Arms Warrior DPS Spec, Builds, and Talents — Shadowlands 9.2

If you were looking for WoW Classic content, please refer to our TBC Classic Arms Warrior talents. On this foliate, you will find out the best talents for each grade for your Arms Warrior in World of Warcraft — Shadowlands 9.2. We besides have default endowment lists for versatile types of message, such as raiding or Mythic+. If you play with Warmode on, we have your PvP talents covered equally well.


Talent Choices for Arms Warrior

Talents can be freely changed when out of combat and in a rest XP area ( such as an hostel or a das kapital city ). furthermore, Tome of the Still Mind Icon Tome of the hush Mind and Codex of the Still Mind Icon Codex of the still Mind can be used to temporarily allow players to change talents anywhere, ampere long as they are out of battle .


Talent Cheat Sheet for Arms Warrior

While changing talents to match the situation is highly commend, the keep up builds are set up to handle the most common meet types, with secondary/optional choices detailed .
There are multiple talents that require a change to your rotation in order to use them optimally. You can find more information on how your rotation will look after selecting your talents on our rotation page below .


Open World, Levelling and Questing

This build smooths out and speeds up the intermittent fight common with open universe content. There is a lot of room for customization for extra heal, mobility, break, or simplification. Due to the nature of infrequent battle, it is one of the few places that Sudden Death, Deadly Calm, and Dreadnaught shine .


Dungeons and Mythic Plus

Dungeons and Mythic Plus largely revolve around break multitarget damage, and continually killing enemies as you move from backpack to pack. Storm Bolt and Bounding Stride are optional, depending on your necessitate for stuns, extra mobility, or survivability. Although the legendary Signet of Tormented Kings Icon Signet of Tormented Kings normally values Ravager, Bladestorm and Dreadnaught are much better suited to dungeons .
Mythic+ can potentially require a mix of certain AoE and Single-Target talents, depending on affixes and early variables. If you want advice that is specific to Mythic+, you should check out our page below .


Single-Target Raid Encounters

This build is ideal for suffer single-target, most normally found in raid encounters. As emboss fights often have varied mechanics, there are much situations in which alternative talents such as Second Wind Icon Second Wind may be worthwhile .
The builds suggested above do not reflect every individual run into in the current foray into tier. If you wish to have a boss-by-boss breakdown of talent choices, you should check out our give page below .


Tier 1 (Level 15) Talents for Arms Warrior

Tier 1 talents better Rage generation .
War Machine Icon War Machine value depends on the frequency of add deaths ; in cosmopolitan, you need roughly one kill every 8 seconds to keep up with the fad from Skullsplitter Icon Skullsplitter in confirm combat, making it more desirable for afford worldly concern and dungeon message where you can cursorily chain kills. Unlike Victory Rush Icon Victory Rush, it does not require getting the killing coke yourself, lone damaging the target within two seconds of its death .
Sudden Death Icon Sudden Death adds proc-based gameplay and is especial when paired with Condemn Icon Condemn from the Venthyr covenant .
Skullsplitter Icon Skullsplitter used to be the best endowment for sustaining the rotation and filling global cooldowns, as it gives you Rage when you actually need it, but as stat inflation has increased the amount of passive Rage generation, it is nobelium long necessity to maintain the rotation. Although it can hit a moment target with Sweeping Strikes Icon Sweeping Strikes, doing sol will not generate extra Rage .

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Tier 2 (Level 25) Talents for Arms Warrior

Tier 2 talents provide extra control and mobility options .
Double Time Icon Double Time is the go-to choice for both the extra mobility and Rage genesis .
Impending Victory Icon Impending Victory is identical useful in situations which require in-combat healing, given that Arms lacks self-healing outside of talents and killing blows. The price is surprisingly efficient, though not enough to outweigh using Charge more frequently. In group situations, the extra curative is not typically needed, making it a strong but rarely used talent .
Storm Bolt Icon Storm Bolt is situationally utilitarian in both dungeons and PvP content .


Tier 3 (Level 30) Talents for Arms Warrior

Tier 3 talents customize the rotation .
Massacre Icon Massacre is highly potent when paired with Condemn Icon Condemn from the Venthyr covenant, although it loses to Rend in pure single target without .
Fervor of Battle Icon Fervor of Battle efficaciously replaces Slam Icon Slam with Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind, filling less ball-shaped cooldowns ascribable to the higher rage cost, but dealing more damage with each. The automatic rifle Slam does not cost Rage or trigger Tactician Icon Tactician, but will hit your second gear target during Sweeping Strikes Icon Sweeping Strikes .
Rend Icon Rend is a maintenance debuff which deals reproducible wrong over time. It can be applied to two targets simultaneously with Sweeping Strikes Icon Sweeping Strikes, and can be refreshed early to increase the duration of the new debuff by up to 30 % of the original duration, allowing a 20 second long follow up Rend debuff. It is presently identical potent in single target, though besides Rage intensifier to faithfully maintain against multiple targets .


Tier 4 (Level 35) Talents for Arms Warrior

Tier 4 talents provide extra defensive and mobility .
Second Wind Icon Second Wind is typically not used in group content due to the activation time, but a surprise count of environmental damage effects during foreman encounters will not interrupt the mend. Great in open worldly concern content, allowing you to cursorily heal between combats. Bounding Stride Icon Bounding Stride is useful in general gameplay, but entirely hardheaded in foray encounters which actually require you to leap more frequently than normal .
Defensive Stance Icon Defensive Stance provides on-demand damage extenuation, perfect for frequent or predictable damage spikes, although it does lock you into the stance for a few seconds, lowering damage end product during that time .

