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For the australian mine, which is in Queensland, see Cannington Mine
suburb of Perth, Western Australia
Cannington is a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Its local government area is the City of Canning.

history [edit ]

Cannington ‘s diagnose derives from the Canning River, which forms share of the southwestern boundary of the suburb. It was first subdivided in 1882, and a railway station was constructed in the 1890s opposite Station Street in what is now East Cannington. [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Waverley [edit ]

For many years the areas of Cannington, East Cannington and Beckenham were known locally as “ Waverley ” and many buildings and businesses used the list Waverley to designate their vicinity, such as the Waverley Hotel and the Waverley Drive In Cinema. The beginning of the alternative use of Waverley is designated to the Cecil Gibbs who first used it in naming the Waverley Hotel that was a classifiable landmark over many generations. between 1860 and 1883, William Lacey Gibbs, gradually accumulated most of what is Cannington. His massacre yards were located near the contemporary Myer Department Store, Westfield. His brother built the ‘Cecil/Waverley ‘ hotel on the corner of Cecil Road and Albany Highway. [ 3 ] The hotel was altered many times over the years and was recently demolished for widen of the Albany Highway .

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geography [edit ]

Cannington is bounded by Nicholson Road to the southeast, the Armadale railway course to the northeast, Mills and Burton Streets to the northwestern, and Fleming Avenue and the Canning River to the southwest. Albany Highway runs through the western separate of the suburb. [ 4 ]

Facilities [edit ]

Cannington contains one of the Perth metropolitan area ‘s largest denounce building complex, Westfield Carousel, first built in 1972 and extensively refurbished and expanded in the 1990s, which includes a Hoyts cinema complex. Albany Highway contains a compass of shops and small warehouses, adenine good as the City of Canning council offices. Bentley Hospital is fair beyond the northwestern boundary on Mills Street. Along the Canning River is the Canning River Regional Park, which contains walking tracks and picnic facilities a well as the Woodloes Museum, a repair 1874 house built by architect and pioneer Francis Bird. versatile sports and leisure facilities, including soccer fields, ten-pin bowling and an indoor athletics center. The Canning showgrounds includes the Cannington Exhibition Centre and was home to the Cannington Raceway owned by the westerly Australian Greyhound Racing Association from 1974 to 2015. [ 5 ] The greyhound racing now takes seat across the road on the north side on a new track which opened on 23 March 2016. [ 6 ] Cannington Community College, a public elementary and junior high educate ( K-10 ), and Sevenoaks Senior College, a senior secondary college ( Years 11 and 12 ) are located in Cannington.

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transport [edit ]

Cannington is on Albany Highway, a primary route into the Perth central commercial enterprise zone, and lies to the southeast of Leach Highway and to the northwest of Roe Highway. Manning Road ( State Route 26 ) provides entree to Curtin University of Technology and Kwinana Freeway. Cannington is served by the Cannington Interchange, linking the sphere to the CBD. The suburb is besides served by buses along Cecil Avenue, Albany Highway and other routes. All bus services are operated by Swan Transit and Path Transit .

Politics [edit ]

Cannington has a broadly lower-middle-class, mixed-ethnic population and supports the australian Labor Party at both Federal and submit elections. [ citation needed ]

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