Is Jessa Seewald Blanket Training Ivy In ‘Sad Photo?’ Looks That Way

Is Jessa Seewald Blanket Training Ivy In ‘Sad Photo?’ Looks That Way

Wait, could Jessa Seewald be blanket training her two-year-old daughter, Ivy ? After a raw, “ sad photograph ” surfaced on social media, Jessa is being accused of blanket training the toddler .
As we previously reported, Ivy is getting quick to welcome her little sibling to the world. The one-fourth Seewald baby will join Spurgeon, 5, and Henry, 4, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. so far, Ben and Jessa seaport ’ thymine revealed whether the baby is a son or a daughter.

On Instagram, Ben ’ s ma shared a apparently sweet and innocent photograph of her granddaughter rocking a chemise give birth in the corner of the room. But now, it ’ randomness looking like the photograph is actually of Ivy being blanket trained .

What is blanket training?

Healthline describes the koran To Train Up a child by Michael and Debi Pearl, which is where blanket discipline actually began to take off. The concept includes children and infants sitting on a across-the-board for a destine measure of time. They are required to stay on the across-the-board and are reprimanded when they get up. The Pearls call for bodily punishment though and suggest that parents spank or hit their children with different objects .
In the past, the Duggars have been under fire for many of their beliefs, including practicing blanket prepare. In an interview in 2011, Michelle Duggar said :

“ I ’ ll sit him in a chair, and I ’ ll say, ‘ Okay, Mommy ’ s going to sit beside you, and you ’ re going to practice being placid and quiet… yes milliampere ’ am ? We may do that two or three times a day for about a workweek, and normally they catch it. What they ’ ra memorize is self-control. They ’ rhenium learn to obey Mommy ’ s voice… then it can be transferred to when you ’ re in the grocery store store and they ’ ra sitting in the haul. ”

Could Jessa Seewald be blanket training Ivy?

It ’ s potential that Jessa is blanket training her daughter. In the photograph, the rocking professorship is on crown of a blanket. Seewald Family Instagram
On Instagram, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared a couple of snaps about this new post. In the comments section, her followers discussed the possibilities. Katie mentions that Jessa has brought up “ educate ” her children in the past. so, based on those prior comments from Jessa, it doesn ’ thymine sound like she ’ s wholly against blanket trail .
Guinn Seewald, Ben ’ s beget, who primitively shared the post on her Instagram page, has since turned off the gossip option on her mail. But Katie took screenshots of her explanation of the photograph. Katie writes, “ Guinn insists she is not blanket training Ivy & the blanket was put down because her rug hasn ’ t arrived even from Amazon. ”

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so, do you think it looks like Jessa Seewald is blanket training Ivy ? Or do you think the rocking president is placed on clear of the blanket for another reason ? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below .
For more updates about the Duggar family and the future of Counting On, check back with television receiver Shows Ace .

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