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Former railroad track post in Atlanta, Ga., USA ( crush 1972 )
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Terminal Station was the larger of two chief train stations in business district Atlanta, Union Station being the other. Opening in 1905, Terminal Station served Southern Railway, Seaboard Air Line, Central of Georgia ( including the Nancy Hanks to Savannah ), and the Atlanta and West Point. The architect was P. Thornton Marye, whose tauten besides designed the Fox Theater [ 1 ] and Capital City Club in business district Atlanta, ampere well as the Birmingham Terminal Station.

At the station ‘s opening in 1905 the military band of the 16th Infantry Regiment played “ Down in Dixie ” according to a composition that appeared in the Atlanta Journal. [ 3 ] On May 21, 1910, a statue of Samuel Spencer, who had served as the first president of the united states of Southern Railway, was dedicated at the station, where it would remain until the station ‘s close. [ 4 ] In its twentieth century flower, Terminal Station was used by such well-known trains of the time as the Crescent, Man ‘o War, Nancy Hanks, Ponce de Leon, and Silver Comet. A regular rail-travel crossroads of the american english southeast, it was a critical dragoon liaison between the warm climate of Florida and the Gulf Coast, and the rather cold, more densely populated states of the northeast and mid-west. For many residents of the Northeast, Terminal Station was the gateway to the fair weather. The Atlanta Convention Bureau released a postcard in the 1920s that claimed that Terminal Station was served by 86 trains per day. [ 5 ] The train shed that had in the first place been built alongside the pass house was torn down in 1925. [ 6 ] The Southern Railway built an office build next door to the post at 99 Spring Street that is still standing, although the Southern finally moved their local offices to another build in Atlanta. [ 6 ] On 17 May 1938 a five-story Terminal Hotel, that had been built across the street from Terminal Station, burned in a disaster that claimed 27 lives. [ 7 ] [ 8 ]
end Station showing its abbreviated towers, c. 1949

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The station pass family was renovated in 1947 merely after World War II. [ 2 ] After Terminal Station closed in June 1970, Southern continued to operate its Southern Crescent and Piedmont passenger trains using the much smaller Peachtree Station, normally known as Brookwood Station and built as a suburban place, as their only diaphragm in Atlanta. The lone other passenger trail remaining at that time that had been using Terminal Station, the Nancy Hanks, used a makeshift tag position and waiting room in the Southern agency building following door. terminal Station was razed in 1972, and the Richard B. Russell Federal Building, [ 1 ] built in 1979, presently occupies the site. [ 9 ] The last remains of the station were an interlocking tugboat and a parcel of one of the station platforms retained by the Southern, the erstwhile demolished in June, 2018, and the latter demolish November, 2019.

major trains [edit ]

  • Atlanta & West Point; and Southern Railway
    • Crescent: New York – New Orleans
  • Central of Georgia Railway
    • Man O’War: Atlanta – Columbus
    • Nancy Hanks: Atlanta – Savannah
    • Southland: Chicago- St. Petersburg, Sarasota and Miami
  • Seaboard Air Line (Seaboard Coast Line after 1967)
    • Cotton Blossom: New York – Birmingham
    • Passenger Mail and Express: Washington and Portsmouth – Birmingham
    • Silver Comet: New York and Portsmouth – Birmingham
  • Southern Railway
    • Florida Sunbeam (winter only): Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland – Miami
    • Kansas City–Florida Special: Kansas City – Jacksonville
    • New Yorker: New York – Atlanta
    • Peach Queen: New York – Atlanta, with through sleepers continuing west to Shreveport on the Southwestern Limited
    • Piedmont Limited: New York – Atlanta
    • Ponce de Leon: Cincinnati – Miami and St. Petersburg
    • Royal Palm: Cincinnati – Jacksonville
    • Southerner: New York – Birmingham
    • Sunnyland: Atlanta – Birmingham
    • Washington-Atlanta-New Orleans Express
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