuard Software 

  • Monitoring

real-time clickstream data with insight into everything about your ad clicks you ‘ d like to know .

  • Transparency

360 ° Forensic penetration into who ’ s behind every click on your ads, where, why and what .

  • Protection

effective suction stop preventing fraud and protecting against any character of money wasting clicks on your campaigns .

  • Deterrence

determent and moderation of the uneconomical chink sources that negatively impact your campaigns on Google Ads .

  • Optimization

Optimizations of campaigns based on visitor behavior after click eliminate sources of low-quality traffic .

  • Reporting

Powerful and actionable coverage enabling complete audit and accountability for each click on your account .
ClickGUARD Features

ClickCease Software

Best Click fraud soiftwares in the market  Clickcease software Review

  • Record Click Fraud

Watch your land page for a riddle recording of your visitors ’ behavior. See how they moved, scrolled and clicked their mouse .

  • Extensive Analytics

Best Click fraud soiftwares in the internet marketing
Uncover the data behind the clean customer clicks and click on your ads by the dirty rival and set fraud-fighting rules that are customized to your market .

  • Auto-Block Click Fraud

They ‘ rhenium order AdWords not to show your advertising to fake outlets, saving you time and much money .

  • Automated and instant blocking
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Click Fraud Softwares ClickCease
Stop waste clock time and money with manual changes to your IP tilt for the political campaign. ClickCease tells AdWords which IPs to block in real-time .
ClickCEASE How it works

PPC Protect Software

  • Block Only Bad Traffic

Analyze hundreds of singular criteria to ensure that you merely block legitimately deceitful traffic without turning it wholly. Best of all, just a single line of code is required .

  • Block Fraudsters Instantly & Automatically

PPC Protect will automatically decide when misuse happens when clicking and will prevent the IP from ever seeing your advertisements. Clever-and besides saves money !

  • Multiple domains

easily add your admin dashboard with multiple domains. Be billed on full ad spending only ever, not the number of domains you choose to protect .

  • Multiple users

indigence to make your splashboard access to your team for reporting or monitor purposes ? No problem … No problem ! With every PPC Protect design, we allow for an inexhaustible number of users per bill !
PPC Protect How it works

Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect- Ease of use

All four platforms are evenly competent in this niche and put up a bang-up struggle when it comes to delivering the goals they have been designed for. When it comes to ease of use, all of them have made a appoint for themselves in specific areas that cater to some particular types of developers and businesses. here is a brief outline of the areas where they score in terms of comfort of use !


When it comes to Clixtell, most users agree that they are given advance analytics fair a valuable as the fraud detection service. It is surely utilitarian to spot the scammers and bad guys but learning about the behaviors of regular visitors is considered a nice touch. Each cluck is scrutinized and rated ; evening those not necessarily unscrupulous but disable .
american samoa far as customer support is concerned, not many reviews can be found, and this can be indicative of the exploiter interface itself. There ’ sulfur always help with setting up rules. With only a few clicks, the integrations can be enabled, and the service runs american samoa long as the market campaigns are successful. Most users consider the monthly subscription to be pretty reasonably priced .


In addition to protecting their accounts against fraud, ClickGuard is praised by some product reviewers for its ability to help improve the overall performance of their ads. In accession, users of ClickGuard can exercise full see over their spend by blocking placements that tend to be fraud-inducing. interim, users besides praise the software ’ s real-time statistics .
Some ClickGuard reviews from local businesses say the software helps them avoid paying for pawl fraud, particularly when people click on ads intentionally to cause increased expenses .
additionally, the app enables them to submit custom-made alerts to click criminals to help prevent far ferocity. last, many reviewers have effective things to say about the report capacities of ClickGuard. They can well detect patterns using charts and graph, and track performance over time .


With ClickCease, users receive real-time notifications on their ad campaigns regarding any leery activity. In addition, users may automate the blocking of deceitful IPs, or they may do so themselves by reviewing the notifications received. The users can easily recognize the repeated IPs that click on the ads repeatedly and block them for beneficial. In summation, working with ClickCease is very simple, and no special cognition is required by the users to use the solution on their locate .
Blocking bogus IPs from stopping ad campaigns ensures that the advertisements are attracting more and more actual viewers to screen. User reviews suggest that using ClickCease has boosted their CTR compared to the rate at previous campaigns where the solution was not used. The solution offers detail information on any ad campaign that clicks on the IP .
This includes the IP address, location, device ID and ISP information. This helps the users to identify whether or not their ad campaigns reach the right audience .

