here at Bells of Steel, we designed our power racks and squat stands to be potent adequate for even the most serious of athletes. We don ’ thyroxine want you to ever outgrow or feel the need to replace your B.o.S rack. No, we want your B.o.S. exponent rack to be the last rack you always have to buy .
To that end, we ’ ve built all of our office racks and stands with high-quality, high-strength steel. Our racks have reinforced welds and thick-gauge, steel tubing that makes for a sturdy, highly durable, and safe man of equipment — a product that will outlive us all. Our racks and squat stands will withstand anything you can throw at them, and we stand by that with a life morphologic guarantee. We sincerely do want you to have peace of mind and confidence when using your Bells of Steel might rack — hell, any Bells of Steel equipment for that matter .
A solid, functional baron rack doesn ’ metric ton end with the frame of reference though. Offering high-quality components and accessories is besides essential. All of our power racks come standard with ranking j-cups, a base hit system, and a pull-up/chin-up bar. Some of our racks come standard with even more equipment than that ; like band pegs and concrete anchors.

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These standard accessories aren ’ thyroxine just your basic, run-of-the-mill pieces either. We ’ ve given lots of think to the design of our rack accessories. Our j-cups, for exemplify, are triple-padded ; able to protect your browning automatic rifle from every potential angle. This keeps your cake ’ s polish looking modern for longer, and it prevents the kind of metal-to-metal contact that can weaken and blunt your bar ’ sulfur knurling.

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Speaking of accessories, it should be said that the majority of our racks and stands sport 1″ hole space in the workbench region of the uprights. This feature allows you to better tune the placement of your j-cups and safeties ; a identical convenient and crucial feature .
We besides offer a long ton of optional accessories that allow you to turn your world power extort into a fully functional gymnasium. We have a cable crossover attachment that gives you access to chest flyes, delt flyes, and tricep pressdowns ; to name a few ; a rear-mounted latissimus dorsi tower that gives you access to pulldowns, rows, and face pulls ; and we offer early arouse and versatile accessories like a dip station, monolift attachments, landmine, pry arms, and more. By using your might scud as the base for these add-ons you are able to maximize your space affordably. With access to so many exercises ; both barbell and machine exercises ; you ’ ll feel like you ’ re at the global gymnasium in your own private gymnasium. On top of that, all of our accessories are cross-compatible on all of our racks, then if you begin your home gymnasium travel with a residential Rack, and upgrade to the Brute Rack former on, the attachments will fit both racks .

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