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The might or ability to do something
“ Steve had the unconditioned capability of being able to predict future trends. ”
A possible consequence, or something that may happen
“ This investment surely has the capability to produce a solid retort. ”

(usually in plural form “capabilities”)

The extent of person ‘s, or something ‘s, ability
“ sadly, the requirements for this job are beyond your capabilities. ”
The suitability, potency or value of a arrangement for a given function
The capabilities or efficiency of a machine or product
The might of something to influence or make an mental picture
The floor or standard of being good or worthy
ability to understand and rationality
The process of growing up

A willingness to undertake newly or hazardous projects
The quality of being desirable to fulfill a particular function, tax or situation
The office of self-government

(usually in plural form “makings”)

The essential qualities needed for something
The ability to solve difficult problems, much in original, clever, and imaginative ways
The total of work assigned to a particular proletarian, normally in a pin down time period
A good or beneficial quality or assign of a person or thing

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