Brent Rivera Girlfriend: Who Is The American Youtuber Dating?

Who is the girlfriend of Brent Rivera ? Well, Brent Austin Rivera is a democratic american Youtuber, actor, and sociable media personality. He is primarily known for his unconventional video recording on his YouTube duct, which includes challenges, jokes, interviews, and storytelling videos. Brent became celebrated when he inaugural posted multiple videos on the original video recording streaming chopine called Vine. He then started posting his video on respective social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, and Tik-Tok. Brent besides does a bit of charity work. Born on January 9, 1998, Brent Rivera turned 23 years old in January 2021. Brent was born and raised in a middle-class family in Huntington Beach, California, USA. He completed his schooling at Huntington Beach High School, which was located in California, USA. He besides attended the Long Beach State University of California for further department of education. Brent Rivera is owned by a middle-class family from Huntington Beach, California, USA. He is an american citizen and believes in Christianity. He is a Latino and White Caucasian. His church father ’ sulfur diagnose is John Rivera, who is a fireman, and his mother ’ s name is Laura Rivera, who is a teacher. He besides has three siblings. His younger baby Lexi Rivera is besides a democratic Youtuber. His older brother Brice Rivera is besides a social media leading, and his older buddy Blake Rivera is a long-familiar and celebrated ice hockey player. From the begin only, he wanted to make something big in the entertainment industry. So he started working difficult at the historic period of 10 only.

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Reading: Brent Rivera Girlfriend: Who Is The American Youtuber Dating?

Brent Rivera Girlfriend

Brent Rivera is presently dating his girlfriend, Pierson Wodzynski, a Tik-Tok star, since 2020, and they are identical close to each other. however, Brent Rivera beginning met the photographer and social media sensation Pierson Wodzynski, who rose to prominence for posting diverse videos on her official TikTok report on a indicate called “ Date Takeover ” in December 2019. They soon collided and started working together frequently, leading their fans to speculate that they had become a copulate. In May 2020, Brent had uploaded a video recording titled “ I KISS MY BEST FRIEND FOR THE FIRST TIME ! ” but in which he said that he and Pierson are merely near friends but for the fans to shut up, they will kiss each other. And after that, the rumors were sparked that they were dating each other .
Brent Rivera
That is not wholly, as in August 2020, Brent released the television “ MY CRUSH ’ S PARENTS HATE ME AFTER THIS ! ! ”. In this video recording, he had fair pranked with Pierson ’ s church father. brant invites her don to play a game called Who Knows Pierson Better and hires fake cops to catch him during the game. When his beget asked the patrol, “ What did he steal ? ” they replied, “ He stole her heart, ” and pointed towards her. How cunning is that ? Brent and Pierson may be identical close friends, but we ’ ra waiting to see if that turns into something quick. It was clear that he was caught in front of her church father not for stealing her heart but alone for the vlog. Also Read: Nick Robinson Girlfriend: Who Is The ‘Love, Simon’ Actor Dating In 2021?

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Brent Rivera Previous Relationship With Morgan Justus

While he may have had romanticist relationships with respective girls before he became a leading, Brent Rivera ’ s first known relationship was with Morgan Justus. She is a California-based singer, songwriter, and exemplar who rose to fame for releasing covers on her channel on YouTube of the same mention and working with fashion brands such as Ama Bikinis and Teen Hearts. It remains a mysterious how and when the two meet, but Brent and Morgan are said to have started a romantic relationship in June 2017. small is known about their affair other than it was ephemeral. After several months of dating, they reportedly decided to end it in October of that same year. It is believed that the two were separated to focus on their careers, but we hope that they continue to live in a good kinship after the separation besides. "<yoastmark

Brent Rivera Past Relationship With Eva Gutowski

Brent Rivera fell in love with another social media sensation, Eva Gutowski, who is best known for running the YouTube duct “ My Life As Eva ” and hosting the web series “ How to Survive : A Break-Up. ” They met in 2015 when Eva asked Brent to participate in the music television of her song titled “ Literally My Life. ” Although, there was an attraction at the initial stage, and Brent admitted that she was extremely cute. besides, nothing seemed to have happened between them as they were worried about ruining their friendship. Does that sound foreign to you ?

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however, she soon started dating social media star, Alex Hayes. Brent late recalled the moment and said that he felt like he missed the opportunity. And, Brent seemed to regret not taking the step when he could. however, her kinship with Alex didn ’ t last long. And, she soon developed feelings for Brent after her human body told her that her boyfriend at the time wasn ’ t good for her and that her soulmate was actually one of her closest friends. She spoke all this in her YouTube video “ Confronting My Crush, Brent Rivera. ” Also Read: Shawn Rhoden Girlfriend: Who Is The American Bodybuilder Dating In 2021?

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