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Save 20% on Book Bolt with this Coupon Code. The mark on demand space is broad and sellers can offer a wide roll of products away from the normally offered t-shirts, hoodies, and pop sockets.

If you are looking to offer something unlike within the space, then you might want to think about publishing a book with Amazon KDP. Amazon KDP is an amazing chopine for authors and fortunately can be used by precisely about anyone else.

If you don ’ t have the writing art, you can choose to create no content and/or humble content books with Book Bolt You can grow your reserve print business with as few words as potential – how amaze is that ?

What Is Amazon KDP?

Amazon KDP is a platform created by Amazon to give authors a room to publish their own reserve, own rights to the book, and have their book/s available to different marketplaces.

Tapping into Amazon ’ s large customer database, having your script available through KDP means more people will be able to see it and this ultimately means more sales. Sellers/Authors on the platform earn through royalties which are calculated differently depending on the plan you are on, the count of pages, and more.

It is essential to have good tools, but it is also essential that the tools should be used in the right way.

Wallace D. Wattles

To learn more about royalties and Amazon KDP in general, we have a few blogs that go in-depth on the subject. Authors merely need to provide Amazon KDP with the follow : manuscript in the expect format, book cover design, style, keywords, and bible class.

once Amazon KDP has this information, they create your ledger and are responsible for making it available to your likely customers. If your customers want a physical copy of your book, Amazon will make indisputable it gets printed and sent to them. They besides handle all customer serve related issues .

No Content Books

No contented or low content books means barely that – books that have identical few to no words in them.

With Amazon KDP controlling approximately 80 % of the on-line book market, many entrepreneurs might want to tap into that. unfortunately, not everyone is skilled at creating bestsellers, so no subject and humble content books might be the perfect option. There are different types of these books and all are utilitarian. They include diaries and journals, coloring and drawing books, doodle strips, homely notebooks, calendars, and more.

Book Bolt

Book gobble makes publishing these types of books thus much easier. With this software tool, users can perform a wide scope of functions that will help them run and scale their publish business. From inquiry, listing optimization, and design to providing you with productiveness tools and train, Book Bolt has all the tools you need. The best part is, you don ’ t need early tools to help you run your publication business, a lot of the tools are already within this one program.

A lot of people consider it to be the swiss army tongue of no message and depleted subject book publish .

Features of Book Bolt

Trend Hunter

Like with any other print on demand occupation or any other business in general, you need to understand what the stream trends are indeed you are not left buttocks. You might not inevitably want to jump on all the trends, but using a tendency hunter will help you determine patterns that will help you make informed decisions. Book Bolt ’ s course hunter utilizes its product database of 5 million users to help users find top trends and obscure niches that you can tap into.

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Keyword Research Tool

Like with other print on demand tools, Book Bolt has a keyword tool that will help you find the correct keywords to use for your number. Book Bolt uses real-time data from Amazon to find the crown most secondhand and search keywords on the chopine. By searching a term or keyword, you ’ ll be able to see how many times it has been searched for on Google and Amazon.Book Bolt ’ s keyword research You ’ ll besides see how it ranks against other competing keywords and terms.

Book Bolt has a invert search tool called Book Scout. By merely keying in the ASIN of a product you want to analyze, all the information pertaining to that product will appear. This will show you the keywords that this merchandise is using so that you can compare them with your own keywords. however, it is significant to note that this have can lone be used 25 times a day .

Listing Optimizer

Creating listings might seem like a simple undertaking, but if done falsely, your book runs the risk of never showing up on the right search pages.

This greatly affects your sales and makes all your other influence bootless. Book gobble optimizes your listings by helping you choose the right categories for your books and the mighty keywords. It besides optimizes your current listings .

Book Design

Design is an important part of creating your reserve. Book Bolt ’ s design feature allows users to design both the cover and the interior.

The cover art is specially crucial for people creating no content/low contented books. The software has 16 different book sizes for you to choose from, so there is always an choice for your specific koran type.

Since design is important to the eventual success of your book whether you attempt to do it yourself or hire it out, it pays to know something about those conventions and assumptions. After all, we don’t want anything getting in the way of your communication with your readers. You’ve got a message for them, a story to tell, or ideas to spread. That’s what’s important.

Joel Friedlander

You could besides choose to create covers for all 16 book types since you are creating a no content/low contented bible. After choosing the ledger type and the number of pages, you can begin designing your book cover with their easy invention creature. The interior designer is a brawny tool that comes with several effects that will help you accomplish the look you are going for.

Finding the right spine for your script can besides be a challenge for many first-time book creators, but with Book Bolt, you ’ ll have the justly proportions and dimensions for your book cover and the good spur size .

