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WordPress is the most popular way to build a site. For marketing purposes, providers are often selling services that are “optimized” specifically for it to cash in on beginner users. But which of those services are actually great options for cheap WordPress hosting?
In reality, name it how you like – shared or WordPress host, it ’ s the same stuff. To get a real bargain, WordPress-oriented services like SiteGround and WP Engine are in no way cheap .
But some shared host providers did optimize their service to be a great option for cheap WordPress host. That ’ mho why I decided to test bum WordPress hosting providers to see if they are actually better for WordPress or is it just a selling scheme .
now let ’ s see the options for the best budget WordPress host.

Best cheap WordPress hosting: ranked

  1. Hostinger – best cheap WordPress hosting for performance
  2. Bluehost – user-experience focused inexpensive WordPress hosting option
  3. HostGator – affordable no-fuss WordPress hosting
  4. HostPapa – beginner-friendly hosting with generous resources
  5. DreamHost – entirely WordPress focused platform

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Use the list above to jump through providers. And if you don ’ thyroxine know what you ’ re looking for so far, there are some tips at the end of this post to help you out .

1. Hostinger: best cheap WordPress hosting


Features Free SSL, automatic backups, SSD storage, LiteSpeed web server
Uptime 100%
Speed 511ms
Best for Cheap performance-focused WordPress hosting

Visit Hostinger
Hostinger is the cheapest WordPress hosting provider on this list. You can get it vitamin a low as $ 2.59/month if you pick standard shared host plans. WordPress-labeled option adds Cloudflare and WP-CLI integrations, but the price starts from $ 1.99/mo. No matter which option you choose, Hostinger is known for its speedy performance, ease of use, and expert-level support.
But let ’ s talk about the topic of the day – price and value .
Both Single Shared ( $ 2.59/month ) and Single WordPress ( $ 1.99/month ) will provide you with :

  • 30GB storage space
  • 100GB bandwidth for around 10 000 monthly visits.
  • 1 website and 1 email limit
  • Free SSL and daily backups

They are both hosted on the like servers with the like configurations. But, Single WordPress additionally comes with WP-CLI and Cloudflare already installed, hence the pricing deviation .

Best Value

In this case, it ’ s best to go with WordPress Single to get the most spang for your tear. initially, it ’ s a bantam bit more expensive, but pricing doesn ’ triiodothyronine increase on refilling .
Check Hostinger Pricing immediately

Hostinger performance

not only Hostinger is very reliable with 100 % uptime, but it besides manages to load websites fast. All thanks to the engineering used .
In 2 months of monitor, Hostinger had 0 outages. It was on-line 100 % of the time, which is a very hard-to-achieve result .
Hostinger uptime and response time
response time averaging at 511ms is not equally impressive. It ’ s a little better than modal, but nothing to fuss about .
What ’ s impressive is page load times. Hostinger loaded a WordPress demo website in less than a second. If that ’ s not a beneficial solution, I don ’ metric ton know what is .
Hostinger page loading speed
other performance metrics in this graph are great besides :

  • Largest Contentful Pain, which is supposed to be up to 2.5 seconds, is just 849ms. Very speedy.
  • TTFB, which indicates the initial server reaction is just 207ms – an almost perfect result.

then performance considered – Hostinger has about no distance for improvement. It ’ south both authentic and debauched .
And there are a pair of reasons why Hostinger is able to make WordPress websites so fast :

  • You get to pick one of its 7 server locations: the US, UK, Singapore, Brazil, Indonesia, Netherlands, and Lithuania. The closer the server is to your visitor – the faster will be the load times.
  • Servers are powered with LiteSpeed web server that comes with a built-in caching engine. It’s one of the fastest available delivery methods plus, it comes pre-configured. Just turn it on, and you’re good to go.
  • Latest PHP versions, WordPress updates, and other software updates are always available. This contributes to speed as well.

As a cheap host, Hostinger in truth does a distribute in terms of performance .
Overall, Hostinger is an example of what cheap WordPress hosting should look like. Sure, it’s not reaching the level of managed services. But performance and features are amazing for the price you pay.