PPC Protect

PPC Protect is an AI-enabled solution for imposter protection through clicks. The plan will spot snap fraud using advanced machine learning algorithms based on the rules set by the advertisers. They can create rules that are specific to their own business or diligence, and the software will mechanically learn and apply those rules as it performs operations to discover anomalous and illegitimate ad clicks .
Developers will not entirely be able to track the dealings coming in and out of their PPC ads, but they can besides check all the visitors on the web site even if they don ’ thymine click on the PPC ads ahead. Advertisers can block click fraud perpetrators immediately, tied before they take their first action, by tracking web traffic excessively .

Comparison of Customer support for Different Softwares

If you always run into any kind of perturb, be it technical foul or knowledge-based, all 4 platforms make surely that you can instantly get in touch with their customer back team and have your issues solved deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as potential so that the advance and growth of your occupation is not hindered !

Clixtell ClickGuard ClickCease PPC Protect
Support · 24/7 (Live Rep)
· Business Hours
· Online
·  24/7 (Live Rep)
· Business Hours
· Online
· 24/7 (Live Rep)
· Business Hours

· Online

·         24/7 (Live Rep)
· Business Hours
· Online

Pricing Plans of Anti-Click Fraud Softwares

here is a promptly run-through over the versatile plans offered by these platforms, including details of their prices and the features that come along with those price tags. You can visit their respective official websites to get more information regarding the plans, specially those custom plans for which you will have to contact their corroborate team !

Clixtell Pricing Plans


  • Price: $15 per month ($12 per month – Annually)


  • 24/7 Click Fraud Detection
  • Live Fraud Notifications
  • Website Video Recorder
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Live Online Dashboard
  • Conversion Intelligence
  • Up to 5,000 Ad Clicks


  • Price: $50 per month ($40 per month – Annually)


  • All Basic Features
  • Live Click Fraud Protection
  • Automated IP Exclusions
  • Custom Security Rules
  • Eliminate Click Fraud Up to 100%
  • IP Patterns Machine Learning
  • Account Defence Mode ®
  • Up to 10,000 Ad Clicks


  • Price: $75 per month ($60 per month – Annually) (Starting)


  • All Standard Features Plus:
  • Cross-Domain Protection
  • Multiple Google Account Protection
  • Over 500 IPs Smart Protection
  • User Access Permissions
  • Clixtell Account Manager Panel
  • Native Google MCC Support
  • Up to 50,000 Ad Clicks

Clixtell Pricing

ClickGuard Pricing Plans


  • Price: $59 per month ($47 per month – Annually)

Click forensic monitoring with highly customizable protections to protect against rising sources of threat and optimize for operation .

  • Price: $79 per month ($63 per month – Annually)

Advanced multi-layered security with farinaceous controls and triggers with built-in campaign optimization for progress sources of threat .

  • Price: $99 per month ($79 per month – Annually)

Unlimited configuration options for matchless all-around protective covering from very haunting sources of menace and maximization of ROI campaigns .

  • Price: Contact the support team for quotes

With give account coach and adept subscribe, World-class PPC optimization and protection against all sources of menace .
ClickGUARD Pricing

ClickCease Pricing Plans


  • Price: $15 per month ($12 per month – Annually)


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Email notifications of Fraudulent Clicks
  • Insightful Dashboard
  • Domains Included: 1
  • Ad Clicks: 1000
  • IPv6 Support
  • AdSpy – Competitor Ad Intel
  • Account Sharing


  • Price: $50 per month ($40 per month – Annually)


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Email notifications of Fraudulent Clicks
  • Insightful Dashboard
  • Domains Included: 1
  • Ad Clicks: 5000
  • IPv6 Support
  • AdSpy – Competitor Ad Intel
  • Account Sharing


  • Price: $75 per month ($60 per month – Annually) (Starting)


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Email notifications of Fraudulent Clicks
  • Insightful Dashboard
  • Domains Included: Unlimited
  • Ad Clicks: According to the slider
  • IPv6 Support
  • AdSpy – Competitor Ad Intel
  • Account Sharing
  • Dedicated Account Manager

