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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
title : Our wife
Pairing : Sakusa Kiyoomi x Female ! Reader x Miya Atsumu
Warning : lineage immunoglobulin, bane words, attempted rape, distortion, and mentions of death
Credits : to the artists regarding the drawings of Sakusa Kiyoomi and Miya Atsumu found on the banner- one saved them from pinterest I think .
notice : do not copy or repost this anywhere else. I do not write Haikyuu ! ! fics anywhere else .
Y/n Miya-Sakusa was scared. No- rub that- you were terrified .
You wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate indicate it to your captors though- your husbands teach you to never show fear- but Jesus Christ- you were terrified not merely for yourself but more so for your unborn child- a child you didn ’ thymine even know existed until half an hour before you got kidnapped from your own room. For the past hour that you ’ ve been tied to a professorship in the center of the board, they haven ’ metric ton touched your body. The lapp couldn ’ metric ton be said for your expression. Half of your face was covered in slenderly dried blood ; rake that came a wind you got when they slammed your head against the border of your beside drawer to knock you unconscious, and a spill brim that was placid bleeding slenderly from when they punched you when you spat at the expression of the person who demanded your husbands ’ locations and the locations of all your warehouses. The remember alone made you scoff- you ’ ra no rat. Unlike whoever the hell gave your home ’ second placement away. Your husbands were going to be thus pissed when they find you gone and your share board thrashed about .
Sitting on the wooden president was become a annoyance in the arsenic. literally. You couldn ’ triiodothyronine even escape because of the metallic cuffs attached to your wrists, forearms, and ankles and they took your daggers away. You ’ rhenium stick and all you can do it wait. Wait for either your husbands to burst through the door or wait for your promise anguish session and possible end .
Minutes- hours- who knows how hanker subsequently, two men in black barged into the room, startling you from your reverie carrying knives with guns in their holsters. well … looks like your Omi and Tsumu are besides recently huh …
“ Ready, Princess ? ” thing 1 with an eyepatch said with a smile, showing his yellow teeth, “ Boss said we gots to kill ye before yer husbands get here. Ye know, so they barge in ‘ ere alone to see yer bleeding soundbox. even better if they get to see yer naked cadaver, doncha think ? ”
“ Boss said not to rape her tho- ” thing 1 fitful thing 2, “ what boss doesn ’ thymine know won ’ thyroxine hurt ‘ im. And besides- I wan na leave Miya a surprise for stabbing my eye. ”
And just as thing 1 started moving towards you, a shout was heard from outside the door and resound into the room, sending shivers down things 1 and 2 ’ mho spines. You, on the hand, smiled. They ’ re here … fucking finally .
“ What was that ? ” Thing 2 looked round nervously. Huh- he must be new to the clientele. Poor guy he won ’ t make it far at this point. Thing 1 shrugged, “ eh who cares ? There ’ s no one we can ’ triiodothyronine kill. ” he boasted. Dumb cocksure slob .
Another scream ring through followed by a abuse of panic, “ THEY ’ RE HERE ! ” that was cut off as a forte gunfire echoed through the walls followed by a series of bangs and clangs. The familiar phone brought you off guard- they brought everyone ? You were certain that that clang was from Michinari ’ s darling weapon- his metal cream. Where were you and who took you that they felt it necessary to have everyone here ? You were brought out of your train of thoughts when you realized that all of a sudden everything and everyone was dumb. All you can hear was your own blink of an eye .
“ Ah fuck it- ” thing 1 looked at your form with a crazed look in his eyes that sent shivers down your spine .
“ Dude what are you- ”
“ Well it ’ south obvious we won ’ t make it out alive- ”
“ Wait what ? ”
“ -might american samoa well have fun before we die, ey ? ”
With that said he closed the gap between you two. You felt your mind blank as tears started forming in your eyes. The moment he ripped Atsumu ’ s shirt from your person, the tears fell along with the loudest screech you could muster, “ OMI ! ATS- ” you were cut off as thing 1 smacked your impudence with the butt of his accelerator, “ shut up ye lil cunt. Yer not leavin til I get my f- ”
Thing 2 was on the spur of the moment down- a hole on the english of his headway. none of you even heard the door open so that entail Shinsuke was here- well him or Rintarou since they ’ re the stealthiest in your family .
Thing 1 abruptly stood up directly and placed his hands up with his handle astir and blocking your view from whoever was with you two in the room, “ hey uhhh I was forced to do this, mates- it- it wasn ’ triiodothyronine anything personal, yea ? ” Sat on a wooden president in just your undergarments and the remnants of one of your husbands ’ shirt, you let a minor smile appear on your face. They ’ ra hera. You and your little attic are dependable immediately .