2. Bluehost: best WordPress hosting for beginners


Features Functional and easy control panel, free domain, SSL, WordPress staging
Uptime 99.99%
Speed 361ms
Best for Cheap small WordPress site hosting

visit Bluehost
An highly popular list in the host diligence, Bluehost offers multiple hosting solutions. however, it chiefly focuses on WordPress. In fact, Bluehost is besides one of the 3 providers recommended by WordPress creators. Its WordPress host plans ’ prices start from $ 2.95/month and managed hosting prices start from $ 9.95/month, making it besides one of the cheapest managed WordPress hosting solutions. You get to use a platform that caters entirely to the needs of WordPress .

  • Upon the first login to the platform, Bluehost will automatically install WordPress for you. You’ll even get to pick a theme during this process.
  • WordPress websites also come with a built-in management area. You can set up Cloudflare CDN in a couple of clicks there, and manage the global plugin and update settings.
  • WordPress installation comes with Bluehost’s own plugin. It features a website staging tool, caching settings, and global update management.

These are precisely a copulate of features that make Bluehost user-friendly for WordPress sites. The interface is identical brawny and has many tools that you ’ ll identify to be helpful .
As for the price, o nly one plan can be considered as cheap, and that’s Basic, for $2.95/mo.
basic comes with a 1-site limit, then consider if that ’ south enough for you. other than that, 50GB SSD storage is very generous, and you ’ ll get a free knowledge domain, SSL certificate, and 5 electronic mail accounts .

Best Value

You can choose the Basic plan with 12 and 36-month charge options, the monthly rate remains the lapp $ 2.95. At the like time, picking a longer charge term guarantees lower renewal prices. besides, see if a especial discount is waiting for you at the checkout cart .
Check Bluehost Pricing now

Bluehost performance

While Bluehost is not the supplier that ’ mho focusing on operation and amphetamine, it hush delivers competitive results and scores high in terms of dependability .
Bluehost has a very high 99.99% uptime result – barely 11 minutes of downtime in more than 2 months .
Bluehost uptime and response time
reply clock is besides very rapid, averaging at 361ms. The inaugural one-half of the monitor was slower and had a big spike, but the speed improved massively later .
As for page load times, Bluehost is not exceptionally debauched. It fully loaded a WordPress website in 1.8 seconds.
Bluehost page load speed
This is a good leave in itself, but the metrics are reasonably modal .

  • Largest Contentful Paint, at the same 1.8 seconds, is okay. We still have some wiggle room till the maximum of 2.5s.
  • TTFB, standing at 1 second, is a little concerning. That’s a slow server reaction, delaying the overall page load. Sure, that’s just one metric, but worth looking into.
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then performance considered, Bluehost is quite average. It ’ mho identical authentic, but the travel rapidly is not especial .
Altogether, Bluehost is all about user experience and functionality. That’s very attractive for beginners. My recommendation is to use it for personal blogs, portfolios, and small business sites.


3. HostGator: affordable WordPress hosting


Features Free domain, SSL, cPanel
Uptime >99.99%
Speed 525ms
Best for No-fuss beginner-friendly WordPress plans

Visit HostGator
HostGator reaches this tilt for both its low-cost WordPress hosting prices and still of practice. Shared hosting plans start at $ 2.75/month for inexhaustible server resources. It ’ south besides one of the few contenders using cPanel for hosting management, making it as straightforward to use as it gets .
Talking about WordPress-specific features, HostGator doesn ’ t in truth have anything to knock your socks off. Its main drawing card comes from the still of consumption :

  • The main user dashboard has the shortcuts to all essential website setups – you can install WordPress, set up email accounts, reach databases, and access file manager all in one place. For me, it took just a couple of minutes to have a website running.
  • cPanel is also there, so you get this standard and classic way to manage both basic and more advanced configurations.

This makes HostGator a no-fuss and low cost WordPress hosting option .
And cheap it is. HostGator’s 3 plans range from $2.75 to $5.25 a month. All of them come with unlimited repositing and bandwidth. You ’ ll besides get a free domain and SSL certificate .
Hatchling comes with 1 site limit. This is absolutely fine if 1 web site is all you need. But Baby, for just $ 0.75 extra lifts that limit .
meanwhile, Business adds a consecrated IP, PositiveSSL, and SEO tools – not essential, but there if you need them .

