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Telephone sphere code for cardinal and northern Alberta
Area codes in Alberta after April 9, 2016 Area code 780 is a telephone area code in the province of Alberta and encompasses the northerly two thirds of the state, including the Edmonton area. The area code was established in 1999. Until then, the wholly state had been served by area code 403. Although Alberta would have probably still needed another area code in any event because of its rapid growth in the second one-half of the twentieth hundred, the 1999 rip was hastened by Canada ‘s number allocation system. Every local rally carrier wave is allocated blocks of 10,000 numbers, each freeze corresponding to a individual prefix, for every rate center in which they plan to offer serve, evening for the smallest hamlets. Most rate centres do not need closely that many numbers, but a number can not be moved from one rate concentrate to another. That resulted in thousands of waste numbers, and the proliferation of cell phones and pagers, particularly in Calgary and Edmonton, accelerated the debilitation of numbers. The same problem forced the split of area code 780 in 1997, only two years after the canadian territories had been split off as area code 867.

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Area code 780 started manipulation on January 25, 1999. Generally, everything north and west of Ponoka switched to 780. permissive dial of 403 continued throughout Alberta until May 18, 1999. Area code 780 is besides the survive new area code in Canada to be introduced by a rip.

It was intended as a long-run solution, but within less than a ten, both area codes 403 and 780 were on the verge of exhaustion, again by the number allotment trouble. To solve the problem, area code 587 was implemented as an overlie for all of Alberta. Optional provincewide 10-digit dial began on June 23, 2008 and became mandate on September 12, 2008. [ 1 ] The alternative would have been a split, which might have resulted in portions of Alberta having to change their numbers for the second gear fourth dimension in a decade.

The incumbent local anesthetic exchange carrier in area code 780 is Telus. [ 2 ] Until its fusion with Telus in 1995, over three years anterior to the startup of 780, the municipally-owned Edmonton Telephones ( Ed Tel ) served as an ILEC .

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The projected exhaust date for area code 780 was October 2009. [ 3 ] A new area code, 587, was introduced on September 12, 2008. The 780 area code, simultaneously with area code 403, was overlaid with the new area code, which will cover the stallion province. The assignment of 587 numbers in 780 and 403 territory began on September 19, 2008. [ 4 ]

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