PCC Promise one of the “Promises That Count”

The California College Promise Project ( CCPP ) at WestEd is partnering with Campaign for College Opportunity and UNITE-LA to launch the Los Angeles County Promises That Count inaugural. Funded by the California Community Foundation, the three-year inaugural focuses on supporting the development, execution, and continuous improvement of College Promise efforts, with the finish of ensuring stronger institutional support so more students calibrate in Los Angeles County .
College Promise programs incentivize college registration, continuity, and completion by providing fiscal, academic, and other support services to students based on where they live or where they attend school. While the fiscal back from Promise programs is critically authoritative for many students, it is not enough to ensure that they will be able to attain their higher education goals once they enroll in college .
excessively many California college students do not complete a degree or, in the case of community college students, do not earn a certificate or transfer to a four-year mental hospital. Their higher education efforts can be derailed because of an outdated remedial education system, insufficient academic support, or a confuse transportation tangle .
Key to making the promise count in a College Promise plan is a broadcast ’ s ability to mitigate or eliminate such barriers through academic support ; unclutter, simple, and consistent message to students and their families ; improved assessment and placement measures ; education and career steering ; age group models, guided pathways, and other accompaniment services.

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Reading: PCC Promise one of the “Promises That Count”

All of the College Promise programs in Los Angeles County will be invited to join the Promises That Count Alliance, designed to partake best practices and strategies across programs. The county-wide confederation will convene several times a class to discuss park challenges and innovative solutions to improving and sustaining College Promise throughout the greater Los Angeles area .
A centerpiece of the first step is the Promises That Count Community of Practice ( CoP ), a 15- calendar month attempt focused on strategies intended to help College Promise programs promote in this essential oeuvre. Cross-sector teams from seven College Promise programs in Los Angeles County have been selected to participate in the CoP : Cerritos College ( Cerritos Complete ), College of the Canyons ( first Year Promise ), Long Beach City College ( Promise Pathways ), Los Angeles Community College District ( Los Angeles Promise ), Pasadena City College ( Pathways Program ), Rio Hondo College ( Rio Hondo College Promise ), and El Camino Community College District ( South Bay Promise ) .
Each participating school and/or district will receive a concession of between $ 30,000 and $ 50,000 and will receive support from WestEd and other statewide and home College Promise leaders through a series of in-person meetings and earphone calls.

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Between the courtly Community of Practice meetings, each program team will set short-run goals, identify evaluation metrics, follow through changes, and track and evaluate efforts. CoP members will besides present their successes and challenges during alliance meetings to help all College Promise programs in Los Angeles County strengthen the way they support their students .
“ Pasadena City College is gallant to be a character of the Promises That Count Community of Practice. It will create opportunities for dialogue and teach to ensure that we are considering the needs of our students beyond college affordability and include the much-needed wrap-around hold to get them to and through college, ” says Dr. Cynthia D. Olivo, Vice President of Student Services at Pasadena City College. “ This alone opportunity for us to gather as practitioners can lead to expanding our capacity for change because sometimes we must adopt new ways of supporting our students. ”

“ Congratulations to Los Angeles County Community College Promise initiatives, philanthropists, advocates, commercial enterprise leaders, and research organizations for knowing that it takes all of us together to improve student success, ” says Eloy Ortiz Oakley, Chancellor of the California Community Colleges. “ The Promises That Count inaugural is the character of partnership that will ensure our state ’ randomness Promise programs don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fall short on their promise to graduate more students. Focusing on affordability, clearing pathways, increasing student supports, and professional development is the right recipe for any successful promise campaign. ”
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