ClickCEASE Pricing

PPC Protect Pricing Plans


  • Price: $70 per month ($50 per month – Annually)


  • UNLIMITED Clicks
  • UNLIMITED Domains
  • Auto IP Blocking
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Best in Class Protection


  • Price: Contact support team


  • All-Pro features
  • UNLIMITED Budget Protection
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Exclusive Partnership Access
  • Log Analysis Reports

PPC Protect Pricing
If you are a modest commercial enterprise with budget constraints, then Clixtell and ClickCease will be your choice to go for, with plans starting at just $ 12 per calendar month ( billed per annum ). ClickGuard and PPC Protect come with more powerful features and tools, but at a higher price tag starting at $ 47 per month ( billed annually ) and $ 50 per calendar month ( Billed annually ) respectively !

Supported Platforms By the Softwares

When it comes to digest platforms, then Clixtell is the only Click imposter auspices platform in this comparison which apart from the web version, is besides available for users on io and Android. The remainder of the platforms alone support the web version. This clearly gives Clixtell the gain in this turn .

Clixtell ClickGuard ClickCease PPC Protect
Platforms · Web
· io
· Android
· Web · Web ·         Web

Training Options By Anti- Click Fraud Softwares

When it comes to training options, resources and knowledge base to help users around with generic problems that can be solved through videos, webinars and more, all 4 platforms are pretty a lot at equality with one another in terms of the options provided to them. however, PPC Protect takes a little edge over the others since it offers “ In-person ” train, which is not offered by the other three .

Clixtell ClickGuard ClickCease PPC Protect
Training · Live Online
· Webinars
· documentation
· Live Online
· Webinars
· documentation
· Live Online
· Webinars
· documentation
·         In Person
· Live Online
· Webinars
· documentation

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Customer Ratings and Reviews of ClickGuard, PPC Protect, ClickCease & Clixtell

Clixtell Reviews

Clixtell reviews

ClickGuard Reviews

ClickGUARD Customer Reviews

ClickCease Reviews

ClickCEASE Customer Reviews

PPC Protect Reviews

PPC Protect Customer Reviews

Clixtell ClickGuard ClickCease PPC Protect
Ratings ★★★★★

FAQ’s Related To  Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect  2022

🔥How does your Clixtell’s call tracking work?

Clixtell ‘s call tracking solution works by providing you with a monitor telephone number to which clients can contact and then have their calls redirected to your caller telephone count. You can listen to and examine recordings of these calls, equally well as addition analytic data to help you measure your ad channels. If you choose our active phone insertion plan, Clixtell will give you with all of the necessity information arsenic well as dynamically and automatically interpolate numbers on your web site based on your preferences. The information gathered will be uploaded into Google Ads and Analytics .

🔥Why do I need to track calls for my campaigns?

You should track calls to your web site because tracking calls, peculiarly for PPC ads, will provide you with valuable information about your ad channels and help you understand what is sincerely working. Our call track will show you where calls are originating from vitamin a well as which campaigns are converting, allowing you to just optimise your PPC ads, improve conversion rates, and rise revenues .

🔥Why Clixtell?

For organisations and agencies executing PPC ads, Clixtell offers the most advance monitor and protection service available. Unique capabilities developed entirely by us are included in our up-to-date software, allowing you to defend your Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns instantaneously and automatically. Their software gives you a lot of account settings options, american samoa well as a simple, user-friendly, and potent dashboard that provides accurate analytic data while eliminating deceitful actions proper away .

🔥What is click fraud, exactly?

When competitors or malicious software suction stop on sponsor ads in a systematic manner in order to generate fiscal losses and waste advertise budgets until the ads have run their course on the internet, this is known as suction stop fraud .

🔥How does Clixtell work?

Their helpful customer service team is besides waiting to help you. Clixtell will use an API to connect to your Google history. Clixtell will begin monitoring every snap and automatically blocking invalid actions on your Google Ads report once the 5-minute apparatus is complete and your security profile is configured .

🔥How do Clixtell detect click fraud?

