Cheapest Life Insurance Companies & Quotes for Smokers in 2022

If you smoke, it can be unmanageable to find low-cost biography insurance coverage. Life insurance companies view smokers to be bad to insure because they are prone to lung cancer, affection disease, and diabetes, impacting life anticipation. According to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) on smoke and tobacco consumption, over 16 million Americans live with a smoking-related disease. While life insurance premiums tend to be higher-than-average for people who smoke, low-cost options are available for coverage. MoneyGeek explored the best providers for people who smoke to make finding an low-cost plan easier.

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coins2 The average price of life sentence policy for a smoker is $ 87.71 per month — that ‘s four times more expensive than a goodly person ’ south average life indemnity premium, which is $ 24.82 per month .find several factors determine your pace. In addition to historic period and sex, the state where you live is besides a factor affecting the cost of your biography indemnity .financialPlanning life policy rates can easily double or triple if you are a smoker. You can reduce the cost of your premiums by shopping around for lower coverage or signing up for policy ampere early on as possible .

Average Cost of Life Insurance for Smokers Vs. Nonsmokers

denySignNonsmoker monthly monetary value $ 25checkSignSmoker monthly cost $ 88Life insurance premiums for smokers are on average : $ 63 more This is 252 % more expensive.

Cheapest Life Insurance for Smokers by State

Smokers can get biography insurance regardless of where they live. life indemnity rates do n’t vary importantly by state of matter ; however, modal buyer characteristics, like historic period, altitude and weight, do. Because the cost of living can vary dramatically from state to state, the amount of necessary life insurance coverage besides varies. MoneyGeek used characteristics of the average liveliness indemnity buyer in each submit, along with the total of coverage required based on that state ‘s cost of life, to determine the average cost of life policy in each submit. Based on average life indemnity needs and buyer characteristics, the cost of coverage can vary from state to state. Smokers in New Mexico pay the lowest monthly premiums at $ 84.16. Smokers in New York pay the highest rates at $ 164.13 per calendar month .

Cost Comparison Between States Where Life Insurance Is Cheapest & Most Expensive

newMexicoNew Mexico average Rate for Smokers $ 84newYorkNew York average Rate for Smokers $ 164Depending on life insurance needs and average buyer characteristics, which vary by location, life insurance can cost as much as : $ 80 more This is 95 % more expensive. Among the best insurance companies in the U.S., Transamerica offers people who smoke the cheapest biography indemnity quotes in most states. Its policies are the most low-cost in 24 states. MassMutual comes in second gear with the lowest premiums in 19 states, and State Farm comes in third base with five states. Mutual of Omaha and Nationwide offer the cheapest rates in good one express each.

Cheapest Life Insurance Companies by State

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  • department of state Cheapest company monthly Rate
  • alabama Mass Mutual $ 101.81
  • alaska Transamerica $ 113.52
  • arizona Transamerica $ 96.96
  • Arkansas Mass Mutual $ 95.23
  • California Transamerica $ 145.43
  • colorado Transamerica $ 123.50
  • connecticut Transamerica $ 145.13
  • delaware department of state farm $ 131.00
  • Florida Transamerica $ 114.61
  • georgia Mass Mutual $ 111.24
  • hawaii Transamerica $ 137.95
  • Idaho Transamerica $ 90.34
  • Illinois Transamerica $ 105.09
  • Indiana Mass Mutual $ 98.46
  • Iowa Mass Mutual $ 105.70
  • Kansas nationally $ 107.80
  • Kentucky Mass Mutual $ 97.63
  • Louisiana Mass Mutual $ 103.85
  • maine Transamerica $ 109.08
  • maryland Mass Mutual $ 155.57
  • Massachusetts Transamerica $ 140.76
  • Michigan Mass Mutual $ 113.07
  • minnesota Transamerica $ 104.29
  • Mississippi Mass Mutual $ 86.45
  • missouri Mass Mutual $ 107.12
  • Montana Transamerica $ 106.38
  • nebraska Transamerica $ 106.38
  • nevada Transamerica $ 107.62
  • New Hampshire Transamerica $ 131.13
  • New Jersey Transamerica $ 143.66
  • New Mexico Transamerica $ 84.16
  • New York country grow $ 164.13
  • North Carolina Mass Mutual $ 110.99
  • North Dakota Mass Mutual $ 115.32
  • ohio Mass Mutual $ 105.35
  • oklahoma Mass Mutual $ 99.23
  • oregon Mass Mutual $ 136.74
  • university of pennsylvania state farm $ 127.29
  • Rhode Island Transamerica $ 115.45
  • South Carolina express farm $ 112.10
  • South Dakota Mass Mutual $ 113.71
  • tennessee Mass Mutual $ 111.47
  • Texas Mass Mutual $ 114.12
  • utah Transamerica $ 96.54
  • vermont Transamerica $ 113.47
  • Virginia Transamerica $ 118.02
  • Washington Transamerica $ 131.21
  • West Virginia Mutual of Omaha $ 106.11
  • wisconsin department of state farm $ 117.50
  • Wyoming Transamerica $ 108.29

