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Bailey Sarian is a 33-year-old beauty guru, constitution artist and social media influencer.

She rose to popularity in 2019 for her unique makeup serial on YouTube called Murder, Mystery and Makeup. She has collaborated with many celebrated makeup brands and launched her own collections. Some of these include Loud Lacquer and Etah Love. She has uploaded a batch of theme constitution video-tutorials inspired by people like Kat Von D, Cher, Amy Winehouse, Harley Quinn, The Joker and many early.

Bailey Sarian Net Worth

As of 2022, Bailey Sarian current net worth is $8 million. Her main source of income is from YouTube distribution channel which has over 6M subscribers. Taking all her YouTube video ( around 430 ) into history, her sum count of views are over 700 million. Her channel receives around 1M views on a day by day basis .

Let’s Do Some Calculation

Earning from YouTube

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, a YouTuber gets $ 3- $ 5 per thousand video views or an average of $18 per thousand ad views ($0.018 per ad-view). Long video have electric potential for multiple ads. Since most of Bailey Sarian ’ s videos are over 30 minutes, her video has multiple ads. Monetized ad views normally tend to make up 40-80 % of the entire views. According to SocialBlade, Bailey Sarian ’ s YouTube channel receives around 25 million views a month. Taking all the above factors into retainer, Bailey Sarian is estimated to earn an average of $0.018 ( per ad-view) x 25,000,000 ( views per month ) x 60% (average monetized ad views) = $270,000 per month which amounts to just above $3 million per year, as of 2022. Bailey ’ s YouTube channel has been constantly doing well from last 2 years, as such her net worth has entirely grown since then. Considering multiple ads, television sponsors and selling of trade from her web site, Bailey Sarian ’ s current net worth in 2022 is around $ 8 million.

Earnings from collaborations

presently, Bailey has over 2.8M followers on Instagram. big makeup brands like IPSY and ESTATE Cosmetics has collaborated with her. She launched her own center shadow palette with ESTATE in August, 2020. She has besides collaborated with Loud Lacquer for a murder Mystery themed pinpoint polish and has shared the pictures on her social media account.

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This collaboration must have earned her a generous measure of money .

Earnings from Merchandise

Bailey besides has her own trade with the popular trade company MerchLabs. Her trade includes t-shirts ( around $ 25 ), hoodies ( between $ 42 to 45 ), sweatshirts, makeup bags, stickers, carryall bags, custom wallpaper and many more. Most of her trade is mystery mangle themed. This Mystery Girl Tee is presently available for $ 25. It looks excessively full .

Bailey Sarian – Early Life, Ethnicity and Family

Bailey Sarian is an american and was born on 26 November, 1988 in California, U.S.A. She belongs to the Anglo-North american ethnicity. Bailey graduated from Paloma Valley High School in Menefee, California.

There is not much data about her parents or their background since she seems to keep her personal life secret. Although, she has uploaded some YouTube makeup video, like the one above, with her mother Cindy Sarian. She has a sister – Madison Malmberg. Madison is married to Nick and is blessed with a child male child.

Before starting a YouTube transmit, Bailey used to work as a constitution artist. She has worked for popular makeup brands like Sephora and Urban Decay and served as a makeup artist for weddings, commercials and music video. Jill Powell who is besides a celebrated fame makeup artist has worked with her for different shoots and commercials.

She even featured on Bailey ’ s YouTube video recording and shared her tips and tricks for achieving a flawless makeup look .

Bailey Sarian’s Rise to Fame

Bailey Sarian started her YouTube channel on Jan 23, 2013. She uploaded video recording of makeup tutorials, makeup tips and constitution reviews. Her transmit started gaining popularity in 2019 when she started a new series called ‘Murder, Mystery and Makeup’. In this series she makes video recording where she combines storytelling and makeup. She narrates stories of crimes and murder mysteries which took place in actual life while doing her makeup.

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Above is her first television “ Chris Watts ” and there are more than 90 of them with an average of 2M views per video. People seem to love these videos and her way of storytelling. She still uploads new videos every Monday and they are some of her most successful television. vigil this perplex video below where Bailey is talking about her celebrated serial.

Bailey has admitted in the consultation that she was first doubtful about doing these kinds of videos. Viewers would initially question her video by reading the title but would late realize she never disrespected the victims involved in the incidents .

Bailey Sarian and Husband Fernando Valdez

Bailey Sarian is married to graffiti and tattoo artist Fernando Valdez. They met when she was 25 in December, 2013. Fernando gave Bailey her first tattoo and won her heart by painting her appoint in graffito. They started going forbidden and were engaged in 2017. They have been happily married for more than 3 years. Fernando grew up in Southern California and was raised up in gang infested neighborhoods which was constantly characterized by graffito style paintings, tattoo art and native American inspired art. He was exposed to many different cultural traditions, Hip Hop, Punk Rock and early culturally inhale movements. He had a heat for graffito and art from a young age. He expressed his feelings, emotions and creativity through art. His work gained a fortune of recognition ascribable to its singular designs and culturally cheer backgrounds. He received a bunch of opportunities and worked on many unlike projects. He has worked for some of the most celebrated companies in the world like Disney, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Universal, Warner Bros, DreamWorks, Interscope, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Vans and Stussy. Below is a video of Bailey and Fernando, My Fiancé does my makeup, where Fernando does former’s makeup.

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He has besides appeared in some of Bailey ’ s video – I do my Man ’ s Makeup .

Bailey Sarian talks about her Inspiration Behind Murder, Mystery And Makeup

Bailey did not think she was going to be making a murder series on her duct. In her interview with The Allure she talks about her first video recording of Chris Watts which she created when fans requested her to talk about it. The Chris Watts history was the first story she had investigated in detail and was fascinated about – this video received more than 100k views in 24 hours. Bailey said her mother who was a 911 dispatcher used to take her to work when she was little. She was fascinated by the different incidents which took place in the police department. When people called 911, she would listen to their complaints through headphones. She became very interest in crime because of this. She recalled an incident where a young girl called 911 because person had broken into her house. She spoke in a very fearful tone and was told to lock herself in the house till the patrol arrived.

Bailey stated that making these videos all the time can be very exhausting. She needs to spend a lot of clock time on research and evening hired a research partner to help her with the work. sometimes the crime stories affect her so she takes a break from them every now and then. She uploads Murder, Mystery and Makeup videos on Mondays and early kinds of videos on Saturdays. Most of the victims in these videos are women. She hopes her television will help spread awareness about the ceaseless abuse and crimes which are committed against women .

Some Interesting Facts About Bailey Sarian

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