Classified Arms Reloaded — New Fast Travel System in Call of Duty®: Warzone™, Sphere Map in Call of Duty®: Vanguard

In addition to new Perk Satchels, which will now appear on Rebirth Island along with Caldera, Warzone will add three fresh items to its loot pool in Battle Royale modes : the Gulag Entry Token, Redeploy Extraction Token, and Speed Boost. There will besides be a newfangled Field Upgrade – the Radar Jammer – to be added in all modes ’ detail pool .
Gulag Entry Token
The Hold ’ s owners love to see dependable fights, obviously, as they are putting limited Gulag Entry Tokens in Supply Boxes for Battle Royale matches .
Developed by Raven, this token brandishes the ill-famed post-death symbol and binds to your hustler on pickup. only one can be carried at a time, and if one is picked up or kept after the Gulag is closed, you ’ ll receive Cash compensation for holding one.

If you perish while holding a Gulag Entry Token, you will be sent back to the Gulag rather than needing to be bought back or be eliminated from the plot. then it ’ s like your first death all over again : fight in a 1v1 duel to survive and redeploy .
Redeploy Extraction Token
The other keepsake – besides developed by Raven – is something that Warzone veterans may be conversant with — a token that grants an automatic redeploy without any want to visit the Gulag or to be bought back at a Buy Station .
barely like the Gulag Entry Token, this one besides deactivates once the Hold shuts down recently in a match, and players who hold on to it for that long receive a Cash choice as compensation .
Its utility is obvious, but its bearing is rare. Do not expect to find these adenine often as Gulag Entry Tokens, which will already be of legendary rarity .
Speed Boost

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This buff, much found in Warzone ’ s Clash mood, is another rare detail that could appear in a Supply Box .
Once it is picked up, it will automatically grant the Operator a irregular movement buff. Sliding while having this boost grants a quick way around the map, and it allows for a long ton of likely motion techniques, such as parkour lines and jumps, which can help before or during engagements .
Like the Redeploy Extraction Token, the Speed Boost will not be a common token in Supply Boxes. And once picked up, its effectiveness will be for an extremely limited time. Make the most of this boost, and it will liberally reward you and the team .
Radar Jammer
exchangeable to how this creature works in Call of Duty ® Multiplayer, the Radar Jammer is a Field Upgrade that scrambles the TacMap of enemy players and prevents Killstreaks for anyone within a abruptly radius.

This Field Upgrade can not be equipped for modes such as Plunder, but can be found around the map in Supply Boxes or on the labor in rare cases .
As an area denial tool, the Jammer can be a great mid-to-late game detail like the P.D.S. which can change how a team approaches their concluding battles. however, fair like other upgrades, the Jammer can be hacked by an hustler using the Engineer fringe benefit, so be mindful of where you place this effective device !
High Value, High Stakes — New High Value Loot Zones in Warzone

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