Clixtell tracks every pawl to your website and from your PPC ads, assessing IP addresses, unique device IDs, network serve providers, VPN and proxy providers, geolocation, keywords, time on page, and more to look for signs of fraud. They can detect cluck imposter and automatically prevent any try to click on your ad using our progress click fraud machine eruditeness combined with your own security system profile settings .

🔥How fast do Clixtell block a fraudulent IP?

When Clixtell detects a security transgress, misdemeanor, or imposter, the software will immediately ban the wrongdoer, preventing him from seeing your pay adverts .

🔥Is ClickGUARD legit?

The best app for detecting and blocking empty clicks is Clickguard. When you decide to run PPC advertisements, this software is a must-have for your caller. In my public opinion, Clickguard is the real share, and it delivers on what it promises .

🔥What platforms is ClickGUARD compatible with?

ClickGUARD is compatible withGoogle Adwords, Google Tag Manager, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Leadpages, Instapage, LanderApp, ClickFunnels, Unbounce, Weebly, Launchrock, Squarespace, Hubspot, Wix, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, LemonStand, Volusion, Slack, Weebly, Launchrock, Squarespace, Hubspot, Wix, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, LemonStand, Volusion & Slack .

🔥What are the main ClickGUARD user groups?

Digital marketing experts that regularly handle PPC accounts are the primary users of ClickGUARD. Our users ‘ distinctive use roles include, but are not limited to, PPC ( Paid Search ) Managers, SEO Managers, Account Managers, and Digital Marketing Consultants .

🔥Is there an API available from ClickGUARD?

Yes, API access is included in all of their price options .

🔥Does ClickGUARD offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Without a doubt ! They have a television tutorial option built into the software. They besides do n’t hire merely any customer service agent ; each member of our customer serve staff is tech-savvy, familiar with Google Adwords, and dedicated to giving especial service .

🔥What is the maximum number of landing pages that ClickCease can support?

On all levels, ClickCease enables a UNLIMITED total of land pages for each knowledge domain .

🔥How does ClickCease work?

ClickCease is a pawl imposter signal detection software that keeps track of your advertisements. It detects and prevents fraudsters from clicking on your advertisements. Every chink on your adverts and campaigns is analysed .

🔥Is ClickCease good?

According to a phone number of users, ClickCease is a fantastic web site that helps them save money by preventing fraudsters from clicking on their advertise. You can promptly save money on your ads with ClickCease, and you wo n’t have to worry about deceitful clicks on your ads .

🔥Is there a money-back guarantee from ClickCease?

even if you are infelicitous with the service, you can not get a refund once you have purchased a plan on ClickCease. It was explicitly stated in their terms of service .

🔥Is there a free trial available from ClickCease?

On both of their plans, ClickCease offers a 7-day free test. indeed, before you buy any ClickCease box, you should take advantage of the unblock trial to see if this service is right for you .

🔥How quickly does ClickCease block fraudulent IP addresses?

ClickCease servers are constantly on the lookout for deceitful clicks and report them to Google immediately, resulting in the IP being blacklisted .

🔥Is it possible to use ClickCease to claim my Google Adwords credit?

Yes. ClickCease generates detail information on your web site ‘s traffic, ad clicks, and searches. They besides work hard to provide detail information on patronize clicks on your adverts. If you need to get your credit bet on from Google, wholly you have to do is send them your report and the scam IPs. ClickCease can besides aid you in obtaining your returns .

🔥What does PPC Protect do?

PPC Protect is a amply automated method for detecting bastard traffic. We mechanically detect pawl fraud and invalid traffic at scale, analyse it in real time with our self-learning algorithm, and protect your users ‘ and visitors ‘ privacy .

What is Click Fraud?

today, forge clicks that waste money and generate no meaningful value or tax income monetary value advertisers billions of dollars ( $ 6.5 billion in 2017 ). They are the single biggest obstacle facing PPC marketers. For those of you who don ’ thyroxine know, clicking fraud is frequently used as a parasailing term to describe all non-revenue-generating sources of traffic such as robots, competitors, and criminal organizations. however, ad-click fraud can be described in its purest shape as a deceitful interaction between a consumer and a PPC ad that is taken to generate illegitimate seller charges. These deceitful users can be human, robots or a mix of the two. Image Credits- Pixbay Competitors and bots could good click on your ads ! Click Fraud will cause harm to your ship’s company by spending money alternatively of real users on the deceitful snap operation. The latest inquiry shows Click Fraud is 1 out of every 4 clicks. This rising write out is costing trillions of dollars per annum to businesses around the worldly concern. unfortunately, illegitimate clicks can ultimately constitute a huge part of the PPC spend for most companies. In addition, every exemplify of ad chink fraud has a perpetrator, be it a rival or organization that somehow benefits from draining the PPC budget of a company. There are besides many cases where illegitimate clicks are more complex than good clicking imposter, complicating and messing the exit .

