The 9 Best ASMR Microphones for Any Budget

ASMR is one of the most popular, if not slenderly unusual, entertainment trends of the final several years. ASMR creators attempt to trigger the hearer ’ randomness “ autonomous sensational meridian reception ” —a tingling sensation that begins at the scalp and moves down through the spine. Using a mic for ASMR, people will whisper, wrinkle newspaper, tap their nails, and make other sounds directly into the microphone in an attempt to elicit a pleasant answer from listeners .

What is an ASMR microphone?

Great newsworthiness for anyone interest in recording ASMR is that it doesn ’ metric ton require a specific mic. You ’ d generally good want to use anything that ’ sulfur good for recording vocals, or any sensible mic that can pick up low-level sounds in contingent. normally a large diaphragm condenser would be the go-to choice for an ASMR microphone .
Another consideration—and you may find yourself in this boat—is that ASMR creators are frequently video producers and not necessarily audio enthusiasts. With that in take care, a USB mic would be an excellent choice for person who doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to shell out extra money for an audio interface, XLR cable, mic stall, start filter, etc. Going the USB road would besides be a great way to find yourself a brassy ASMR mic that sounds commodity enough for this commemorate style.

How much is an ASMR microphone?

As anyone who ’ s always shopped for microphones knows, the price can range from sub- $ 100 to several thousand. You decidedly don ’ t need a $ 4000 ASMR mic, because you can get amazing results from something right around a hundred bucks .
If you plan to record instruments and other stuff in the future, you don ’ t have to get a cheap ASMR mic and can invest in something a spot fancy, but that ’ s ultimately up to you. It ’ s absolutely potential to get a short ton of mileage out of an low-cost mic. And fortunately, there are tons of low-cost condensers that sound fantastic. We ’ ll aim to keep every mic on this list under $ 500 .

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9 Best ASMR Microphones

hera are our picks for the best ASMR mics, many of which will double as excellent vocal/instrument microphones for musical recordings deoxyadenosine monophosphate well. The choice is all yours, and like most “ best of ” lists, there is no single winner, but preferably a diverseness of options for everyone ’ s individual needs .
The 9 Best ASMR Microphones for Any Budget_2
Blue Microphone ’ second Yeti is one of the top-selling USB condensers out there. It ’ mho been a raw material choice for many content creators, including ASMR producers and live streamers. A USB mic ’ randomness simple connectivity is attractive since it doesn ’ t require any extra gear .
This one is feature-rich, and even has switchable arctic patterns—pretty amazing for a hundred-dollar ASMR mic. Omnidirectional could come in handy for capturing fathom all the direction around the mic when you ’ rhenium busy crinkling and tapping and whispering off !
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now hera ’ s something you don ’ thyroxine see everyday—a stereo condenser microphone that connects straight to your io or Android device. You ’ ll use the Shure MOTIV app to control stereophonic width, compression, EQ, and more veracious from your phone .
Stereo besides works great for ASMR. The sound will envelop listeners a bit more than a infectious mononucleosis read .
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The AT2020 is one of the best cardioid condensers you can get for a hundred dollars. Its quality is barely excellent, making it one of the best values out there .
We ’ ra moving on from USB/mobile stuff now and getting into criterion XLR microphones. If you ’ re a first-time ASMR fipple flute, you ’ ll necessitate to get yourself an audio interface and some basic mic accessories like an XLR cable television and stall. fortunately, with how low-cost this thing is, you ’ ll have money left over to get a full starter kit. Plus, with the AT2020, you ’ ll have not only a capital, cheap ASMR mic, but a great all-around mic as well .
The 9 Best ASMR Microphones for Any Budget_5

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The Rode NT1-A is an incredibly democratic choice. It has some of the lowest self-noise of any microphone, which means you can crank the reach on your preamp to record those ultra-quiet ASMR whispers without amplifying the mic ’ s own electronic noise. The NT1-A is besides known to have a bright high-end, would is perfective for capturing the contingent of diverse ASMR sounds .

AKG ’ s C214 shares exchangeable DNA as the laud 414, but it ’ second more low-cost. overall, this is barely a capital large diaphragm condenser for ASMR, vocals, and instruments. It ’ s the costly on the number so far at $ 349, though that ’ s still an excellent respect for the bore of mic you ’ ra getting. This guy comes with a hard carry case, a shock backing, and a pop filter .

unfortunately, Behringer is the border of a bunch of recording industry jokes. hush, you just can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate deny that a $ 45 condenser mic is an amaze value. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, which means average users love the good they ’ re getting out of such an low-cost mic. It ’ s decidedly one of the best brassy ASMR mics, if not thee best, considering its reduced price tag .

The LA-220 from Lauten is merely a fantastic all-around bombastic diaphragm capacitor. It excels on vocals ( or ASMR whispers ) and acoustic instruments, so it ’ ll be a studio apartment raw material if you plan to record more than merely ASMR. Switchable high- and low-pass filters are a dainty touch when you want to control a moment of the sound on the way in .

I ’ thousand conflicted about listing the SM7B here. Due to the sensitive and delicate nature of ASMR recordings, normally a capacitor mic works best. But I besides can ’ t precisely not list one of the most celebrated vocal/broadcast dynamic microphones ever made. The fact is, it ’ s an amazing microphone and can be great for ASMR equally well if you treat it right .
By that, I mean get yourself an inline advance booster like a Cloudlifter or selenium Dynamite. The SM7B requires a distribute of preamp derive to drive it properly, and you ’ re going to be recording very repose sounds. It ’ s likely your interface won ’ t have quite the properly measure of gain to get it up to an adequate level, so I ’ d say an inline hike is required for doing ASMR on an SM7B.

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I may have implied earlier that this list of the best ASMR microphones was in no particular orderliness. That ’ south largely dependable, though this one actually does come in at number one. And that ’ south because this binaural mic recreates how humans actually hear in the substantial world, simulating an incredibly natural listening experience .
With the sensible mics on either side, ASMR creators can quite literally whisper in your ear. For that alone, a binaural mic is a no-brainer for ASMR .

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