‘Billions’ Recap Season 5, Episode 9: A Prince Among Thieves

For Bobby, this is fair more tit-for-tat, a follow-up to Prince ’ s undertake to get at Axe by stranding at sea the first cargo of his frozen-pizza pet stick out. On the advice of his star pizza chef ’ second cousin, Paul Manzarello ( Domenick Lombardozzi ), Bobby buys up a crowd of Italian-made pizza ovens and recreates the entire cargo domestically, allowing his right-hand homo, Wags, to show up Scooter, his counterpart at Prince ’ randomness tauten, at a supermarket. For Prince, it ’ s the last strew : Axelrod delenda eastern time. Chuck, interim, continues his machinations against his old equal — while he ’ s not busy helping his dying father choice out coffins. Recognizing that his maneuverings unwittingly handed Axe the bank charter he had been seeking, Chuck reaches out to Drew Moody ( an impressively sinister Michael Cerveris ), lawyer general for the tax-haven department of state of Delaware, in an attack to nip the trouble in the bud. Moody blows him off. “ I don ’ thymine believe corporations are people, ” he purrs. “ They ’ re better than people, because they don ’ t [ expletive ] up when they get indeed obsessed with one thing they can ’ metric ton watch reality. ” I ’ m not sure this tracks given Axe Cap ’ s demeanor, but OK, certain. Chuck devises a novel workaround for this especial stone wall, though. He has his beget, Charles Sr., appointed as particular regent to Axe ’ s new bank, ready to ride herd and make life for the newcomer operation a living hell, so long as he is still alive to do indeed.

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And that ’ s precisely the vulnerability upon which Axelrod seizes. Utilizing the mystery employee files compiled by Wendy Rhoades before her big ethics probe a while back, Axe discovers that his minion Danny Margolis ( Daniel Cosgrove ) is a donor match for the kidney transplant Charles needs to stay alive ; by the clock Chuck gets weave of it, the operation is all but afoot. now Bobby can say he has done the one thing Charles ’ s own son couldn ’ t : He saved the old man ’ randomness life sentence. so much for that punitive trust territory ! But Prince is amazingly affirmative. Recognizing an surfeit of emotion in Axe ’ s decision to cut his pizza partners in on atypically friendly terms, Prince sees the newfangled bank as a blessing in disguise. With no one in topographic point to stop him, Prince says, Axe will get heedless and make mistakes — “ fateful ones. ” All they have to do is let him run with it, continuing to cut corners and wage war against Prince until he makes a drop the ball from which he can ’ metric ton recover .

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