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single : Bear Grylls on family time with wife Shara and sons in rare personal interview The thrill-seeking adventurer is a doting dad to three sons

His groundbreaking documentaries and insightful podcasts may have propelled him into the limelight, but away from his extreme adventures and survival guides, Bear Grylls rarely gives insights into his life off-camera. During an exclusive chew the fat with HELLO!, the 46-year-old – who is set to star in Bear & Nicola Adams ‘ Wild Adventure on Friday night – has opened up about surviving lockdown with his wife Shara and their three sons ; Jesse, 18, Marmaduke, 15, and Huckleberry, 12.

MORE: 11 best festivals to look forward to after lockdown Loading the musician … WATCH: The seven natural wonders of the UK revealed The copulate met good a few months before he left to climb Everest when he was running about naked on a beach in Scotland on New Year ‘s Eve. Days late, Bear – real name Edward Michael Grylls – became the youngest Briton to reach the peak of Mount Everest when he was just 23. He immediately became one of the global ‘s most love adventurers, before tying the knot to Shara in 2000. MORE: Barack Obama and Bear Grylls share selfies from their Alaskan adventure READ: 7 best places in the UK to go camping this summer This summer, Bear and his team will join forces with the Royal Marines Charity to create an gamble led family festival called Gone Wild Festival. As a bear explorer with a love of the outdoors, the television receiver star has co-designed a festival to give those with a thirst for exhilaration the ultimate family gamble. bear-grylls-shara-grylls-arrive-gq-men-of-the-year Bear Grylls with his wife Shara here we chat about the festival with Bear equally well as reflecting on his family life during the past 14 months in lockdown.

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How was lockdown as a family?

It ‘s been a challenge clock for everyone, but there ‘s besides been some positive things to emerge. Families have spent more time together than ever before, ours included – and that has been a full thing. We all found homeschooling sturdy ( and humbling ! ) and the restrictions have been crafty obviously but those things pale into insignificance when you remember the sacrifices so many unappreciated key proletarian and NHS heroes have shown altruistically every sidereal day for us. That ‘s what I have realised the most. Who the real heroes in life are. READ: Bear Grylls suffers life-threatening allergic reaction to bee sting on set of Treasure Island MORE: 11 of the most Instagrammable walks in the UK

Are your sons taking after you career-wise? What do they think of your job?

All the boys are sol different, and like all teenagers, they change their mind pretty often, but they have a great spirit and have grown up to love the outdoors. Scouts has been amazing like that for so many families. encourage friendships and a respect for nature. Those things are important.

bear-grylls-crouch-by-tree The thrill-seeking adventurer will be at Gone Wild Festival this summer

Where are you hoping to go on holiday? Do you enjoy experiencing five-star luxury from time to time?

I ca n’t wait to get back to our syndicate home on our little island in North Wales. We have no mains electricity or water and run everything wholly off-grid, but we love it. Our three boys, Shara and I are happier there than anywhere else on earth – gamble and solitude interracial with fun and family. My glad place. MORE: Holiday panic setting in? 6 available UK getaways for a last-minute staycation DISCOVER: Backpacking for beginners – the ultimate guide

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After a tough day, how do you like to unwind?

It ‘s not all mud and action, I love nothing more than a farseeing bath with a huge chump of tea. The best. What ‘s the most disgusting thing you ‘ve ever eaten ? That ‘s a long list- from freeze yak eyeballs in Siberia, to bear poo in Transylvania, camel intestinal fluids in the Sahara, rat brain in the confederacy american jungles and snakeskin urine in Mexican desert – all were gloomy points. But then no one always said that either survival tastes great and or is ever easy. bear-grylls-jumping The TV star is known for his groundbreaking documentaries

Where’s your dream post-COVID bucket list?

I would love to back to Nepal and show the kin the mighty Himalayas and Everest from the bottom, that ‘s been a dream of mine for some time now.

What can we expect from Gone Wild Festival?

It ‘s going to be the ultimate class gamble, where you can go quad bicycle, baseless liquid, climbing, determine cool survival skills and chill out with friends and watch some of the worldly concern ’ s best brands. It ‘s the festival I always wished existed when I was growing up !

After a year in lockdown, how can festival-goers slowly immerse themselves into thrill-seeking activities?

I think we all feel a act like we ‘ve missed out on thus a lot fun over the by year and Gone Wild aims to put the fun back into you and your families life. All of us, on our team and the Royal Marine Charity, believe this is going to be the perfect way for so many to end the summer before the kids go back to school. Just trust me on this one … Gone Wild is going to be epic poem ! bear-grylls-full-body Bear became the youngest Briton to reach the summit of Mount Everest when he was just 23

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Any motivational tips?

Life is all about grabbing opportunities and having that adventurous spirit when times get ruffianly. I ‘ve learnt through this time to never take things for granted and that time spent with those we love together is everything.

Do you have a mantra/life motto to get you through tough times in survival mode?

For sure. biography and the wild is all about resilience and incontrovertibility. Those things keep you alert sometimes. even with the festival, there were times the Gone Wild team could have given up and thrown in the towel but they did n’t. You have to admire that intent when you see it and that is why I am so gallant to be hosting this festival. If we can spread some Never Give Up vibes then that ‘s a good thing.

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