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Bay District Schools has a Single Sign-On ( SSO ) of the district which is called BDS Launchpad by Classlink. This one is used by the students and the staff to access digital course of study or resources. It is truly great and perfect as it eliminates the time to log in then that students can use more time for learning .
All the schools included in Bay District Schools use BDS Launchpad, including :
PreK-12 schools :

  • Deane Bozeman School
  • North Bay Haven Charter Academy
  • Palm Bay Preparatory Academy

6-12 schools :

  • Rutherford High Schools (Springfield)

high schools :

  • Zoned
  • J. R. Arnold High Schools (Panama City Beach)
  • Bay High School (Panama City)
  • Crawford Mosley High School (Lynn Haven)

optional :

  • Haney Technical High School (Panama City)
  • New Horizons Learning Center (Lynn Haven)
  • Rosenwald High School (Panama City)

PreK-8 schools :

  • Breakfast Point Academy
  • Bay Haven Charter Academy
  • University Academy

middle schools :

  • Jinks Middle School
  • Merritt Brown Middle School
  • Mowat Middle School
  • Surfside Middle School (Panama City Beach)

elementary schools :

  • Callaway Elementary School
  • Cedar Grove Elementary School
  • Hiland Park Elementary School
  • Hutchison Beach Elementary School (Panama City Beach)
  • Lucille Moore Elementary School
  • Lynn Haven Elementary School
  • Mr. Cherry Street Elementary School
  • Millville Elementary School
  • Northside Elementary School
  • Oakland Terrace Elementary School
  • Parker Elementary School
  • Patronis Elementary School (Panama City Beach)
  • Patterson Elementary School
  • Southport Elementary School
  • Springfield Elementary School
  • St. Andrew Elementary School
  • Tommy Smith Elementary School
  • Tyndall Elementary School
  • Waller Elementary School
  • West Bay Elementary School

BSD username and password are needed every time the scholar or teacher wants to log into BDS Launchpad. Both usernames and passwords are managed by the school organizations. First of all, you will have to try to find the ClassLink login page for your school administration. It is potential for you to find the login guides on the top streamer of the school. aside from that, you might besides find the login guides on the home page of the school. You might be provided with the expected username and password by the guides .
There are a few methods that you can try to log in to ClassLink. For those who use personal computer, here is step by mistreat to follow :

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are logging into the custom ClassLink login page of your school organization. For anyone who is not sure of the ClassLink Login Page of your school organization, you can check the webpage of your school to find a link to your login page. In case your school specific login page is not linked to the official website of the school, all that should be done is to go to Searching for the login page of your school is easy, which is by entering the name of the school in the search bar. then, click Use My Location and allow the browser access to the location data. In the end, the closest schools to the place where you live will be shown.
  2. In the next step, double check your username and password.
  3. If you have no idea what your username or password is, you are encouraged to contact your teacher, media specialist, or technology department.
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obviously, no one is able to access BDS Launchpad on mobile browsers. It means, people with mobile devices should use the BDS Launchpad app alternatively. The BDS Launchpad is actually called ClassLink LaunchPad. This one is able to be downloaded and installed for free from the App Store for those io users and from Google Play Store for those who use Android devices.

After downloading and installing BDs Launchpad or ClassLink LaunchPad, you can follow these following instructions to log in. actually, the login method available on the mobile apps is the lapp as on the web interpretation .

  1. First of all, open the app named ClassLink Launchpad that you have downloaded and installed before. Once again, if you still have not installed and downloaded it, please go to Apple App Store for the iPad or iPhone users or go to Google Play Store for the Android users, to find and download the app. Once it has been downloaded and installed, open it.
  2. When it opens, select your organization from the list. What is good about this app is the fact that it will remember your selection the next time you launch it. In case you want to choose a different school district to log into the app on iOS, you can just simply tap School Districts located on the top left of the screen. As for the Android users, all that you have to do is to tap the Change school district option found at the bottom. If you cannot find your school organization on the list, please contact your school technology department who are able to then contact ClassLink support.
  3. After that, enter your credentials.
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For more data about BDS Launchpad, you are constantly welcome to visit and In case you have some questions, please reach out to them by dialing some numbers. For those in the United States, you can call 1 ( 888 ) 963-7550 ext. 1. If you are presently in the United Kingdom, please dial this number alternatively +44 ( 800 ) 367336. These numbers are available on Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 8 PM EST. Please call on the available hours .
If you are not the type of person who loves to talk directly to person, then you can consider sending an electronic mail alternatively. evening though it is less effective compared to calling these call numbers as it might take time for you to get a reception, it is still worth trying. The electronic mail address that you can send an electronic mail to is help desk @ Please explain intelligibly the matter that you are presently facing so they can help you with your issue promptly. Do not forget to include the details and to include some of your data in event they are needed. apart from all of these, there is another room to contact the representative of BDS Launchpad. It is through FAX. If you want to send a FAX to them, you are able to send it to +1 ( 973 ) 546-5981 .

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