Why Click Fraud software is important for your business?

Because of the increased motivation for an on-line presence and overall market demand, digital advertise spend is expected to reach $ 237 billion, or 44 percentage of all ball-shaped advertising revenues. That well surpasses television receiver as today ’ s unmarried most popular marketing channel. Despite the fact that a boastfully helping of well-established marketers flock to PPC and digital ads as a unharmed, the challenges that issues such as Ad Click Fraud can create make it increasingly difficult to build a successful on-line market camp. Clicking fraud, along with respective early forms of undesirable money-wasting clicks, comes in different forms and happens for different reasons. All of them however have damaging effects on the advertise efforts of any company. Mitigating the negative effects of illicit traffic is highly important for any market attempt to succeed. Marketers, consequently, need to monitor, track, understand the source and study the specific means in which each of these different types of money-wasting clicks is generated to establish effective protective mechanisms. Automated software to protect against fraud by clicking allows you to detect, log and automatically block cluck fraud. This saves you money wasted on PPC and increases your return on invested capital ! The plan secures your budget for Google Advertising & Bing Ads by systematically preventing fraud natural process by clicking. If you are reading this article, then I ’ megabyte certain you excessively are looking for the right authentic software to protect your on-line business or web site from suction stop fraud. so, in today ’ s post I will be giving you an in-depth comparison between not 2, not 3, but 4 popularly used pawl imposter security software to make your search and choice easier .

Conclusion- Clixtell Vs ClickGuard Vs ClickCease Vs PPC Protect 2022 Which is The Best Click Fraud Software With Reviews

The average customer ratings mentioned above distinctly show that all four platforms are about evenly competent when it comes to providing protection against click fraud and relate issues that most developers, publishers and businesses face nowadays .

Why you should these click fraud tracking softwares ?

– It mechanically uses your web site ’ randomness page structure to detect and prevent click imposter, the largest form of on-line imposter .
– These softwares are in full integrated with all of your marketing programs, so it can be used for all categories of digital marketing campaigns .
– Smart alerting options such as e-mail notifications or popups to prevent unauthorized clickers from stealing money and creating juke accounts on your locate .
– A 30-day money back undertake that lets you test the softwares without any upfront fees .
– Stop the spamming of your landing pages by automated scripts .
– Eliminate the need to manually block and admonisher these automatic pistol scripts, which can be expensive .
– Automatically monitor your campaigns with advanced coverage features and find those undesirable clicks that you can well catch, so you don ’ t have to .
– automatically delete any undesirable clicks when you activate the sport .
– easily analyze your campaign data in a dashboard for far insights and optimizations .
While all platforms score pretty well in all categories of comparison, the customer ratings show that users have responded better to the services provided by ClickGuard and the equate results achieved from it .
Another rationality why ClickGuard may have taken this flimsy border over others is the fact that it is the lone “ Google Verified ” click fraud protection tool in this comparison. however, it is besides slightly expensive !
apart from these aspects, I can convincingly say that all of these tools fair pretty well at sufficing the determination they have been developed for, putting up a close competitiveness against one another. It truly will depend on what your requirements are from software like these .
If you are a humble business with budget constraints, then Clixtell and ClickCease will be your option to go for, with plans starting at barely $ 12 per calendar month ( billed per annum ) .
👉Check Out PPC Protect for $ 29 👉Check Out ClickGuard for $ 59 👉Save $ 149 on ClickCease now 👉Check Out ClickGuard for $ 59 however, if budget is not an offspring for you and the hope of Google matters to you, along with unlimited clicks and domains, then ClickGuard and PPC Protect can be your best friends. IT’S REALLY UP TO YOU!

Clickcease Videos 


Clickguard Videos 

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