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Tier 5 (Level 40) Talents for Arms Warrior

Tier 5 talents are situational multitarget enhancements .
Collateral Damage Icon Collateral Damage is a far-out ability which is slightly difficult to find a strong use lawsuit for, but chiefly resides within the two-target niche. The play along up Whirlwind Icon Whirlwind can be buffed well, and even strike multiple targets for extra wrong, although you are more likely to use one of the other talents in situations with more than two targets .
Warbreaker Icon Warbreaker synergizes very well with Bladestorm Icon Bladestorm for burst AoE, and applies Deep Wounds Icon Deep Wounds, making it the best and easiest endowment to use when facing multiple targets .
Cleave Icon Cleave has the highest sustained multitarget wrong likely, while besides maintaining Deep Wounds Icon Deep Wounds, while would make it the talent of option when constantly facing multiple targets, although the ease of applying Deep Wounds through other makes it unnecessary and consequently less used than Warbreaker .


Tier 6 (Level 45) Talents for Arms Warrior

Tier 6 talents improve and add extra cooldowns .
In For The Kill Icon In For The Kill increases the number of global cooldowns, autoattack swings, and Rage generated during Colossus Smash Icon Colossus Smash. Combines best with Anger Management Icon Anger Management for higher uptime, but neither talent is particularly competitive presently .
Avatar Icon Avatar offers increased explode likely, peculiarly in combination with Warbreaker Icon Warbreaker and Bladestorm Icon Bladestorm, but it truly shines when using the legendary power Signet of Tormented Kings Icon Signet of Tormented Kings in order to trigger more patronize buffs .
Deadly Calm Icon Deadly Calm creates abound windows, and is particularly knock-down when paired with Condemn Icon Condemn from the Venthyr covenant. The increase Rage cap is concern, but not incredibly impactful, as Arms rarely approaches maximum Rage anyhow, but it adds an extra buff however .


Tier 7 (Level 50) Talents for Arms Warrior

Tier 7 talents improve cooldowns .
Anger Management Icon Anger Management reduces the cooldown of Colossus Smash Icon Colossus Smash to 25-30 seconds and Bladestorm Icon Bladestorm to 60-70 seconds, depending on Rage genesis and Haste, making it great for lining up break AoE, but no longer the best option for suffer damage .
Dreadnaught Icon Dreadnaught is the best endowment for multitarget, allowing smoother use of Overpower Icon Overpower, with the second charge reducing Tactician Icon tactician proc waste, while the projected shockwave adds extra multitarget wrong. It is presently very firm in all types of contented, peculiarly when used with Sweeping Strikes Icon Sweeping Strikes to create two shockwaves .
Ravager Icon Ravager is reasonably weak for its intended purpose and not presently used in any competitive contentedness .

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PvP Talents (War Mode)

Enabling “ War Mode ” enables the succeed effects in open universe capacity :

  • Flagged for PvP, regardless of your server.
  • PvP talents enabled in the open world.
  • 10% increase in World Quest rewards at maximum level.
  • 10% more experience gained while leveling.
  • Earn Conquest Points which can reward gear every week.

These benefits are always active when doing open world activities, meaning it can be quite lucrative to keep the sport enabled while leveling and doing soap level content for greater rewards. however, you will be flagged for PvP and sharded with other players who besides have War Mode enabled, which adds a hazard of being attacked or killed by the opposing cabal, which can potentially slow you down and outweigh the benefits. therefore, you should only use War Mode if you are comfortable engaging in World PvP .


PvP Talents (War Mode)

Since Battle for Azeroth, you have the option to go into “ War Mode ”. Enabling War Mode provides the take after benefits :

  • PvP talents enabled in the outdoor world;
  • 10% increase in World Quest rewards at maximum level;
  • 10% more experience gained while leveling;
  • earn Conquest Points which can reward gear every week.

With the benefits of enabling War Mode for equalization and PvE content, it is recommended to enable the feature to maximize your equalization and rewards at maximum level. however, you will make yourself available for open earth PvP, and the hypothesis to be “ ganked ” while leveling or doing World Quests exists .


Arms Warrior PvP Talents

Death Sentence Icon Death Sentence and War Banner Icon War Banner crack increased mobility, which can be utilitarian, but excessively situational to be hardheaded in a PvE set .
Master and Commander Icon Master and Commander, Spell Reflection Icon Spell Reflection, Disarm Icon Disarm, and Duel Icon Duel can be situationally strong defensive options, but are not typically necessity or useful in PvE content .



  • 21 Feb. 2022: Page reviewed and approved for Patch 9.2.
  • 01 Nov. 2021: Updated Impending Victory description for Patch 9.1.5
  • 28 Jun. 2021: Updated for Patch 9.1.
  • 09 Mar. 2021: Removed Fervor of Battle from dungeon talent recommendations.
  • 30 Jan. 2021: Updated recommendations and added more clarification based on covenant and legendary choices.
  • 07 Dec. 2020: Updated talent descriptions to reflect the value of Signet of Tormented Kings.
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