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What is Blackboard Learn 9.1?

Learn is the learning management system utilized by NJCU to deliver web-based instruction. Since the arrangement is wholly web-based, you do not need to have any special software installed on your computer to use it. All communication with your professor and classmates occurs within your Blackboard course which you can access anywhere and anytime you have access to the Internet and a supported browser .
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How do I Access Blackboard Learn 9.1?

You can access Blackboard Learn 9.1 by directing your Web browser to http : //blackboard.njcu.edu Use your GothicNet ID and GothicNet password to log into Blackboard Learn 9.1

I Do Not Know My Gothicnet ID. How Can I Retrieve It?

If you do not know your GothicNet ID, you can request aid from the IT Helpdesk .

How Do I Change My Password For Blackboard Learn 9.1??

You can reset your own password using this Web site. Keep in beware : this form will reset your password for early NJCU resources including GothicNet, E-Mail, and NJCU network access .

What Are The Recommended System Requirements for My Computer to Properly Use Blackboard Learn 9.1?

consult to the following Web web site to see defend browsers and operating systems : Browser Checker
It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you DO not use Internet Explorer when accessing Blackboard. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers work good with Blackboard .

Why am I Unable to View PDF Files on My MAC Computer?

Adobe has released an advisory regarding issues with viewing PDF files on Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers in Mac OS X 10.6 & 10.7. ( Read Advisory ) A third-party accessory must be installed to be able to view PDFs within the Blackboard Learn 9.1 learning management system .

I am Having Trouble With Internet Explorer 11. How Can I Downgrade To Internet Explorer 10?

To downgrade IE11 to IE10 : -Click on your Computer ‘s Start Menu -Select Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features -Click on ‘View installed updates ‘ from the bequeath panel -Search for Windows Internet Explorer 11 -Right-click on Windows Internet Explorer 11 > Uninstall -Once the uninstall is complete, restart your calculator

I Am Having Trouble With The Chat Tool And I Have The Latest Version Of JAVA Installed. What Now?

‚Ä®If you have the latest translation of Java installed on your calculator and you are getting an error when trying to launch the chat tool, please do the following : Click on your computer‚Äôs Start menu and witness and open your Java control control panel. once you have your Java Control Panel open, click on the Security pill and then select the Edit Site List button. Add the stick to two extra sites to your Site Exception List : hypertext transfer protocol : //collaborate.njcu.edu:8443 and hypertext transfer protocol : //blackboard.njcu.edu besides, uncheck that option to keep irregular files on your computer ( on the General Tab in the Temporary Internet Files area — > Settings ) Once these changes are made, restart your computer, and try the chat again .

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I Need To Take A Test In My Blackboard Course. Do You Have Any Test-Taking Tips For My Online Test?

Do not take the test until you are quick.
Each teacher may configure their test differently, so it is very significant to read ALL of the instructions before you click the Begin button.
Do not use Internet Explorer to take your test!!!! Use Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.
Before you start your test, close down all early programs running on your calculator. Having multiple programs open during your trial may result in problems or passing of test data.
Do not resize or refresh your browser window after starting the quiz.
Do not wait until the last infinitesimal to take the examination ! If something goes wrong during your trial session, there may not be enough time to resolve the offspring.
Before starting your test, turn off any virus read software, pop fly blockers, clamant message or any other programs that may cause your calculator to restart, open pop fly windows, or afford new browser windows.
Do not use the Back, Forward, Home, or Refresh buttons on the browser, or Backspace keystone on the keyboard while taking the screen.
MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure you have a reliable internet connection! Wireless internet connections do not always maintain a “ constant ” connection, and therefore is not considered dependable. Using a wireless connection or a mobile device can cause you to get disconnected from the test environment. It is HIGHLY recommended that you use a computer or laptop that is hard-wired to an Internet connection .

I Am Using Google Docs To Create a Document, But My Professor Want Me To Submit a Microsoft Word Document. How Do I Save a Google Doc As a Word Document?

To save your Google Doc as a Microsoft Word file :

  • Open the file.
  • Click File and then Download as
  • Choose the Microsoft Word (.docx) file format. If you are using an Android or iOS device:
  • Open the Google Doc
  • Next to a file, tap More More
  • Choose Share & export.
  • Select Save as Word

Why Can’t I Paste Text I’ve Copied From My Word Processing Program Into Blackboard?

