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Attached is the College ‘s reaction to the complaint. Please let me know if you have any questions. Dear Sir or Madam :
I am writing to address the ailment ID # ******** referenced above.

Bryant & Stratton College has been educating students since 1854 and takes big pride in the individualized service we provide our students. The College takes complaints of this nature very badly and has addressed this student ’ mho concerns below

In his complaint, our former scholar indicated that he attended Bryant & Stratton College from December 2009 to December 2010, and was advised when transferring to another college, that Bryant & Stratton College was not accredited and that the credits he earned at our College would not transfer to his modern school and that he wanted a refund of the full tutelage and loans paid at Bryant & Stratton College for a sum of $ 30,000.

unfortunately, it appears this student was misinformed by the school he transferred to. Bryant & Stratton College is and has been in full accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher education.
Title IV regulations do not govern a school ’ randomness transmit of credit policy and therefore, each school will develop its own policy on acceptance of transfer credits that often times include a currency provision that will not allow for the acceptance of credits earned after a specific time period of fourth dimension. This is done to ensure that coursework accepted for transmit include course outcomes that are distillery applicable for programs that may have technical or other components are could be out of date. Given the scholar graduated in 2010, this could have been another component in the other school ’ s decision. Had the student alerted Bryant & Stratton College to his new school ’ mho claim that Bryant & Stratton was not accredited at the time this occurred, we could have assisted him with his reply to the other school and provided not only the accreditation software documentation but course materials to help the fresh school evaluate the courses included in his transplant request. We ’ ve had many students transfer credits to other schools without issue.
The student received good grades while enrolled at the College and left with a accumulative GPA of 2.81. discontinuance documentation shows the scholar withdrew when he was accepted into a pharmacy program at another school. At the clock of his secession from the College, he had taken a total of $ 10,250 out in student loans. tutelage was paid through versatile Federal, State and Institutional Grants angstrom well as the loans he took out to pay for his education. The College provided the service which was covered by the tutelage paid by the scholar.

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A promote review of the student ’ mho records while enrolled at Bryant & Stratton College show that the student returned to attend Bryant & Stratton College ’ s Online Professional Skills plan in 2015. This is non-matriculating coursework that is offered individually from our matriculating college coursework and is not eligible for Federal Financial Aid and does not lead to a academic degree. If the student was dissatisfied with the College, why would he have returned to us for extra coursework ?
To summarize, we believe while it is unfortunate the scholar was provided misinformation from his newfangled school regarding the accreditation for Bryant & Stratton College, we provided the student with the education for which he enrolled. We would be happy to speak with the early College to help clear up their misinterpretation of our accreditation status and provide course materials to assist with this review procedure. It is our understand that he was seeking to attend Canisius College, another initiation accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher education.

We hope this will ultimately satisfy our former scholar ’ sulfur concerns.
Bryant & Stratton College

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