Rintarou stepped out of the shadows and from his voice you could tell he looked bored, “ indeed … where is she ? ”
Thing 1 shook his head, having lost his part the moment his eyes met the bored yet malicious ones of one Suna Rintarou- one of the deadliest assassins of the Inarizaki class, and prayed that the confuse wouldn ’ triiodothyronine poster your shed blood form behind him .
The moment you let out a sob, he pushed thing 1 away and squatted in front man of you. And he was not felicitous with what he saw was done to you-
He saw your bloody and bruised face. He saw your shaking hands and the tears you let flow from your eyes. But what angered him the most was the fact that person he viewed as his little sister lost the brightness is her eyes .
Any find the idiot had with reasoning with him was gone .
“ Congratulations, idiot. You ’ ve secured a spot in our personal dungeon. ” Rintarou smiled as he heard a sharp thud before the tattletale strait of a body hitting the grind, “ you didn ’ triiodothyronine hit him excessively heavily, did you, Shinsuke-san ? ”
“ not hard enough. ”
“ Ok- lashkar-e-taiba ’ s get these off of you before your hubbies come in here, ” with that said both men started unlocking the cuffs trapping you onto the moderate. After freeing you, you were immediately hit with the palpate of fatigue and let your body fall onto the person closest to you. Shinsuke catch your semi-limp consistency and immediately became disquieted but calmed gloomy as he felt your breaths. He arranged your position so that you were laying across his lap, facing the roof of the cell. Rintarou settled himself beside Shinsuke after texting Kiyoomi your location- receiving an immediate reply that they ’ ll be there equally soon as Atsumu is out of his blood daze. Shinsuke brushed his hand through your haircloth but immediately stopped when you whimpered, “ hit- t-table- home. ”
The two men exchanged disquieted glances when you stared up at them with your eyelids slowly closing. Rintarou tapped your impudence, “ Y/n-chan, stay awake- how do you feel right now ? ”
“ Aish of all the questions Rin- ”
“ B-baby … ”
“ Kiyoomi-san and Tsumu will be he- ”
“ M-my baby … ” their eyes widened as you shakily placed your hired hand onto your pot before falling limp in Shinsuke ’ s arms. He refrained from panicking when he saw your chest still rising and falling in patterns- you credibly fainted from exhaustion .
“ Holy shi- ”
“ Y/N ! ”
The moment the two saw your limp body they assumed the worst- but as Atsumu was about to yell out his fad and grieve, Osamu appeared from the shadows and hit the back of his forefront, “ she ’ s breathe, you moron. ”
“ I knew that, shitface. ”
“ Who ya callin ’ shitface, ya farrow ? ”
“ Who ya callin ’ a pi- ”
“ Aran, ” Kiyoomi calmly spoke as he turned to face the hitman- ignoring his conserve and brother-in-law, “ lead the way out- make indisputable that there will be no delays. We must take Y/n to Motoya immediately- we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know the extent of her wounds- however they look … less than golden as of the moment. ”
At the admonisher of your current circumstance, the twins shutted up, “ Osamu, ”
“ Yeah, Omi-san ? ”
“ Bring that thing with us. ” was muttered with big condescension while his finger was pointed towards the unconscious thing 1 .
And therefore they left the build covered in blood with neutral faces .
They may not show it but they were livid .
They didn ’ thyroxine miss your tear and blood stained face nor the the fact that your shirt was ripped correctly down the center .
They knew what was going to happen to you had they been a second former .
“ Hitoshi and Heisuke are already tracking the rats- we ’ ll have them in the basement by tonight, ” informed Kiyoomi ’ s trustworthy gunsmith, Tsukasa Iizuna .
“ They better- only interrogate immediately is who gets inaugural dibs on the assholes. ”
As they settled into the cable car, Shinsuke told them the news of your latest surprise. He knew that they ’ d go evening more ballistic were they to find out during the check-up from Motoya. But since they were in a conclude and moving car with you on their laps, they couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in truth do a lot except stiffen and let their rage grow stronger- and he looks forward to seeing what they ’ ll do to the bastards tonight. Shinsuke, above all things, is a man of honor- and what he hates above all things, are traitors .
“ PLEASE ! I ’ M SORRY ! PLEA- AHHH ” Thing 1 screamed as Kiyoomi dug his dagger deep into the man ’ south shoulder- forming a excavate hole of sort .
“ Just a little more … I want to see if your bones are clean or if they need to cleansed as well- ”
“ Omi-omi~ I want my turn ! ” whined Atsumu as he crossed his arms and pouted at his conserve .
Kiyoomi rolled his eyes, “ you had your turn five minutes ago when you spilled acid onto his legs- it ’ s my turn now. ” with that said, Kiyoomi ripped his dagger from the man ’ s pulp without a admonitory and grabbing a bowl from the prisoner ’ s ‘ meal ’, poured the stadium of scalding hot soup into the hole human body .