Best Value

I personally purchased the Baby design. $ 3.50/mo for 3 years seems to offer the most bang for the dollar. The sum is good $ 126 .
Check HostGator Pricing now

HostGator performance

For this very humble price, my HostGator-hosted web site delivered very decent performance results. It was dependable and loaded a WordPress web site debauched .
Monitored for a piece more than 2 months, HostGator had fair 3 outages. That ’ randomness >99.99% uptime and one of the best results on this list .
HostGator uptime and response time
answer time had a couple of higher peaks but was distillery full. 525ms average answer time is a little better than the marketplace ’ mho average .
The page load time was besides estimable – HostGator fully loaded a WordPress website in 1.2 seconds.
HostGator page speed test
other metrics are nothing short of impressive either .

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is at 1.1s. Websites should fit into 2.5 seconds to be labeled as good.
  • TTFB is the best one on this list, at 154ms. Up to 200ms is considered excellent.

very impressive results from HostGator here – storm for such a low price .
Altogether, if you need a no-fuss reliable option – HostGator is one of the best available. It’s cheap, easy to use, and powerful.


4. HostPapa: budget WordPress hosting with generous resources


Features Free training session, cPanel, free domain, SSL
Uptime 100%
Speed 1.19s
Best for Low cost WordPress hosting for beginners

Visit HostPapa
HostPapa features low-cost shared and WordPress hosting plans – both options are entirely the lapp, hosted on the same server and offering the same server resources. The get down price is $ 3.16/mo .
HostPapa is one of the best options for new users:

  • It uses a standard cPanel control panel for website management. All the settings and tools are standard and intuitive. Plus, there’s an endless stream of tutorials that you can find online.

  • You can also book a free 30-minute training session with HostPapa. Choose whatever hosting-related topic you wish, and the support agent will guide you through it. It can be a basic WordPress installation or even an eCommerce setup on WordPress.

That ’ s an amazing jazz band of material that you get. By using HostPapa, you can learn some world wide web development basics that will pay dividends by and by .
While it might look tempting to buy a “ WordPress-labeled ” plan, it ’ randomness best to stick with HostPapa ’ s basic shared options. While entirely the lapp, they feature better discounts .
HostPapa has 3 hosting plans: Starter ( $ 3.16/month ), Business ( $ 3.16/month ), and Business Pro ( $ 10.36/month ) .
Pro immediately falls out of the bum WordPress hosting class, so let ‘s see what ‘s the deal with Starter and Business .
Both plans will give you a domain name, SSL certificate, and unlimited bandwidth .

  • Starter ($3.16/mo) comes with a 2 website limit and 100GB SSD storage – a very generous pack for an entry plan. It renews at a $9.99/mo rate.
  • Business ($3.16/mo) offers unlimited websites and storage. Plus, it’s hosted on a less crowded server for better performance. It renews at $14.99/mo.

so while you can initially get a more brawny plan for a very good price, renewals will make department of justice late .

Best Value

For the majority of WordPress users, Starter will be the best fit. 2 websites and 100GB repositing, plus no early expenses, is a big conduct. however, if you ’ re building a bigger occupation web site, the Business plan is besides attractive .
Check HostPapa Pricing now

HostPapa performance

HostPapa ‘s performance is quite average compared to early providers on this list. It ’ s very dependable, but accelerate could decidedly use some promoter .
In about 1 calendar month, HostPapa kept 100% uptime. That ‘s a round 0 outages any .
HostPapa's uptime and response time monitoring
The answer time… Well, it leaves room for improvement. HostPapa averages at 1.19s, which is a set. At the like time, I see a tendency of improvement .
page load times save the situation. HostPapa loaded a WordPress website fully in 1.5 seconds.
HostPapa's fully built website loading speed test
All metrics are quite good :

  • Largest Contentful Paint is just 1.2s – not the fastest on the list, but well above average.
  • TTFB is 572, which is okay. Sure, improve that server response time and this will follow.

