Is Bailey Sarian Married? People Think She Might Have Had a Secret Wedding with Her Fiance

social media influencer Bailey Sarian rose to fame with her out-of-the-ordinary YouTube series titled Murder, Mystery and Makeup, and Dark History. Since opening her eponymous account in January 2013, the makeup guru systematically uploaded videos comprising constitution tutorials. then, she started narrating real-life crimes in her video in 2019. The unique necessitate on otherwise ordinary content garnered significant care from viewers worldwide. In consequence, the number of her subscribers and her fans started growing. As of this time of writing, Sarian ‘s YouTube subscribers are 5.76million, and the count is, undoubtedly, ascending with every pass day.

While her professional life is blissful, her personal life besides seems to be euphoric. She has been in a long-run relationship with Fernando Valdez, professionally besides known as Menso One. Valdez is a tattoo and graffito artist. He runs his individual studio, Memory Lane Hollywood, in Fairfax, Los Angeles .

Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez’s Relationship

Sarian and Valdez met on Friday the 13th in December 2013 and soon started dating. After three years of relationship, Valdez proposed to the YouTuber during their trip to Paris. He got on one with the engagement ring on top of the Eiffel Tower. “ Yeah, I did n’t see that coming, ” Sarian wrote as she announced the betrothal through an Instagram post on May 16, 2016, implying the marriage proposal was a storm. In the post, she flaunted her night pink crimson ring with diamonds ingrained in its golden band. Since the betrothal, the content godhead has created many videos wearing her battle hoop, and sometimes she has opted not to wear it. however, the absence of the ring on her leave hand made fans speculate if she had broken up with her fiance. One unharmed Reddit thread was issued on the matter, and her firm fans came to her rescue. “ She does n’t wear it often but that does n’t mean anything, ” one particular follower stated.

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Another person shared similar sentiments, highlighting how difficult it was to wear a closed chain while doing daily tasks. The internet exploiter evening mentioned how her acquaintance never wore her call because she did n’t want it damaged or dirty. then the person opined Sarian stopped wearing her closed chain because she used heavy constitution casual and the products could ruin the band. A third base follower chimed in, stating that the pair ‘s relationship was going firm. The person highlighted they had bought a house and lived in concert .

Is Bailey Sarian Married?

Sarian and her fiancé have been together for about a decade now. Many of their followers wonder if they are married. That ‘s not all. Some of her fans are convinced that the couple has tied the knot through a hidden marriage. In a Reddit discussion revolving about Sarian ‘s marital condition, one drug user pinpointed a possibility of them being legally married but waiting to plan a big wedding and make it official. Another person added, “ possibly they restfully married before their trip earlier this class ? ”

While most of the commenters suggested Sarian had married her fiancé, the others wished the hypothesis was true, and the couple were indeed conserve and wife. “ I hope that ‘s the shell ! then amatory, ” one follower exclaimed. And to be honest, we wish the like ! But until Sarian or her partner does n’t reveal or announce information on the matter, all speculated conclusions should be taken with a grain of salt .

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