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Was Your VA Disability Claim For Back Pain Denied?

United States Military veterans deserve legal representation that will fight on their behalf when they ’ re denied VA disability for back trouble. evening if a doctor hasn ’ triiodothyronine been able to diagnose your condition, you might be able to receive benefits depending on your degree of functional loss. many veterans experience rear annoyance that can :

  • Limit your basic activities
  • Limit your ability to work and earn a living

even bathing can be difficult.

VA benefits can help you remain financially healthy, but in the past five years, receiving benefits has become increasingly difficult. Regulations and procedures are quickly changing, making it about impossible for veterans to keep on top of changes. VetLaw is here to help. Veteran-owned, our tauten doesn ’ t price a dime bag until we ’ re successful with establishing entitlement to service connection or raising your compensation evaluation. Schedule a free shell review today .

Denied VA Disability Claim for Back Pain

A deny claim doesn ’ thyroxine think of that it ’ sulfur time to sit back and accept the decision. We ’ ll help strengthen your case indeed that you have the best chance of the attract being approved. You can besides file an appeal if the VA provides a disability evaluation that is below your current level of disability .

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How Does the VA Rate Back Pain?

The VA will use a series of diagnostic codes for areas of the spine. While these codes may seem significant, the military rank recipe is the lapp whether you suffer from spinal anesthesia stenosis, intervertebral magnetic disk syndrome, vertebral dislocation or fracture or another discipline. Ratings will fall between 0 % and 100 % disability. If you have a 30 % or higher disability fink, you may be able to receive extra compensation for dependents. Ratings are assigned based on the condition. A 10 % evaluation is given if forward flexure is between 60 and 85 degrees. Higher evaluations are warranted based on extra levels of disability up to a 100 % disability military rank for unfavorable ankylosis of the entire spine.

Common Causes of Service-Related Back Pain

back pain much develops without a specific link to an wound, but common causes can include :

  • Accidents in a military vehicle
  • Injuries during education
  • Injuries during battle
  • Heavy lift
  • Repeated movement injuries

sometimes, the cause of the back annoyance international relations and security network ’ thymine apparent. If a veteran is involved in combat and is thrown from a military vehicle, the event can lead to back annoyance caused by a diverseness of conditions, such as strains, magnetic disk injuries, and even arthritis .

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How Is Service Connection Established for Back Pain?

The VA will consider your condition to be service-connected if you can show that it was either caused or worsened by your military serve. It can be catchy to prove that your circumstance was caused by your time in the military, but not impossible. Your doctor will need to provide objective aesculapian evidence that your condition is connected to your military service. Veterans must provide attest to back up their lotion for VA disability for back pain. evidence will include :

  • diagnosis of the condition – where potential – or an explanation of how back pain affects casual life ( besides called functional loss )
  • The consequence, injury, or illness that occurred in-service to cause the injury
  • Link, or medical nexus, between service-related events and the pain you ’ ra experience

junior-grade service connections may besides be made. A junior-grade connection, for example, would link the back pain to another service-related condition. If a knee injury caused by your overhaul altered your normal gait and led to back pain, a claim will be approved if the link is proven .

Types of Injuries That Can Cause Back Pain

A aesculapian examination will be required to strengthen the claim and increase your chances of approval. Doctors may or may not be able to pinpoint the source of the pain, but it ’ south much linked to one of the following :

  • Arthritis. Spinal stenosis, or the narrowing of space around the spinal cord, can occur.
  • Bulging discs. When the material in the disk in the back tear or bulge, it can create pressure on the nerves, causing meaning pain .
  • Osteoporosis. This condition weakens the bone and can lead to fractures .
  • Strains. Both ligament and muscle strains can occur from heavy lift or awkward movements .
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You may be experiencing pain from fractures, sprains, strains, herniations, heart damage, or other injuries.

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