• What’s the difference between the ASTRO Command Center for Windows and the version for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store? Is one newer than the other?

For the most separate, we built the ASTRO Command Center from the web site for Windows 7 and Windows 8. It will run on Windows 10 if you do not have access to the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store adaptation is a UWP adaptation of the ASTRO Command Center. UWP is a illusion new technology which allows developers to build applications for all different Windows devices including the Xbox One at once and they besides scale better for different blind sizes and resolutions. It besides makes indisputable the application has better compatibility with newer versions of Windows 10 over time and enables seamless updating in the setting. Although the one ASTRO Command Center translation may show a higher adaptation count, one is not newer than the other. They both target the same features and offer the lapp firmware updates. The main difference is the ASTRO Command Center from the Microsoft Store does not support the A20 Wireless Headset, and the interpretation for the Xbox One ca n’t offer firmware updating due to restrictions by the console table .

  • Why is the C40 TR Controller not compatible with the ASTRO Command Center?

The C40 TR Controller requires an wholly disjoined customisation option which is far unlike from our sound recording equipment. It made sense to distribute this into a different application to ensure we offered a far better have and timbre to our users. ASTRO Command Center for sound recording products, C40 TR Customisation Software for the accountant .

  • What products are compatible with the ASTRO Command Center software?

The A50 Wireless and Base Station GEN4 and GEN3, the MixAmp Pro TR GEN4 and GEN3, and the A20 Wireless Headset. Standalone analogue headsets such as the A40 TR Headset and A10 Headset require a MixAmp product to customisation the sound recording and other functionalities such as the microphone.

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  • Where can I find additional EQ presets for the ASTRO Command Center software?

You can find them on our Discord waiter hera – hypertext transfer protocol : // EQ presets from Discord are made by our community and all official ASTRO EQ presets are distributed through the ASTRO Command Center software mechanically .

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  • What headsets are compatible with the A40 Speaker Tags?

The A40 Speaker Tags are compatible with any A40 Headset or A40 TR Headset we have produced ranging from GEN0 to GEN4. The speaker chase from the A40 TR Mod Kit are entirely compatible with an A40 TR Headset .

  • I’m looking for a replacement headset cable, what is the difference, what is compatible, which one do I need?

For the A40 Headset or A40 TR Headset with a amply removable headset cable, you will need the A40 Inline Mute Cable if you are using the headset directly connected to an Xbox One Controller, PlayStation 4 Controller, personal computer, or the MixAmp Pro GEN1, GEN2, or GEN4. For the MixAmp Pro TR GEN3, you can use the A40 Inline Mute Cable for a traditional analogue muffle. Using the A40 TR Inline Mute Cable alternatively will allow the MixAmp to digitally mute your microphone and show the red mute indication lights. If you are diffident which MixAmp you own, please contact our support team or create a thread here on Reddit. We can help you identify your products and make certain you order the discipline replacement items .

  • Which optical cable and USB cable do I need to purchase for my product?

1. MixAmp Pro GEN1 and GEN2 : The MixAmp Pro GEN1 and GEN2 feature a 3.5mm Mini-TOSLINK ocular stimulation. You will need to use a 3.5mm Mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK ocular cable or a 3.5mm Mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK arranger with a traditional TOSLINK ocular cable. The GEN1 product used the Mini-USB 2.0 port while the GEN2 used the Micro-USB 2.0 port. 2. MixAmp Pro TR GEN3 and GEN4 : Both MixAmp Pro TR products use a TOSLINK optical input along with a Micro-USB 2.0 port. 3. A50 Wireless Headset GEN1 and GEN2 : The A50 MixAmp TXD sport a TOSLINK ocular input signal. The GEN1 product used the Mini-USB 2.0 port on both the sender and the headset while the GEN2 used the Micro-USB 2.0 port on both the vector and the headset. 4. A50 Wireless and Base Station GEN3 and GEN4 : Both versions of the A50 Base Station use a TOSLINK optical input signal along with a Micro-USB 2.0 port. Both versions of the A50 Wireless Headset feature of speech a Micro-USB 2.0 larboard for externally charging the headset.

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  • What cable do I need to listen to music or make a phone call?

You need to connect a 3.5mm sound recording cable from your smartphone or audio device to the MP3 or AUX port on your A50 MixAmp TXD, A50 Base Station, or MixAmp Pro product. To handle a call call, you will need a 3.5mm TRRS cable and a compatible smartphone along with the A50 Wireless and Base Station GEN3 and GEN4 or the MixAmp Pro TR GEN3 and GEN4 .

  • How can I clean my headset or cushions?

Some wipes will contain perfumes or other traces which can strip the application and paint of the headset. I recommend for cleaning your headsets and early equipment such as your controllers Dettol Surface Cleanser Wipes in the UK .


  • What is the difference between the A40 Headset and the A40 TR Headset.

The A40 TR Headset takes everything loved about the A40 Headset and made it tournament ready by allowing you to add an A40 TR Mod Kit for better microphone voice isolation and audio noise isolation. however, this is optional, and the headset still performs fantastic without it .

  • Certain products such as the A50 Wireless and Base Station or the A40 TR Headset and MixAmp Pro TR are only compatible with the Xbox One or PS4, can I add cross-compatibility or use them on the opposite platform?

The A50 Base Station and MixAmp Pro TR treat voice chew the fat on both the Xbox One and PS4 using the USB cable. Both consoles have different technologies which required us to build two different versions — one for the Xbox One and personal computer and one for the PS4 and PC. If you use the wrong adaptation of either product on the Xbox One or PS4, you will still be able to hear game audio, but you will not be able to voice new world chat. If you want to add this compatibility to your existing A50 Wireless Headset or A40 TR Headset, we sell the A50 Base Station and MixAmp Pro TR separate on the ASTRO web site .

  • What is the recommended way to charge the A50 Wireless Headset? I’ve heard charging too often can diminish the battery.
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The A50 Wireless Headset uses a lithium-ion battery which normally does not count a full charge until you have charged 100 % of the battery whether this is one proceed or over clock such as charging 50 % one day, using your headset, and then charging another 50 %. We recommend charging lithium-ion batteries more regularly, such as after a bet on session as it puts less stress on the internals and generates less inflame. however, the overall remainder is going to little over time. Battery refresh every few months by draining the barrage down to 0 % and running a full charge to 100 % can assist in preventing your battery from wearing faster and ensuring it charges correctly. once the A50 Wireless Headset has charged, it will stop charge and will standby using the power from the A50 Base Station until you are ready to bet on. We designed the product as a way to display your headset and constantly make certain you are ready to game with a full battery .

  • How do I hard-reset my A50 Gen 3/4?

Hold the game and Dolby buttons down at the lapp time for 30 seconds. After that power on the headset.

  • To use Dolby Atmos do I need to use an optical cable?

If you own a GEN4 product, this natively supports 3D spatial audio on personal computer through the USB cable, and you should be able to enable either Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos under the Spatial Sound pill for the ASTRO Game device. From here, you should turn off Dolby Audio on your MixAmp or A50 Base Station. If you own a GEN3 merchandise, the ASTRO Game device ca n’t use 3D spatial legal due to being locked to six channels, and you will need to use an optical output on your calculator as a workaround. If you are gaming on the Xbox One, the optical cable is required to hear crippled sound recording regardless of whether you use dolby Digital or 3D spatial sound such as Dolby Atmos .

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