Are the Playboi Carti action figures real, and can you buy them?

Playboi Carti has posted pictures of eight individual action figure toys to his Instagram followers, each wearing a different outfit and some sporting unique hairstyles – but are they real, and can you buy them? How are Playboi Carti fans taking to the possibility of this new type of merchandise?

Are the Playboi Carti action figures real and available to buy?

If video recording attest is to be believed, then these new Playboi Carti military action figures are indeed real. The knocker posted a television to his Instagram followers of person holding a box Playboi Carti toy/figurine 10 hours ago.

It ’ second already picked up 130K likes and dozens of comments requesting details of where and how to buy – or indeed if it ’ s possible to .

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One drug user even wrote, “ one ’ m buy these & gon na give them to my grandkids ” .

But they don’t appear in Carti’s online shop

however, another, commenting on a horn figurine in a white shirt and black Converse shoes, wrote that, right now, the pieces are “ 1/1 ” – meaning one-off – and “ not for sale ”, at least for now. They don ’ triiodothyronine feature in Playboi Carti ’ s on-line patronize, alongside his other items of merchandise – although that ’ s not to say they never will. Were they to go on sale, it looks like his action figures wouldn ’ t have a hard time finding buyers .

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playboi carti action figurePhoto by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

How have fans reacted to the idea of a Playboi Carti action figure?

possibly unsurprisingly, fans of Playboi Carti have taken well to the dolls. But predictions of how a lot they would cost, if they were to go on sale, reveal something about how Carti ’ sulfur fans perceive his business instincts. “ You already know they would charge like $ 600 for these ”, writes one. Another reckons they ’ vitamin d cost a bare $ 40-60 each – although even that ’ mho costly for a formative figurine – while others, possibly more gravely, estimate $ 100, $ 120+, or tied up to $ 1000 for a single figure. Others have compared the Playboi Carti toys to NFTs, which trade for the purposes of investment as much for personal enjoyment. It ’ second besides worth noting the numeral of times commenters have raised the fact that Travis Scott action figures have been around for some meter already .

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Women of the Movement | Trailer

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Not everyone is keen, however

Playboi Carti fans have been waiting eagerly for the release of his third studio album, Narcissist, since the Miss The Rage rapper teased its being in September concluding year. The climb prediction has led to impatience. particularly, it seems, when Carti unveils items of trade – or items that aren ’ triiodothyronine flush trade – quite than releasing music. One user ’ mho complaint, that Carti “ drops more pictures than he drops music ”, chimes with several others. Have something to tell us about this article ?

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