Big Bang Theory Star Melissa Rauch Welcomes Son Brooks — and Reveals She Gave Birth Alone

“ Words ca n’t describe how grateful I am to have this baby boy join our syndicate, ” Melissa Rauch wrote on Instagram Monday Melissa Rauch is a ma again ! The Big Bang Theory actress, 39, revealed the happy news on social media Monday, announcing that she ‘s given birth to her second child — a baby male child named Brooks, who joins Rauch and husband Winston Rauch ‘s daughter Sadie, 2½.

Get press notifications with news program, features and more. “ I am fabulously grateful and overjoyed to announce the parentage of our son, Brooks Rauch, who we barely welcomed into the world and directly into our hearts, ” Rauch wrote, alongside a photograph of a amobarbital sodium pamper crown with Brooks ‘ list stitched on it. Having previously experienced a miscarriage before welcoming her daughter, Rauch included a notice to “ those dealing with sterility or grieving a loss. ” “ As I ‘ve previously shared, I am no stranger to personnel casualty on the road to motherhood, ” wrote Rauch. “ Please know you are in my heart and I ’ meter send you therefore a lot love. ” She besides acknowledged the odd clock of her son ‘s birth, revealing that the coronavirus pandemic made the experience bittersweet. “ His arrival was made possible, in no little contribution, by the front line heroes — the nurses and doctors who show up each day to make certain that life keeps marching advancing, regardless of the circumstances, ” Rauch wrote. “ Words ca n’t describe how grateful I am to have this baby boy join our family, but to say that it is a dreamlike time to be bringing life into the worldly concern is an understatement. ” Never miss a story — sign up for PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to stay up-to-date on the best of what PEOPLE has to offer, from juicy celebrity news to compelling human interest stories. To help early anticipant mothers or “ Pandemamamas ” — as she ‘s dubbed those who have had children during the COVID-19 outbreak — Rauch penned a first-person essay for Glamour.

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In the man, the actress revealed that she had to give birth alone, explaining that although the hospital allowed birth partners, her husband had to stay dwelling with their daughter since no one could watch the little girl. Rauch said she spent weeks leading up to her due date “ fearful of how this would all go down. ” “ I ‘d had good days where I ‘d felt affirmative — ‘I can do this ! ‘ — and other days of complete ‘What kind of fresh hell are we living in ? ! ‘ panic, ” she recalled. “ The anxiety over giving give birth without an recommend and back system in tow, compounded with the vulnerability concerns of walking into a hospital during a pandemic, were a lot to process. so I tried my best to prepare for a scenario I never thought I ‘d face : woof my hospital bag with disinfecting wipes and practicing undertaking breathe in a mask like I was training for a dystopian marathon. ” “ Being pregnant has historically been fraught with angst for women, specially for those, like myself, who ‘ve previously experienced pregnancy loss, ” she added. “ The times we are presently living in ratcheted my worry to another degree. ” finally she was able to calm herself down when she realized that she “ wo n’t be alone. ” “ I have a spouse. The same one that ‘s been listening to my pulse inside me for nine months, ” Rauch said. “ It somehow helped me. I found comfort in the estimate that this would be our beginning gamble together. ” It besides gave her ease to recognize that she “ had a job to do. ” “ I ‘d be lying if I said there were n’t times during the intensity of labor movement that I craved the comfort of my husband being there with me physically. I do n’t want to sugarcoat it ; it ‘s an inherently difficult situation and there were moments I felt every feel in the ledger of feelings — so much so that my feelings were having major feelings, ” she said. “ But here ‘s the big thing I realized about parentage : It is never going to take a backseat to anything. No matter what is going down, when one human is coming out of another human it becomes the main concentrate — there ‘s no other option. No pandemic, or fear of being alone, or anger over not having a partner there to bitch-slap through the solid beastly gauntlet of british labour party gets airtime. I had a job to do. The nurses, the doctor of the church, and my conserve ( who joined on FaceTime to see the give birth of our son ) ultimately made me feel safe and protected. ” melissa-rauch.jpg

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Melissa Rauch | credit : Frazer Harrison/Getty In the end, Rauch said she hoped early big mothers would learn from her exemplar and let themselves off the hook. “ It ‘s all right to grieve how you thought things would be, ” she said. “ I had such feelings of guilt that I should good be grateful for a healthy pregnancy rather than focus on the less than ideal situation surrounding it. But those two feelings are n’t mutually exclusive — you can be grateful to be on the verge of having a baby and pissed that you have to deal with this unfair second — – testify. ”

“ Although none of us has a quartz glass ball to predict how our children will be brought into this phantasmagoric world, there are some things I do know. namely, you are stronger than you think — more than you ever imagined possible, ” she added. “ And besides my perineum hurts the same agonizing sum that it did after my last birth. So the good newsworthiness is that some things about birthing are precisely the same, pandemic or not. ” “ You are not alone, ” Rauch continued. “ All of us … are in this together. Just as I reminded myself, you can do this, you will do this, and you will do so with the ferocity of all the knock-down warrior women before you who have brought life — and hope — into this global during the most abysmal of times. ”

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