Considering performance, HostPapa isn ’ t wholly impressive. authentic – yes. Fast – rather median .
Altogether, HostPapa is a great way for beginners to start a cheap WordPress website. A training session and ease of use are the best features this provider offers, not to mention, it’s a great option for cheapest WordPress hosting with free SSL.


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5. DreamHost: entirely WordPress focused hosting


Features Automatic WordPress install, free domain, free SSL, BlodGrid builder
Uptime >99.99%
Speed 231ms
Best for Cheap WordPress hosting for small business websites

inflict DreamHost
One of entirely 3 providers recommended by WordPress, DreamHost is actively contributing to the platform ’ sulfur growth and offers a service that ’ s focusing entirely on it. That comes in the form of security system features, a control condition gore, and the ease of setting up a WordPress web site. All this starting at $2.59/month .
therefore what tools does DreamHost have to offer when it comes to WordPress ?

  • DreamHost offers a true 1-click WordPress installation. Not the fill-out-a-bunch-of-forms type of thing. No, just one click, and your WordPress site is ready.
  • If you have a site already hosted with another provider, you can take advantage of DreamHost automated migration plugin. No more than 30 minutes (depending on the size of your site), and it will be working on DreamHost’s platform.
  • When hosted on DreamHost, your WordPress sites come with BoldGrid website builder plugin. It’s a drag-and-drop editor with 200+ templates that are not otherwise available on WordPress. A useful tool, especially for beginners.

But most authoritative of all, it ’ second among the cheapest WordPress hosting providers .
DreamHost has 2 plans: Shared Basic ( $ 2.59/mo with 36 mo billing ) and Shared Unlimited ( $ 3.95/mo with 36 mo billing ) .
Both plans will give you a free world and SSL, unlimited bandwidth, day by day backups, and domain privacy .

  • Basic comes with 1 website limit and 50GB storage – more than enough for a small-to-medium-sized website. At the same time, email is not included.
  • Unlimited offers unlimited websites and storage. Plus, it adds emails as well.

Best Value

It ’ south best to pick the Unlimited design with DreamHost with 1-year subscription. This is the cheapest annually WordPress hosting choice – precisely $ 35.40 for the unharmed term .
Check DreamHost Pricing now

DreamHost performance

Performance-wise, DreamHost is reasonably strong. It has very reliable and rapid servers, plus, it loads websites fast .
In 2 months, DreamHost had just 1 moment of downtime, putting uptime at >99.99%. It scantily can get better .
DreamHost uptime and response time
As for reception time, it ’ second besides very rapid, 231ms average. Plus, the fluctuations are not besides big, showing dependability .
And this allows for flying page load times .
DreamHost fully loads a WordPress website in 1.6 seconds. Considering that users lone start getting impatient at around 3 seconds – we have a lot of jiggle board. just keep in mind that it might be worse in locations early than the US – that ‘s the only space where DreamHost has servers .
DreamHost website loading speed
similarly, other metrics that search engines are considering are besides bang-up :

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is at 1.4 seconds. Way better than the maximum recommended 2.5s.
  • TTFB is 219ms – almost fits the perfect 200ms.

Performance won ’ thyroxine causal agent you any perturb with DreamHost. It ’ second dependable and fast .
Overall, DreamHost is one of a few affordable WordPress hosting providers that are actually delivering a CMS-focused service. This provider offers both cheap domain and hosting for WordPress, and not many can promise to do that. It’s inexpensive yet fast – great for small business websites.


Cheapest WordPress hosting compared

After reading about all the cheapest WordPress hosting providers, you might have more questions than answers. To help you out, I made this helpful mesa for you to see the most important features compared .

Host Cheapest price/month SSD storage Bandwidth Free domain SSL Staging
Hostinger $2.59 30GB 100GB No Yes No
DreamHost $2.59 50GB Unlimited Yes Yes No
Bluehost $2.95 50GB Unlimited Yes Yes Yes
HostGator $2.75 Unlimited Unlimited Yes Yes No
HostPapa $3.16 100GB Unlimited Yes Yes No

Hostinger new winner logo

Visit Hostinger for lowest prices

Cheap WordPress hosting: final recommendations

With each bum WordPress hosting supplier being the best for something, a small recapitulation is needed .
here ’ s what area each of the providers excels at :

  • Hostinger – cheapest WordPress hosting and best service overall with a focus on performance.
  • Bluehost – best cheap WordPress hosting in terms of functionalities and user experience.
  • HostGator – no fuss, easy to use WordPress hosting with cPanel.
  • HostPapa – best inexpensive WordPress hosting for beginners with personal training and cPanel included.
  • DreamHost – WordPress innovator offering ease of use and good performance.

