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About ColNET is a platform where college students fulfill each others ’ requests and wishes.

Nowadays, students are facing the site where they need other students ’ aid but miss of a platform which is easy to access and chiefly focusing on college life sentence with grouped information. With all the functions mentioned above, which are neglected by other apps, ColNET is able to provide a well-organized and information-intensed platform for students who wish to fulfill their needs. type team oeuvre, Chief Designer team Member Peihao Zhang, Chengyu Chen date November 2021

Opportunity Framing

By studying stakeholder value menstruate and SET/PESTLE, we came to a POG that “ University students need solutions to their casual problems from early students. ”Group 231.png

User Scenario

Group 232.png

Affinity Diagram

As a conclusion of the interview results, this affinity diagram is grouping the interview notes. We found that college students have needs that entirely other students can help with. They are besides will to help with others while receiving a belittled sum of rewards .Group 233.pngGroup 234.pngGroup 235.pngGroup 236.png


Group 237.pngGroup 239.pngGroup 238.png We selected three targeted/potential users to create respective personas that worth studying. These students are at different stages of their university life, which means that they have relatively different frustrations and goals.

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User Journey Map

This exploiter journey function integrated with storyboards intelligibly demonstrated user actions, touch points, needs and opportunities in diffirent phases of problem-solving, which includes meet trouble, searching for solutions and solving the trouble .Group 240.png profile 24 years old
Life science student
Carnegie Mellon University scenario Damian is studying at Carnegie Mellon University. He got a C in the 15-112 course midterm and was identical frastrated. Doubting that he was not studying in the right way, Damian started to find somehow to solve this problem. Goals & Expectations Damian needs assistant with his sketch a soon as possible. He wanted to improve his performance in the most efficient and complimentary way .Group 241.png

Wireframing & User Flow

As our first base iteration, wireframe illustrates the basic ideas of our product. We made paper prototypes and used “ Wizard of Oz ” as a testing method acting of the merchandise function.

In this degree, we ’ re not designing the appearance, but the information structure of the interface, which is the basis of the interface interaction .Group 242.pngGroup 244.png

Usability Testing

Group 243.pngGroup 243.png



1.jpg2.jpg4.jpg wish & Note home pages The posts are listed as cards on the home page, with an easy click, the cards can expand to show more details and provide more functions .3.jpg5.jpg6.jpg wish & Note compose pages By clicking the “ + ” button, users can choose to either post a wish or a eminence, the remainder between the Wish and Note is that wish give users the option to offer rewards, while Note serves as more like a instructive post .7.jpg8.jpg9.jpg Chat pages After seeing something concern, users can contact the poster for more information and make an appointee with the bill poster. The meeting meter will be added in the My Schedule page for both sides after clicking the “ Accept ” button .11.jpg My schedule page This page shows all the events of the drug user. The users have the choice to import/export schedules from/to other calendar apps .10.jpg Profile page This foliate includes all the activities of the drug user with a kind reminder of the latest event.

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In the process of design and after spending a batch of time conducting interviews, we ’ ve learned that it is of great importance to understand the user ’ south behaviors and stand in their perspectives with empathy. Getting feedback from establishment interviews was a valuable process to help us iterate faster and wiser. Brainstorming with team is a brawny instrument to come up with invention strategies and ideas adenine well .COVER-2.jpg previous projectCOVER-1.jpg adjacent project

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