mglogo MoneyGeek Top Pick

  • MoneyGeek Score: 80/100
  • J.D. Power Rating: 736.4
  • AM Best Rating: A

Transamerica offers the lowest rates for people who smoke in 24 states, making it the most low-cost insurance company for smokers in the country. In many cases, smokers can qualify for permanent and term coverage that does n’t require a medical examination. If you decide to quit smoke, this company besides provides rate reconsideration after two years. MoneyGeek Top Pick

  • MoneyGeek Score: 84.5/100
  • J.D. Power Rating: 758.1
  • AM Best Rating: A++

MassMutual is the second-most low-cost liveliness insurance company for people who smoke, with the lowest rates of any supplier in 19 states. This company is particularly beneficial for people who smoke cigars ; while most life indemnity companies only give cigar smokers competitive rates if they smoke 12 or fewer cigars a class, MassMutual allows policyholders to enjoy up to 24 cigars per annum. MoneyGeek Top PickState Farm

  • MoneyGeek Score: 97.4/100
  • J.D. Power Rating: 820.5
  • AM Best Rating: A++

While State Farm is the cheapest supplier for smokers in just five states, this company tops MoneyGeek ‘s list of best life insurance providers for smokers. While people who smoke pay higher-than-average rates with this company, they can placid score fair premiums if they ‘re otherwise in good health.

Cheapest Life Insurance for Smokers by Age

Life insurance premiums increase as you age. For model, a 30-year-old who smokes and opens a life insurance policy pays lower premiums than person who opens a policy at 50. Thirty-year-old smokers pay around $ 87.71 per month on median, while 50-year-olds who smoke pay around $ 348.11 per month .

Average Cost of Life Insurance in Your 30s & 50s

boyThinkingSmoker 30-Year-Old $ 88seniorsSmoker 50-Year-Old

$ 348Life insurance premiums for older smokers are on average : $ 260 more This is 295 % more expensive. Transamerica is systematically the cheapest company for people who smoke at any long time group among the reviewed companies listed below.

Cheapest Life Insurance Companies for 30-Year-Old Smokers

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  • company monthly Rate
  • 1. Transamerica $ 62.57
  • 2. Mass Mutual $ 75.27
  • 3. state farm $ 77.64
  • 4. Mutual of Omaha $ 87.30
  • 5. abdominal aortic aneurysm $ 88.00
  • 6. progressive $ 91.36
  • 7. prudential $ 101.88
  • 8. nationally $ 117.69
Cheapest Life Insurance Companies for 40-Year-Old Smokers

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  • company monthly Rate
  • 1. Transamerica $ 117.82
  • 2. submit farm $ 130.72
  • 3. Mutual of Omaha $ 131.16
  • 4. Mass Mutual $ 141.60
  • 5. progressive $ 142.90
  • 6. nationally $ 145.69
  • 7. abdominal aortic aneurysm $ 152.68
  • 8. prudential $ 185.18
Cheapest Life Insurance Companies for 50-Year-Old Smokers

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  • company monthly Rate
  • 1. Transamerica $ 270.69
  • 2. Mutual of Omaha $ 310.04
  • 3. state farm $ 317.99
  • 4. Mass Mutual $ 331.05
  • 5. countrywide $ 354.38
  • 6. abdominal aortic aneurysm $ 368.94
  • 7. prudential $ 400.98
  • 8. progressive $ 430.87

Cheapest Life Insurance for Smokers by Gender

male smokers pay higher life policy rates than female smokers. The average price of life policy for a 40-year-old charwoman is $ 128.96 per year. The average cost of life indemnity for a 40-year-old man is $ 157.98 per year, which is 30.93 % higher than average female stag party premiums. According to inquiry conducted by the National Institutes of Health, men tend to use all forms of tobacco products at a higher volume than women .

Average Cost of Life Insurance for Male Vs. Female Smokers

femaleFemale Smoker 40-Year-Old $ 129maleMale Smoker 40-Year-Old $ 158Life insurance premiums for smokers are on average : $ 29 more This is 22 % more expensive. The following table shows the companies ranked from the lowest to the highest rates for male smokers. Transamerica offers the brassy premiums with a monthly pace of $ 69.23, while Prudential is the most expensive, with a monthly rate of $ 163.19.

