Topaz Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

We independently research, test, inspection, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. Though the first thing that may come to mind when you think of topaz is an low-cost amobarbital sodium bangle, there ’ south sol much more to this underestimate gem. Above all else, tan is versatile. In fact, it ‘s cursorily becoming a popular alternative to the traditional diamond betrothal ring among modern brides-to-be .

What Is Topaz?

Topaz is a gem that appears in a wide range of colors, including green, jaundiced, orange, and, most normally, aristocratic. Its color is caused by impurities or defects in its crystal social organization preferably than its chemical writing. The name itself comes from Topazios, the old greek nickname for an island in the Red Sea. The island never produced topaz, but it did produce peridot, which was confused with tan.

“ For us, topaz engagement rings have been a fun alternative to the standard diamond solitaire, ” says jewelry designer Suzanne Kalan. “ Topaz is a symbol of sexual love and affection, hence a popular gem for an date resound. ”
Meet the Expert
Suzanne Kalan is a California-based fine jewelry couturier with over 28 years of feel in the industry. She works with colorful, custom-cut gemstones and diamonds, and her jewelry has been worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston, and Lady Gaga.

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Think this gem might be for you ? Find out what to look for when shopping for a tan engagement surround.

Pros and Cons of Topaz Engagement Rings

topaz is more low-cost than a rhombus. “ not everyone wants or can afford a large baseball diamond. A topaz helps create the larger attend for a fraction of the price, ” Kalan says. She besides adds that tan can take a high polish, which is ideal for a sparkle surround stone .
On the downside, “ topazes are delicate stones and can scratch well, ” Kalan notes. And if your tan has been heat- or color-treated, it “ can fade in color in high heat or if it comes in contact with chemicals. ”

What to Look for in a Topaz Ring

  • What are the different shades of topaz? Topaz offers a wide color range, including glistening tones of green, yellow, blue, orange, red, purple, and pink as well as colorless topaz (known as “white topaz”).
  • What shape works best with a topaz gemstone? “The stone usually comes either elongated or columnar, and it is often cut as long oval or pear shapes to improve yield,” says Kalan.
  • What setting works best with a topaz gemstone? “Protective ring settings like a bezel should keep the stone safe from knocks, and a skilled jeweler can position prongs so they don’t place stress on the cleavage plane,” Kalan explains. “Stones with less elongated shapes often appear in halo settings.”
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How to Care for Your Topaz Ring

Clean your topaz with warm water, meek soap, and a easy toothbrush. “ Keep your topaz away from any chemicals like lotions, haircloth products, or family clean supplies, ” says Kalan. “ additionally, you shouldn ’ t shower or go into any ardent bodies of water with treated topaz stones. ”
When storing your topaz engagement ring, make certain not to place it adjacent to any of your other jewelry. even though topaz is a strong gem, it is besides prone to scratches if knocked against another intemperate airfoil. besides, topaz—treated or untreated—starts to fade in color over time. To prevent premature fade, store your band in chasten temperatures .
now, coil through the beautiful topaz date rings below .

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