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User ( 18/04/2018 10:38 )
These guys are great. Looks like your average pawn shop, but they sell by and large guns. Bought my inaugural gunman here respective years ago because the price was crazy low and I still have it nowadays. Highly recommend. They have several guns you wo n’t find elsewhere and the prices are lower than about anywhere else. If I need/want a gun this is the locate I go first. If you know nothing about guns these guys will give you the facts and wo n’t try and sell you their highest priced gun to make a flying buck. If you need or want a artillery, Cherokee Gun & Pawn is the place to go.

User ( 24/02/2018 06:46 )
This is the best grease-gun shop. good prices

User ( 06/02/2018 00:02 )
I was checking out the Rick ‘ guitar on display and the rep offered a certain price which I told him I would think about. Before I left the denounce he said, “ the offer is silent good. ” I liked the price, but the only issue was that I was n’t indisputable if the guitar was real or a forge so I went to my guitar technical school ‘s place and they showed me what to look for. I called Cherokee Gun & Pawn back and the like rep told me that he could no longer sell it at that price. We did n’t shake hands on the share, but I had gone to get more info and they pulled out the floor on their offer. SAD.

User ( 06/01/2018 02:55 )
Make sure you ask as many questions as possible on what if this and how about that. If it ends up that you were n’t told about a certain charge, they say it ‘s not their blame you did n’t ask. On top of that if a err was made by am employer giving false information, no accountability is taken. Poor customer service but after they have basically called you stupid because you should have known ( evening though he printed and it was n’t on the sale ticket ) and you fork out the farcical charges, then they want to thank you and have a good sidereal day. Do business at a more honest and improving front pawn shop. Trust me ! Super ill-mannered !

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User ( 10/09/2017 04:32 )
I ‘ve done business here respective times everyone has been great. Their prices are abject pretty much unbeatable by any of the stores in the metro area. Their excerpt is bang-up excessively. helpful staff ca n’t ask for more

User ( 20/08/2017 01:53 )
good folks. matter to choice. Plenty of staff to handle the large count of customers who show up. Again and again, I am always impressed. Prices are reasonable besides.

User ( 04/07/2017 21:45 )
Best deals on guns, great staff. Live all the way in Atlanta but drive up to this place campaign it ‘s the best gunman patronize around.

User ( 18/05/2017 04:07 )
Great people and knowledgable !
I was just in the shop to pick up my free FFL transfer of a custom made AR I had finished for me. I was besides in the commercialize for a broad size pistol. Both Charlie and his daughter Harley were extremely affected role and knowledgeable. Charlie was a former LEO for many years and his cognition was quite helpful, as he provided it without talking down to me, as I am reasonably new to firearms.
I have a fair total of koran cognition when it comes to firearms, but identical little real world time behind a gun. Charlie was patient and answered all of my questions. I was in there for 2 hours deciding on a pistol and I feel comfortable with my purchase. I never felt rushed or pushed around. Great have. Thank you Charlie and Harley !

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User ( 11/03/2017 21:50 )
Great inventory on AR accessories and parts of you build rifles. ammunition prices are cheaper or at least on par with the “ other guy ”. other small stores charge you $ 25 for a snip you can find on-line for $ 10. These guys and gals do n’t do that. Staff is very knowledgeable, besides !

User ( 06/03/2017 03:36 )
This place sux, not consumer friendly at ALL ! !
Went in to purchase a artillery they had advertised a whole day after the ad, and after waiting about for person to give me any service, some erstwhile man steps up, and a ridicule tends rt to him. It good indeed happens he requested the same gun I was there to buy. Well a few minutes by and by a guy comes over with a taste of food and I tell him the artillery I wanted to purchase. I began the composition solve while he went to get the gun and he comes back saying they are out ! But they are getting a order in soon. I said o no problem can I get it for the lapp monetary value since you ‘re out
And he quickly and sternly said NO. But you can but this newer version of which I did n’t want. The ad never mentioned a specify quantity. I feel they should ‘ve honored the price on the adjacent cargo, AND NOT TRIED TO SELL ME SOMETHING RISE AT A HIGHER PRICE. That would ‘ve been the correct way to do business. After all without the customer your nothing ! !
I Do not Rcommend this regretful excuse of a business to anyone. They do n’t obviously do n’t give a curse about their customers ! !

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User ( 27/01/2017 21:04 )
The best accelerator shop in GA ! unbeatable prices, will even match Internet prices if they can do therefore without taking a loss on the price of their gun. dislodge FFL transfers and excellent avail. Largest selection/variety I have ever experienced. If you go there you will not be defeated ! !

User ( 18/12/2016 22:38 )
Had a problem with pistol that I purchased and they fixed the trouble. Great service could not have expected more. Thank you

User ( 15/11/2016 04:23 )
Friendly and knowledgeable staff with capital prices and good stock. What more could you ask for ?

User ( 29/10/2016 04:01 )
Good workshop, a little slow ascribable to having such a minor building compared to gun quantity but overall all right.

User ( 17/09/2016 22:22 )
I recently used Cherokee Gun and Pawn to do a transfer and my experience was big. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. The transmit was release and their prices on other items are great. I went ahead and spent some excess money while I was there. I will happily do commercial enterprise with them again !

User ( 31/08/2016 01:19 )
The badly reviews on here do n’t even sound like these people went to the lapp place that I ‘ve been to. I ‘ve been to Cherokee Gun & Pawn several times and each time has been a joy. they do get busy from time to prison term and you might have to wait a few minutes for aid, but why would n’t that be oklahoma ? Would n’t you rather see a business that is doing well ? I would. And I have never had to wait more than just a few minutes angstrom well. I have never seen any “ badly ” service either … always professional. Makes me wonder what the manage is with some of these bad reviews … they do n’t seem to be living in reality.

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