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Bromont, montagne d’expériences is an alpine ski recourse located in Bromont, Quebec on the slopes of Mont Brome, Mont Spruce, and Pic du Chevreuil. As of the 2009-2010 season, it was the largest center in North America for illuminated alpine skiing. [ 4 ] It is one of the four major ski centres in the Eastern Townships east of Montreal, the early three being Ski Mont Sutton, Ski Mont Orford, and Owl ‘s Head. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] It is about 45 minutes from Montreal. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Bromont is on the edge of the orographic snowbelt created by the Appalachians south of the St-Lawrence Valley. Mount Brome is 2000 feet high, and the recourse has a upright drop of 1300 feet. [ 7 ] The resort has 9 chair lifts. [ 2 ] The ski repair opened in 1964, for the 1964-1965 ski season, with the opening of the newly Eastern Townships Autoroute, Quebec Autoroute 10. [ 8 ] It was created in the same year that the City of Bromont was created, out of Brome County. [ 9 ] A second chalet was established at the top of the mountain in 1978. [ 10 ] The City of Montreal has invested in the fall back. [ 11 ] The canadian government has besides invested in the recourse. Its investment, for a World Cup event, created permanent facilities for the Bromont Ski School. [ 12 ] Bromont became the largest night skiing venue in eastern North America in 2006 when it upped its light ski runs to 50. [ 13 ] At one time, the haunt was separate of the Ski East promotional group, along with the resorts of Jay Peak Resort ( Vermont ), Ski Mont Orford, Ski Mont Sutton, Owl ‘s Head, Ski Mt. Echo. [ 14 ]

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At one time, the haunt has staged events for the alpine Eastern Canada Cup. [ 15 ] The repair has hosted the Bromont Cup, an alpine event that has been partially of the Pontiac Cup, a national ski championship in Canada, that was based on the international championship, in the 1960s. [ 16 ] It has besides hosted an alpine World Cup event. [ 12 ] [ 17 ] besides hosted has been a freestyle World Cup event. [ 10 ]

Amongst other things outside of ski season available at the recourse, is an aquatic park, with water system slides. [ 18 ]

batch ‘s Profile [edit ]

Base Summit Vertical
Trails Night
Mont Soleil 180m 305m 125m 7 8 3
Versant du Village 218m 565m 385m(347m) 38 33 7
Versant du Lac 255m 565m 310m 17 21 9
Versant des Épinettes 255m 495m 240m 16 6 6
Versant du Midi 300m 495m 195m 7 1
Versant de la Côte Ouest 300m 500m 200m 14 8
Versant des Cantons 202m 483m 281m 14 17 8

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