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Interior Wizard

The best contribution of their interior designer might possibly be their “ interiors ” templates. If you don ’ triiodothyronine know what character of content you want to create for your books, they have a wide-eyed diverseness of options for you to choose from. From puzzles to coloring books, their graphic designer is able to design any no/low content koran that comes to mind and that you would love to sell. The pro interpretation of the home charming allows users to generate designs for activity books.

Creating designs for no message and low contented books can be a conscientious march. Having several templates for you to choose from makes the action sol much easier and besides makes selling books on Amazon accessible to entrepreneurs who don ’ t have former feel .

Chrome Extensions

Running a business can be time-consuming and there are unlike aspects that need your attention. With Book Bolt ’ s chrome extensions, you don ’ t need to leave your page to get cultivate done. Their chrome reference can help you list your books well and promptly.

You ’ ll besides be able to conduct your Amazon KDP research to help you find the proper niches for your book .

Book Bolt’s KDP Category Finder

Book Bolt ’ s KDP Category Finder is loose to use and is an important joyride for all Amazon KDP sellers. This tool will help you find the right class for your book and besides give you more insight into what niches are selling the best on Amazon KDP .


The KDP Spy is a research creature that works specifically with Amazon statistics. It spies on other listings and shows you what the stick out sales are on certain products.

This is an significant tool to have since it helps you compare with your own listings and have an mind of what your top competitors are doing .


Like with other Merch and print on necessitate tools, Book Bolt has the favorites feature that allows users to save their front-runner products for future referral. You can use this feature as an mind board for all your fresh listings .

Training Resources

once you get new software, navigating it can be unmanageable specially in the begin. After becoming a extremity, users get access to Book Bolt ’ sulfur webinars where they can get trained on using Book Bolt.

They besides have a vibrant Facebook group where users discuss all matters Amazon KDP and Book Bolt .

Book Bolt Pricing

There are only two pricing options available on Book Bolt ; Monthly Newbie and Monthly Pro .

Monthly Newbie

The monthly newcomer plan costs $ 9.99 a calendar month. Users get access to keyword research, Amazon search volume, and the KDP spy tool. This plan besides comes with the cover and home interior designer.

Monthly Pro

The monthly pro plan goes for $ 19.99 a calendar month. It comes with the KDP spy instrument, Amazon search volume, and keyword inquiry tool. People on this plan have wax access to the blanket and home couturier. additionally, they besides have access to the puzzle creation software. Both plans come with 24/7 customer confirm and a three-day free trial to get you started.

 Pros of Book Bolt

Their research tool is an important addition to this cock. Users are able to find the right niches for their books, look at how different products are ranking in sales and get a view of the most democratic designs, keywords, and niches. Their department of the interior design templates make creating your book agile and easy. If you don ’ t know what you want to create, these templates are a boom since they have a wide range of options of different types of no content/low content books. The cover designer is besides easy to use with its drag and drop functionality.

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It besides makes sure your designs and photos stick to the right dimensions for your book. The bulk listing option means you can upload different books at the same clock time making it efficient and convenient. The two chrome extensions make it easy to do your tasks from one pill. Unlike many other merch and print on demand tools, Book Bolt does not set a ceiling on how many uploads you can make .

Cons of Book Bolt

many users feel like there is a time lag when making a keyword search and there are besides a few glitches when designing your covers and interiors. If you don ’ t enjoy downloading different extensions, having to download the divide plugins to do your inquiry and to upload might be a turn-off for you .Book Bolt’s login page Book Bolt does not allow users to download data, and if you want to make changes to your number, this will pose a challenge. From other reviews that we found online, Book Bolt can sometimes crash and the interface international relations and security network ’ t the most interesting. There is a bit of a teach arch, particularly if you are newly to design. however, if you take advantage of their tutorials, aim, and Facebook group you will be able to have your questions answered .

Final Verdict

When it comes to Amazon KDP software tools, Book Bolt is a very convenient cock that offers several functionalities under one umbrella. For no content and low message publishers, this is amazing. They can design, research, and upload all from one software. With a subscription, you don ’ t need to pay for any early tools since it does everything you would need it to do. If you have no theme of what to create for your first book, through their research and their available templates, you can get started on the lapp day.

For its price, it ’ sulfur pretty comprehensive and cheaper than other Amazon/Merch tools available. however, some people might want to conduct a bit more exhaustive research when it comes to keywords and niches and this could mean investing in other tools that are specifically targeted to research. Book Bolt is everything you need it to be to keep your business going, quick and efficient .

In Conclusion

We hope this review has given you more penetration into Book Bolt, its features, and its pros and cons. If you want to see more reviews on Amazon KDP tools, leave a comment below.

Read more reviews on early print on demand and merch tools in our web log and remember to do your own research before starting out on any creature .

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