Cheapest Life Insurance Companies for Male Smokers

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  • caller monthly Rate
  • 1. Transamerica $ 69.23
  • 2. Mass Mutual $ 83.53
  • 3. department of state farm $ 85.69
  • 4. Mutual of Omaha $ 91.81
  • 5. abdominal aortic aneurysm $ 98.12
  • 6. prudential $ 101.88
  • 7. liberal $ 102.23
  • 8. countrywide $ 163.19

The following table shows the companies ranked from the lowest to the highest rates for female smokers. Transamerica offers the bum premiums with a monthly rate of $ 55.90, while Prudential is the most expensive, with a monthly rate of $ 101.88.

Cheapest Life Insurance Companies for Female Smokers

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  • company monthly Rate
  • 1. Transamerica $ 55.90
  • 2. Mass Mutual $ 67.00
  • 3. state farm $ 69.59
  • 4. countrywide $ 72.19
  • 5. abdominal aortic aneurysm $ 77.88
  • 6. progressive $ 80.48
  • 7. Mutual of Omaha $ 82.78
  • 8. prudential $ 101.88

How Smokers Can Get Cheaper Life Insurance

The rates from the above companies are already pretty cheap. still, you can potentially find even lower premiums by shopping around for biography policy options such as paying a lout total for coverage or buy american samoa soon as possible. 1

Pay annually instead of monthly.

You can save a significant total when you choose to pay your premiums per annum alternatively of monthly. 2

Buy as soon as possible.

Your long time can besides affect the cost of your biography policy, so signing up adenine early as possible helps lower the price of an expensive agio due to your smoking history. 3

Consider cheap term life insurance for smokers.

You can opt to get a condition life policy policy that covers you for a specific menstruation lasting around 10–20 years and only provides the most basic protection. You can customize your premiums and death benefit based on your needs and profile if you opt for universal life insurance. 4

Quit smoking.

The best way to lower your rates permanently is to quit smoking wholly. Some life indemnity providers allow you to retake the nicotine test after a year and re-negotiate your rates. You can besides switch between providers, which could give you a standard rate when you are smoke-free for more than 12 months. even if you smoke, getting life policy shouldn ’ t break the bank. You can find low-cost life policy if you shop about, buy strategically or make life style changes to lower the cost. For example, paying in a ball summarize mechanically gives you a dismiss. Purchasing a policy before you need it and american samoa early as possible is another way to save on your premiums long term. By shopping around, you are not lone protecting yourself against fraud from possible life indemnity scammers, but you are besides ensuring that you ’ rhenium buy the best life policy for your needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

MoneyGeek answers the most frequently asked questions about getting life insurance for smokers .

Transamerica systematically offers the cheapest life sentence insurance quotes for smokers careless of gender, age and location .

There is life insurance available for smokers in all 50 states. You can get low-cost life indemnity quotes tied if you are a smoker. You should expect your premiums to be more expensive than those offered to nonsmokers .

Cigarette smoke is credibly the most popular form of smoking. But person who vapes or smokes e-cigarettes, cigars and pipes could besides be considered a stag party, as could person who chews tobacco or uses other nicotine- and tobacco-replacement products like glue and patches .

You may be wondering how life indemnity companies know if you smoke. When you buy a policy, life insurance companies test for nicotine practice through a paramedic test. This test detects the presence of nicotine and cotinine and how farseeing it has been in your system. Lying about tobacco use when you buy life indemnity is considered fraud. It could be a reason for insurance providers to cancel your policy or deny your benefits claim .

Smoking doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate nothingness a life insurance policy. Your life indemnity rate is locked in, which means you will be paying the like premiums even if you decide to smoke after you buy life sentence indemnity .

Some policy providers offer to re-evaluate your smoking history and lower your original premiums if you ’ ve refrained from smoking for more than 12 months.


To obtain cost data for condition life insurance policies, MoneyGeek collected quotes from 13 companies across all 50 states from ages 30–70. To gather data for smokers specifically, MoneyGeek used a sample profile of a 30-year-old individual in excellent health who uses tobacco regularly. The service line life indemnity policy used in each analysis, unless otherwise specified, was one with $ 500k coverage and a 20-year term length. About the generator

expert-profileexpert-profile Mark Fitzpatrick is a elder message coach with MoneyGeek specializing in insurance. Mark has years of experience analyzing the insurance commercialize and creating original research and content. He graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts and Johns Hopkins University with a master of Arts .

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse. “Are There Gender Differences in Tobacco Smoking?.” Accessed December 22, 2021 .
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Smoking and Tobacco Use.” Accessed December 22, 2021 .
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