Call of Duty: Vanguard Assassin Proficiency Bug Makes It Impossible to Get Diamond Camo for ARs

shout of duty : Vanguard players are running into an offspring where they ca n’t complete one of the challenges for the Automaton rape rifle. Call of Duty: Vanguard has been available for a few days nowadays, and while there have been some hiccups, the crippled seems to have been by and large well-received. call option of duty : Vanguard reviews are by and large plus and the reaction on-line seems to suggest fans are generally glad with this year ‘s take on the authoritative CoD multipalyer formula. however, Call of duty : Vanguard is surely not without its flaws, and there ‘s one issue in finical that has been frustrating players .
name of duty : Vanguard players are presently struggling with a challenge for the Automaton assault rifle, which players have to complete to unlock the Mind Games camouflage for the accelerator. To do this, Call of duty : Vanguard players need to have specific items attached to the Automaton and get 10 kills with those attachments equipped, including the Assassin proficiency attachment. however, it seems that the Assassin proficiency attachment for the Automaton does n’t actually exist in the game at the time of this writing due to a microbe .
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Reading: Call of Duty: Vanguard Assassin Proficiency Bug Makes It Impossible to Get Diamond Camo for ARs

What this means is that Call of duty : Vanguard players ca n’t complete the challenge to unlock the Mind Games camouflage for the Automaton assault rifle, and that makes it impossible for them to unlock the Gold camouflage. And being ineffective to unlock the Gold camouflage for the Call of duty : Vanguard automaton makes it impossible for players to get the Diamond camouflage for rape rifles. Unlocking Diamond camouflage for weapons is one of the most democratic challenges in any given Call of Duty game, so it not working properly in Vanguard is decidedly frustrating for players .
Call Of Duty Vanguard Previewing The Automaton At The Gunsmith
hopefully a fixate for this issue comes oklahoman rather than late, though the developers have not commented on it at the time of this write. previous call of Duty games have enjoyed weekly updates and it ‘s possible that the updates for Call of duty : Vanguard will have a alike release schedule, though nothing has been confirmed at the time of this write .
The lone sidereal day that Call of Duty fans know for certain will include a Vanguard update in the near future is November 17. It ‘s been confirmed that call of duty : Vanguard will add the Shipment multiplayer map on November 17, though it ‘s possible that ‘s all it will entail. The November 17 update could very well include wiretap fixes, possibly even a fix for this finical offspring, but details have not been shared just however. For now, Call of Duty fans can work on unlocking the other camouflage for the Automaton and the other assail rifles in the game .
Call of Duty: Vanguard is out now for personal computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X .
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