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Grades are listed at the mid-semester for day students and at the end of the semester for all students and programs. Grades are made available through Banner Web. alone semester grades are kept on permanent records. For the function of computing rate indicate averages, grades are converted to quality points. The grades with their meaning and the comparable points are :

A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Satisfactory 2
D Barely Passed 1
F Failed
FA Failed – Excess Absences
FN Failed – Never Attended
I Incomplete (until removed)
AU Satisfactory Audit
UA Unsatisfactory Audit
W Withdraw

Some programs require a grad of “ C ” or higher as a pre-requisite for the following course. The Grade Point Average is obtained by dividing total timbre points by sum hours attempted, with the exception of hours attempted in which the grades of “ P ” or “ W ” are given. The mark “ P ” is used to indicate pass, and the mark “ F ” to indicate fail or unsatisfactory employment in certain specific courses. The hours in these courses are counted in the full burden, but the tag of “ P ” is not used in the calculation of the Quality Point Ratio ; whereas, the distinguish of “ F ” is. These marks are besides used in some non-credit courses. “ NR ” grad is given when an teacher fails to turn in a grade report. The Withdrawal Grade

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Reading: Christian Brothers University – Grades

A class of “ W ” is given for a run taken by the scholar who is allowed to withdraw from the course after the add/drop time period and before the end of the withdrawal period. The last day for withdrawing from a course is listed in the University Calendar posted on the CBU web site

The Incomplete Grade “I”

Instructors will penalize a scholar for failing to submit required work by the end of the final marking period. alternatively, if asked by the scholar in a timely fashion, an teacher may agree to give a student an incomplete degree of “ I ”. Instructors are under no duty to agree to give a grade of “ I. ” The grade of “ I ” can merely be given after the scholar, the teacher, and the dean of the particular school in which the incomplete grade is being given sign an “ Incomplete Grade Contract ” specifying the work to be completed and return it to the Office of the Registrar for the poster of the incomplete grad. Incompletes can merely be given if the paperwork is submitted to the Office of the Registrar at least one week prior to the deadline for entering grades. Exceptions to this deadline may entirely be made by the Dean of Academic Services ( Day students ) or the Associate Registrar ( all other students ). These will only be granted for a document illness, a good family emergency, or another issue of comparable magnitude. Requests made by students for an exception to this deadline must be received by the Dean of Academic Services or Associate Registrar by the final day of exams. The “ I ” grad will not be computed in the GPA. When the “ I ” is changed to a class, that grade will be calculated into the GPA, and the “ I ” will show following to the new grade. The “ I ” grade does not satisfy the prerequisite if the course is needed to continue to the adjacent course. The grade is changed to “ I/F ” if all the solve is not completed by the midterm of the follow semester for 16-week courses or the end of the take after term for 8-week courses. The “ Incomplete Grade Contract ” human body is available on-line at the Registrar ‘s page of the CBU web site. failure to attend a class or ceasing to attend a class does not constitute a drop, and a grade of “ F ” will be recorded .

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