Tried and tested, these are the best bunch you can get. At the lapp time, pick a provider wisely for your needs – that saves headaches !
Try Hostinger – our # 1 recommendation

Choosing a cheap WordPress hosting provider

When putting this list together, my team and I went through at least a twelve of providers. Who knew that keeping track of everyone ’ sulfur pricing is a full-time job in itself ?
however, the providers on this list proved themselves over the hanker run. They are not one-hit wonders, rather – marathoners .
But this experience besides taught us many valuable lessons that I hope will make your experience better. so when picking a bum WordPress supplier, here ’ s what you should consider :


The beginning thing to address hera is your WordPress host needs. Consider storage, bandwidth, traffic, customer support, and security, amongst other things. once you ’ ve figured these details out, you can hunt for a cheap provider ( and design ) that can meet these needs .
More is better but more is besides more expensive. thus when hunting for offers on a budget, it’s best to pick the optimal amount and not pay for what you don’t use. But, generally, small blogs and personal websites don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate require all that much space and bandwidth. hera, you can credibly get away with a minimal of 1GB storage and 5GB bandwidth. For more wiggle room, go for 4GB – 10GB storage and 10GB bandwidth. But all providers on this list offer much more .
For medium-sized sites or if your sites see higher traffic, you ’ ll motivation to upgrade your resources to at least 5GB memory and 50GB bandwidth. But, this is precisely the minimum. I ’ vitamin d commend for you to ramp these numbers direction up .
If you have your eyes on large-scale projects, bear in mind that these websites will be specially demanding on resources. Opt for a design that has at least 30GB storehouse and 200GB bandwidth. Plus, this is where you ’ ll decidedly need promote security solutions like web lotion firewalls with customs rules, DDoS protection, and backups .
For a better mental picture, you can have a search at this table :

Resources Small website Medium website Large website
Storage (minimum) 1GB 5GB 30GB
Bandwidth (minimum) 5GB 50GB 200GB
Email 1 3 – 5 More than 5
Examples Personal blog, business landing page, portfolio Agency, small online store, media-heavy portfolio Media-heavy website, larger online store, high traffic publications

“Unlimited” resources

If you ’ ve shopped around, you ’ d have seen “ unlimited ” on versatile providers ’ websites. by and large, you ’ ll see “ outright ” memory and bandwidth. Sounds like a good deal, justly ? Well, no. That ’ s a bunker, and you don ’ thymine want to be snared by it .
“ unlimited ” in this case doesn ’ triiodothyronine equal to without limits. rather, the provider is banking on you not maxing out its resources. But, if you do call its bluffs and maximize the resources, you ’ ll about surely see a refuse in operation. In some cases, the supplier can even terminate your explanation without notice .
Unlimited hosting terms
Of run, these caveats and restrictions aren ’ thymine normally on a supplier ’ sulfur home page or price page. alternatively, they are hidden away in the Terms of Service ( ToS ), which most of us stay away from out of fear of dying from boredom .

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Features that make up “WordPress-optimized hosting”

While WordPress-optimized host is normally equitable a commercialize whoremaster to get your attention, some features do have an upper hand in this matter .
here are a couple of things you can look for to give your WordPress locate a rise :

  • PHP version – as WordPress is written in PHP, it benefits from the latest version updates and developments. Look for a provider that’s quick to implement the latest PHP version. Currently, most providers are running PHP 7.4, but it’s being quickly replaced by PHP 8. This ensures the best speed and security available.
  • Web server Nginx is now preferred over the good ol’ Apache. Nginx is capable of handling more traffic straight out of the box. There’s also a newcomer LiteSpeed Web Server (LWS), that’s outperforming Nginx in many cases.
  • Hypertext transfer protocol – look for HTTP/2 support and check if HTTP/3 implementation is in progress. Each new version comes with speed improvements in delivery times. The faster the files can travel – the faster your site will load.
  • Caching – caching is one of the main ways to improve website loading speed. Web servers like LiteSpeed already come with their own caching engine, and providers using such servers often pre-configure the settings so you can enjoy a fast website out-of-the-box.

