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Netflix ‘s Firefly Lane stars Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, so how do you know them and the supporting players ? Our cast template has all the details. Firefly Lane stars Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in the main roles, so how do you know them and the supporting cast ? The 2021 Netflix show is based on Kristin Hannah ‘s eponymous 2008 novel, and was developed for television by Maggie Friedman. Over 10 episodes, Firefly Lane follows the personal and professional lives of life-long best friends .
rig in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Firefly Lane centers on a celebrated talk show host named Tully Hart and her best friend, Kate Mularkey. The ’70s timeline reveals the foundation for their relationship, while the ’80s sequences introduce side characters who complicate the protagonists ‘ lives. a lot of the Netflix series is set in 2003, but the history endlessly circles back to the by as Tully and Kate figure out the future steps in their lives, and try to overcome lingering conflict that has n’t amply been addressed .

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Firefly Lane ‘s main hurl is headlined by Heigl and Chalke, who are known for past television roles from the 2000s. In supporting appearances, two young actresses deliver breakthrough performances after previously developing their resumes on democratic television programs .

Katherine Heigl As Tully Hart

Katherine Heigl in Firefly Lane on Netflix

Katherine Heigl stars as Tully Hart, a Washington native who is raised by a single mother, Cloud. As a young woman, she dreams of becoming the adjacent Jean Enersen, and finally becomes a celebrated talk prove host. In the 2003 timeline, Tully must decide if she wants to be a mother. On television receiver, Heigl is best known for starring as Dr. Izzie Stevens in Grey ‘s Anatomy, Charleston Tucker in State of Affairs, and Sadie Ellis in Doubt. During the late 2000s, she headlined the movies Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, and The Ugly Truth .

Ali Skovbye As Young Tully Hart

Ali Skovbye in Firefly Lane on Netflix

Ali Skovbye portrays Young Tully in Firefly Lane. During the ’70s timeline, Tully befriends Kate and claims that her mother, Cloud, is dying from cancer. She besides gains a new life position after experiencing a sexual assault. Skovbye portrayed Becky in When Calls the Heart and Annie Sanders in The man in the High Castle. She besides appeared as Emma in the 2019 film Breakthrough and Abigail in the television receiver series The Gourmet Detective .

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Sarah Chalke As Kate Mularkey

Sarah Chalke in Firefly Lane on Netflix

Sarah Chalke co-stars as Kate Mularkey, a kindhearted Washington native who works as a writer. In the ’70s and ’80s timelines, she climbs the professional ladder and finally marries her colleague, Johnny Ryan. As an pornographic, Kate experiences conflict with Tully over by issues, but they by and large maintain a goodly relationship. Chalke starred as Becky Conner in Roseanne and Dr. Elliot Reid in Scrubs. She besides appeared as Stella Zinman in How I Met Your Mother and voices Beth Smith in Ricky and Morty .
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Roan Curtis As Young Kate Mularkey

Roan Curtis in Firefly Lane on Netflix

Roan Curtis portrays Young Kate Mularkey. In the ’70s timeline, she ‘s a tranquillity character who realizes that her rear ‘s marriage could be crumbling. Young Kate besides does n’t realize that her brother is brave, and she has a beat on his best friend, Robbie. Curtis portrayed Emma Gilbert in Shut Eye and Sylvia in The Magicians. She besides appeared as Angel Cupid/Marion in the 2017 film Before I Fall .

Ben Lawson As Johnny Ryan

Ben Lawsn in Firefly Lane on Netflix

Ben Lawson co-stars as Johnny Ryan, a former war correspondent who has a sexual fling with Tully and ultimately marries Kate. He produces Tully ‘s television receiver show but feels drawn to return to his former profession. Lawson portrayed DA Peter Garrett in Doubt, Damian Rennett in Designated Survivor, and Rick Wlodimierz in 13 Reasons Why. He besides appeared as Larry Hemsworth in The good target and Lachlan Murdoch in the 2019 film Bombshell .

Beau Garrett As Cloud

Beau Garrett in Firefly Lane on Netflix

Beau Garrett appears as Cloud, Tully ‘s hippie mother who struggles with addiction problems in the ’70s and ’80s timelines. She ‘s a alleged “ loose spirit ” with solid opinions about political matters. Garrett portrayed Captain Raye in Fantastic 4 : surface of the Silver Surfer and Gem in TRON : bequest. previously, she appeared as Fiona in Entourage season 1 and Amy in the 2006 film Turistas .
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Jon-Michael Ecker As Max Brody

Jon Ecker in Firefly Lane on Netflix

Jon-Michael Ecker portrays Max Brody, an EMT who forms a romanticist relationship with Tully. He ‘s depicted as a well-intentioned character, even Tully struggles to commit to a long-run relationship. Ecker portrayed The Lion in Narcos and El Guero in Queen of the South .