And as the man wailed, the two traitors squirmed in fear as they awaited their turns .
“ We don ’ thyroxine normally go to this extent but what can we say … ”
“ No one messes with our wife. ”
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10 months ago
𝟑, 𝟐, 𝟏
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫’𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 – inspired by the 3rd skid of this fanart ! ! one know i said iodine might quit writingblr but for what inspiration one have rn, iodine ’ ll judge to push out whatever writing one can. hope you like this !
𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 – @ kitastowel​
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 – note of food
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 – sakusa kiyoomi x miya atsumu
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 – 701
Tumblr media
“ atsumu- ”
“ coulomb ’ mon, omi ! ”
the purikura machine stands in a corner of the arcade, where sakusa has trouble hearing atsumu over the make noise from a hundred different machines. the blond holds on tightly to his wrist and sakusa finds himself meeting face-first with the fabric curtain that separates the purikura booth from the rest of the arcade .
“ iodine ’ meter going to kill you, ” he sighs, running a hand over his face .
“ yea, yeah, omi. we both know ya wouldn ’ t do that, ” atsumu replies .
he shakes a 500 yen coin out of his bulge ( along with bits of pucker receipts and extra restaurant serviettes ) and slips it into the machine. hearts burp onto the blind as the machine starts up. music that reminds sakusa of a dating sim blares from hidden speakers, adding to the cacophony from the rest of the arcade .
“ don ’ metric ton clean anything stupid. ”
atsumu lets out a noncommittal hum as he uses the touch pen, cycling through the percolate options available .
“ what about this one, omi ? ah, but this is cunning, besides ! shit- one ran out of time, ” he cries out as the machine automatically selects the survive filter that was on display .
atsumu turns back to look at his boyfriend who has already gone through all seven stages of grief. he offers a brash grin, and is met with roll eyes .
“ derive here. ”
atsumu abandons the gore and hurries to stand by sakusa ’ randomness side. he squints at their reflect selves on the touch screen, tousling his hair here and there to fix it .
“ stop that. you ’ re merely making it worse. ”
with one hand slipped around the male ’ second shank, his other one comes up to comb and smooth back atsumu ’ mho hair’s-breadth. sakusa tilts his read/write head back to get a better look before giving a nod of approval .
“ yer the best, baby. ”
atsumu leans forward and pushes the button that begins the countdown. he loops one weapon about sakusa as the flash lights up, momentarily filling the booth and blinding the both of them. atsumu blinks aside the tarry afterimages in his sight as he checks the photograph that was taken .
“ your eyes are closed, ” sakusa observes .
“ asshole ! one more time. ”

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atsumu deletes the photograph and presses the button again. sakusa watches as he darts back and away between the control panel and him, obviously clamant on taking the best photograph potential. his arm finds its family comfortably in the dip of atsumu ’ s hip once more .
“ you smell full, ” he says softly .
“ yea ? i used that modern aftershave ya bribe. ”
“ bastard. ”
atsumu elbows sakusa ’ sulfur side, but he moves out of the way before he can hit him .
they snap a few more photos, each one terribly cheesier than the last. sakusa doesn ’ t remember how atsumu managed to convince him to kiss in front of the camera, lips messily smushed against the side of his mouth in an attack to beat the flash .
he picks up the print slip of photos from the machine and hands one to atsumu. glowing hearts and bang-up cheeks fill each mental picture, along with the date scribbled in atsumu ’ south handwriting at the very bottom. sakusa can ’ thymine tell if the inflammation at the tips of his ears comes from the editing or not .
“ you didn ’ t have to go all out with the effects, ” he says, pointing to the elaborate eyes in the first photograph. “ it looks like one ’ megabyte about to cry. ”
“ aw, but you look cunning when ya cry ! remember when we watched roar ’ south moving castle and- ” atsumu breaks off with a joke when sakusa glares at him. “ come on, let ’ s go get some food. thousand ’ starve. ”
sakusa cautiously slips the photograph into his wallet as they find their way out of the arcade. his ears sting as they finally step back into the outside word, and onto a downwards riding escalator clause .
atsumu gets onto it foremost, leaving sakusa on the tone behind him. he interlocks his hands around atsumu ’ south shoulders and presses a aristocratic kiss into the top of his head .
“ do you have anything you want to eat ? ”
“ mmm … how ‘ bout ramen ? ”
they step off the escalator together. their hands find each other ’ randomness once more, fingers interlocking without a irregular think. sakusa squeezes atsumu ’ randomness hand once .
“ ramen sounds well. ”
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9 months ago
Tumblr media
Check out my Haikyuu Zine here ! | Fill out an interest form here !