This is the pack of features that will 100 % have an impact on how your web site performs. Providers marketing themselves as WordPress-optimized should have all of these features included .

Billing details

Hosting price terms and all the little charge details are already ill-famed. so, before committing to a apparently brassy WordPress plan, make certain that you know all the little things that will happen to your bank report .
I ’ thousand talking here about in-advance payments, refilling price, and surprises in the checkout haul .

Long commitment period

Providers always advertise the cheapest monetary value on their beautiful landing pages. But very few of them tell you that you ’ ll need to pay 3 or even 4 years in advance to get that monetary value .
Different price for different billing terms
If you have the budget to pre-pay – all is fine. You ’ ll catch that great monthly rate. At the lapp time, shorter terms normally translate into higher monthly ( and renewal rates ) .
That said, a long-run host condense could be an economic solution if you ’ re cook and felicitous to commit to the provider. In any case, it ’ randomness however a good theme to confirm that the supplier has a reasonable money-back guarantee — precisely in case you change your beware .
By the way, if that ’ s not an choice for you, DreamHost offers good month-to-month and annual terms .

Renewal pricing

Another billing-related detail is that the cheap price will hike uphill when your basic term ends. In fact, I saw reclamation prices double, triple, and even ( outrageously ) 10x that of the initial prices .
Renewal pricing
This one is 99 % of the time ineluctable, so it ’ s barely a matter to check advance – will I be able to pay that rate, or will I need to migrate ?
Hostinger nowadays surprised me with this one – its WordPress host reclamation prices do not increase. So grab it while it lasts .

Checkout cart surprises

Let ’ s say… All is going well : you score a deal with a abject monthly rate and low-cost renewals for your energetic WordPress web site. But a bantam detail catches your eye… For some cause, the price doubled in the checkout cart. What happened here ?
If this happened to you – believe me, you ’ re not the foremost one. Hosting providers like to decide what is best for you and often add extra services to the cart.
Extra features added in the checkout cart
Some of these add-ons can be useful additions to your plan. But, more frequently than not, most of these extras are completely unnecessary .
In any case, the automatic addition to your haul is normally done right before checkout to catch you unaware. so keep your eyes peeled for them .
It ’ s besides not rare for some full of life features to be missing from the plans. Worry not, all providers on this list are fully equipped. But in case you are looking at a different horde, keep the pursue in mind .
frequently, security system features are subjected to this treatment. For exemplar, you may find that the plan doesn ’ t come with an SSL certificate. alternatively, you may flush need to shell out more money for basic security options like firewalls .

Bottom line

Picking a good host is easy. Yet knowing your needs and all the possible workaround is very a lot advised. therefore take your time in estimating the variety of tools and amount of server resources your site needs. Don’t forget to budget too. If you ‘re not uncoerced to compromise in terms of quality, yet hush remain on a budget, our trace would be to consider Hostinger .
Best option

Hostinger – best cheap WordPress hosting provider

Cheap WordPress hosting FAQs

The cheapest WordPress hosting supplier is Hostinger. This supplier offers the best overall service and focuses greatly on operation.

WordPress host is a service that’s marketed for WordPress website hosting specifically. More frequently than not, it ‘s the like as all shared host plans. In some cases, providers take manage of amphetamine optimizations for WordPress ( and other PHP apps ), arsenic well as add extra management features.

Yes, you can host your WordPress locate for loose. however, it ’ s not recommended. unblock host is ill-famed for inadequate performance, absurd server resources, and even disappearing with all of your hard exercise. It ‘s constantly better to go bum rather than loose .

Yes, bum WordPress host can be reliable. By choosing cheap plans, you are paying for what you need only. There might not be a fortune of space to grow or many extra features, but performance and ease of habit considered, it ‘s a authentic way to get your locate on-line .

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