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Yael Yurman As Marah

Sarah Chalke and Yael Yurman in Firefly Lane on Netflix

Yael Yurman appears as Marah, Kate ‘s 14-year-old daughter who has a close friendship with Tully, and therefore relies on her for aid with personal matters. Yurman portrayed Anastasia in Once Upon a Time, Aviva in Sacred Lies, and Clara Sampson in The man in the High Castle .

Firefly Lane’s Supporting Cast

Jenna Rosenow in Firefly Lane on Netflix

Jenna Rosenow (Above) as Kimber Watts: Kate ‘s boss who investigates Tully ‘s past. Jenna Rosenow portrayed Amber Turner in Neighbours and Jane Austen in DC ‘s Legends of Tomorrow .
Patrick Sabongui as Chad Wiley: Tully ‘s professor and love interest in the ’80s timeline. Patrick Sabongui portrayed Reda Hashem in Homeland and Captain David Singh in Arrow and The Flash .
Paul McGillion as Bud Mularkey: Kate ‘s father who works for CONEX in the ’70s timeline. Paul McGillion appeared as Dr. Carson Beckett in Stargate : atlantis and Earl Cox in The Flash .
Chelah Horsdal as Margie Mularkey: Kate ‘s mother who has an affair. Chelah Horsdal portrayed Maggie Palmer in Hell on Wheels and Helen Smith in The man on the High Castle .

Brendan Taylor as Mutt Muttopolis: Tully ‘s cameraman and Kate ‘s love pastime in the ’80s timeline. Brendan Taylor appeared as Pierre in Fargo temper 2 and Isaac in The Arrangement .
Brandon Jay McLaren as Travis: Kate ‘s love sake in the 2003 timeline. Brandon Jay McLaren portrayed Bennet Ahmed in The Killing, Agent Dale Jakes in Graceland, and Dr. Simon in UnREAL .
Synto D. Misati as Young Robbie: The best acquaintance of Kate ‘s buddy. Synto D. Misati appeared as Norris “ Roman ” Kindel in Bad Times at the El Royale and Kareem in The Magicians .
Thomas Cadrot as Robbie: In the ’80s timeline, Robbie distances himself from Kate ‘s brother, Sean. Thomas Cadrot portrayed James McDougal in The Good Doctor and will appear as Agent Tom Gordon in the approaching series Debris .
Michael Taylor as Pat Richmond: Tully ‘s sexual love interest who sexually assaults her in the ’70s timeline : Michael Taylor portrayed RROTC Cadet in Riverdale temper 3 .
Quinn Lord as Young Sean: Kate ‘s Brother who has a secret relationship with Robbie. Quinn Lord appeared as Hansel/Nicholas Zimmer in Once Upon a Time and Thomas Smith in The man in the High Castle .
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Jason McKinnon as Sean: As an adult, Sean discusses his sex with Tully but does n’t tell Kate. Jason McKinnon portrayed F. Scott Fitzgerald in DC ‘s Legends of Tomorrow and Ken in A Million Little Things .
Andres Joseph as Gideon Vega: A photographer who appeals to Kate in the ’80s timeline. Andres Joseph appeared as Turbo in The Flash and Tony in The Art of Racing in the Rain .
Kirsten Robek as Carol Mansour: A KROC anchor and Miss Washington State 1977. Kirsten Robek portrayed Lieutenant Astor in Stargate SG-1 and Krista ‘s Mom in The Edge of Seventeen .
Lizzie Boys as Marnie: Tully ‘s former best friend in the ’80s timeline. Lizzie Boys portrayed Cassandra Garner in When Calls the Heart and Teen Lucy in Nancy Drew .
Alec Santos as Marc Brody: Max ‘s brother. Alec Santos appeared as Agent Dan in Arrow and Tino in the Snowpiercer navigate .
Mathias Retamal as Mando: Johnny ‘s colleague from his days as a war correspondent. Mathias Retamal portrayed Daniel Burdge in The Flash and David Mendez in iZombie .
Tara Wilson as Julia Mularkey: Sean ‘s wife. Tara Wilson appeared as Gloria Ashton in Cedar Grove and Ruth in Once Upon a Time .
Leo Rano as Leon: Cloud ‘s boyfriend in the ’70s timeline. Leo Rano portrayed Luca Abruzzi in Prison Break and Callum in Charmed .
Ivy Matheson as 17-Year-Old Cloud: Ivy Matheson has appeared in Under the Silver Lake and The New Romantic .
Martin Donovan as Wilson King: A television producer who propositions Tully. Martin Donovan portrayed Peter Scottson in Weeds and Crocker Fenway in Inherent Vice. He recently appeared as Martin Howard in Big Little Lies and Fay in Tenet .
Matt Visser as Brooks: A radio anchor who appears on Tully ‘s indicate. Matt Visser portrayed Justin in Supernatural and Jake in Upload .
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