* Characters : Sakusa Kiyoomi, Atsumu Miya, Kenma Kozume
* Post Time Skip and Gender Neutral lector
SAKUSA – Strangers to Lovers
The first meter he see ’ sulfur you is at midnight at the appliance store
Atsumu, Hinata, and Bokuto made spaghetti as an after dinner bite and dropped some on the carpet
If it stains they might american samoa well kiss their deposit adieu
Let alone the fawn of having to live with a stain on the shock
He ’ s hoping that the appliance store might have carpet dye, or at least some green tea because his head is killing him
And then he see ’ s person basically blocking the whole clean aisle madly searching for something
“ Oh great, the perfect end to the perfect day ” he grimaced behind his mask
But when you turn to meet his eyes, he feels like he might stutter
Oh, you ’ re cute
“ Ah, deplorable ! I didn ’ triiodothyronine realize- “ you hurriedly move out of the room and Sakusa barely nods .
well there ’ s no carpet dye but there is a stain remover. It ’ s not the one he normally gets but it will have to do .
“ U-um, ” he turns to face you. “ Sorry to disturb, but do you happen to know if that cleaner is any beneficial ? My roommates got a stain on the carpet and I ’ m scared for my deposit ” you give a laugh and Sakusa feels like he ’ south been shot with Cupid ’ sulfur arrow
Cute and considerate
“ I don ’ thyroxine know, it ’ mho my first time using it besides ” you visibly deflate, well what are you going to do now ?
“ I normally make my own, want me to text you the recipe ? ”
ATSUMU – Enemies to Lovers
It ’ s so overdone but that ’ mho because it ’ second accurate
You ’ re person that ’ s around him a lot, possibly a trainer, or a coach, possibly just person he runs into everyday on his way to work
well whatever you are to him, you can ’ triiodothyronine rack him
“ Mornin ’ Piss hair’s-breadth ”
The touch is reciprocal
“ Bet yer breath smells badly from all the jack ya talk ”
You ’ ra not certain what it is, but something about him fair rubs you incorrectly
He ’ s like a fraternity male child without a fraternity, all confident and carefree
It doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate help that he ’ s like stupid hot
Every-time he smiles, or tells a badly jest, you feel your mouth curl into a grimace
It doesn ’ metric ton assistant he likes pushing your buttons either
“ Havin ’ a bad haircloth day ? It ’ second hard to tell considerin ’ yer always havin ’ a bad hair day ”
And then he ruffles your haircloth earning a slap on the arm
“ Ow ! Ya know yer never gon na get a man with that rather temper. ”
“ Who says I want one anyhow ! ”
It isn ’ triiodothyronine until a few guys are giving you a hard time that you see a kinder side to him
“ Hey ! You can ’ thyroxine foot on em ’ like that ! ”
Wow, out of all the people, you wouldn ’ t think he would stand up for you-
“ only I can do that ! ”
… yea that seems more in character
“ Thanks Atsumu ”
And when he meets your eyes he blushes
“ ‘ sulfur no problem. Text me anytime ya need avail ”
KENMA – Secret Billionaire
Okay so billionaire is kinda a stretch but he ’ randomness decidedly got more money than you thought
honestly you thought he was kinda break
I mean, those sneakers are not the shoes of a affluent man
You ’ re well into the kinship, it ’ sulfur been a cozy few months with Kenma, when you find out
He ’ sulfur stream, when he calls out for you
“ Hey, ( Y/N ), ” you turn to him, and he looks away from his game to briefly meet your eyes
“ Can you go pick up dinner for us ? ”
“ Yeah of class, what are you in the temper for ? ”
He hums, tapping on his accountant
“ Maybe fried chicken, or burgers ? ”
“ I ’ ll surprise you ” you kiss his frontal bone before moving to leave, when he stops you
“ here take my card- “
“ Ken you constantly pay- “
“ No I insist ” he pushes the credit circuit board in your hand
“ Just run it as citation ”
You kiss him again before leaving the house, it ’ s merely when you ’ re getting food, that you notice
“ Is this a black card ? ”
Don ’ metric ton you have to pay, like, $ 600 just to have this thing ? ! ?
“ KEN ARE YOU LIKE, RICH RICH ? ” You shout a soon as you enter his apartment
He sighs
“ Sorry ridicule I have to go ” he says before signing out of his pour
“ I wouldn ’ t say I ’ meter rich ” he says, “ I mean if I wanted to buy a house I wouldn ’ t have anything in my check account anymore ”
“ IN YOUR check ACCOUNT ? ! ”
#haikyuu#haikyuu x reader#haikyuu x gender neutral reader#sakusa kiyoomi x miya atsumu#sakusa kiyoomi x reader#Sakusa x reader#Atsumu Miya x reader#Atsumu Miya#Atsumu x reader#kenma kozume#kenma x reader#kenma kozume x reader#superhero—imagines

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