You CAN paste into Blackboard, but in order to do so, you MUST use your keyboard ‘s shortcut key ! Click your shiner into the text box in Blackboard into which you would like to paste textbook. If you are using a Windows calculator, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and tap the V winder once to paste the text you have copied from your word process program. If you are on a Mac, hold down the Command + key on your keyboard and tap the V key once to paste the textbook you have copied from your parole work program .

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I Still Need Help After Reading The FAQS. Who Can I Call For Help?

Students that are looking for technical back with Blackboard and related tools are asked to first contact the NJCU IT Help Desk .
Users may besides contact the IT Help Desk for aid .
general inquiries about on-line corroborate or questions can be emailed to online @ njcu.edu

I Would Like to Learn More about Blackboard Learn 9.1 On My Own. Where Can I Start?

Blackboard offers on-demand teach resources for students. The postdate web site shows short television clips on how to submit assignments, manage your personal information, and how to communicate and collaborate inside Blackboard Learn 9.1 : or In addition, searchable help resources for students are available from this locate .
Students that are looking for technical support with Blackboard and associate tools are asked to first contact the NJCU IT Help Desk .
general inquiries about on-line support or questions can be emailed to online @ njcu.edu
During business hours, you may besides call the IT Help Desk at ( 201 ) 200-4357 for aid .

How Do I Request Reasonable Accommodations as a Student with a Disability?

If you are a student with a disability and wish to receive circumstance for reasonable accommodations, please read with the Office of Specialized Services and Supplemental Instruction ( OSS/SI ). To begin this process, complete the scholar client intake mannequin available on the OSS/SI web site ( listed under Policies and Forms ). Contact the OSS/SI at 201-200-2091 or visit the office in Karnoutsos Hall, Room 102 for extra information .

Can I Use Blackboard Learn 9.1 On My Mobile Device?

Yes. Blackboard Mobile Learn is a exempt mobile application that brings synergistic education and learn to mobile devices and gives students blink of an eye access to course data directly from specified mobile devices .

What Can I do With Blackboard Mobile Learn?

  • From the convenience of your mobile device, Blackboard Mobile Learn allows you to:
  • Access your Blackboard course content
  • Check announcements and grades
  • Create and comment on discussions and blog postings
  • Upload media
  • Take mobile compatible tests

What Devices are Supported by Blackboard Mobile Learn?

Blackboard Mobile Learn is available on any Android, Apple, or Blackberry mobile device .

How Do I Download the Blackboard Learn Mobile App?

Go to the App Store for your mobile device and search for the free Blackboard Mobile Learn app. From there, you can download the application .

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How Do I Launch Blackboard Mobile Learn Once it is Installed on my Mobile Device?

Open the app and use the search measure to search for “ New Jersey City University ”. You may see two instances of New Jersey City University. Be sure to select “ New Jersey City University ( Learn ) ”. When prompted, enter your GothicNet ID and password. Select “ Courses ” at the penetrate of the screen. The course ( s ) for which you are enrolled in Blackboard Learn should nowadays be available to you .

I am Having Trouble Logging in to Blackboard Mobile Learn and I Am Certain I am Using The Correct Login Credentials. What Should I Do? 

first, make certain you are able to log into GothicNet with your GothicNet ID and case-sensitive GothicNet password. If you can not, please read the FAQ about resetting your own password. If you are indeed enrolled as a student and you are able to log into GothicNet but these same credentials are not allowing you access to Blackboard via the Mobile Learn app, try uninstalling the Blackboard Mobile Learn app and re-installing it. If you are still having trouble, please contact the NJCU IT Help Desk .

I Can’t Find The Mobile Device For My App. Now What?

Please consult the app memory assistant resources if you have any problems locating the Blackboard Learn Mobile app for your device.

When I log in to My Class in Blackboard With My Mobile Device, The Course Menu Is Missing on the Left Side of the Page. What Do I Do?

The Course Menu and the Control Panel make up the leave side of the Blackboard Learn screen. The impart side can be collapsed and expanded as desired. If you enter your class and no longer see the menu on the left field, that sphere has been collapsed. To expand it again, hover over the narrow blue band on the left side of the riddle where the Course Menu and Course Panel normally appear. A right facing arrow icon should appear. Click the right point arrow picture. The Course Menu area should expand .

How Can I Receive Additional Help With My Blackboard Mobile Learn App? 

If you encounter any difficulty in locating or using the Blackboard Mobile Learn app can request aid by completing an Online Learning Support Request .

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