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Yes, all of your substantive Health Benefits1 are covered by every Ambetter indemnity plan, including mental health and behavioral health services .

How to Verify Ambetter of Tennessee Mental Health Benefits

Athena Care is in-network with many insurance plans. Filling out our unblock and confidential on-line insurance confirmation shape is the quickest and easiest method to determine if Ambetter of Tennessee covers your mental and behavioral health services .
Let our highly experienced, expert care coordinators handle the difficulties that come with contacting your indemnity carrier for information on your Ambetter mental health coverage. A worry coordinator will review your policy and thoroughly explain your options after you ’ ve completed the form. Rest assured, all submitted or discussed data is kept confidential .

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Which Mental Health Services Are Covered by Ambetter Insurance?

Ambetter has many programs and tools to help you improve your overall health and wellbeing. Your Ambetter genial health benefits may include coverage for the trace mental and behavioral health services in Tennessee:2

  • Telehealth
  • Depression Management
  • Developmental Monitoring and Screening3
  • 24/7 Nurse Advice Line4
  • Access to a Care Manager5
  • Stress Management6
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy7
  • Mental Health Therapy
  • Substance Abuse Treatment8

Which Mental Health Conditions Are Covered by Ambetter Insurance?

Ambetter policy of Tennessee may cover the follow mental health conditions :

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress

How To Find Mental Health Services & Providers Near Me in Tennessee?

With Athena Care, gaining access to mental and behavioral health tests and treatments has never been easier. A concern coordinator can assist you in finding treatment at one of our three mental health clinics in Tennessee. These include locations in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Hendersonville .
When searching for Ambetter mental health providers, keep the keep up in mind :

  • Education, training, license, and years of experience
  • Specialties and services offered
  • Treatment methods and philosophies
  • Insurance companies they work with
  • Office hours
  • Pricing
  • Session length
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besides, don ’ thymine hesitate to ask questions .
Athena Care mental health clinics are overt Monday through Friday, 8:00 ante meridiem to 5:30 p.m .
here you ’ ll find a tilt of practitioners organized by city, along with information about their backgrounds and specialties .

About Ambetter Insurance

Ambetter of Tennessee is Centene Corporation ’ s health policy market offer. Centene Corporation is a Fortune 500 company with a diverse portfolio of peculiarity health solutions and over 30 years of experience in the Managed Care sector.9
Ambetter now has over 2 million members nationally and offers a broad range of plans and healthcare services to fulfill health needs.10
Ambetter plans are available in Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels:11

  • Bronze – Ambetter Essential Care: These plans cover your essential healthcare needs. Generally, you’ll see lower monthly premiums but higher out-of-pocket costs. This could be an excellent plan if you don’t go to the doctor often or don’t have many medications.
  • Silver – Ambetter Balanced Care: Of all the plans offered, this has the best value and balance between monthly premium payments and out-of-pocket expenses, particularly if you qualify for financial help.
  • Gold – Ambetter Secure Care: With this plan, you’ll enjoy peace of mind for all of your healthcare needs. Expect higher monthly payments that help keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum.

Does Ambetter Insurance Cover Online Therapy?

Yes, Ambetter indemnity covers on-line therapy. All members besides have access to 24/7 Telehealth. Ambetter behavioral health and genial health services are function of Ambetter ’ s Essential Health Benefits .

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Does Ambetter Cover Medications?

Ambetter collaborates with doctors and pharmacists to guarantee that medications used to treat many mental health problems are covered .
When prescribed by Ambetter mental health providers, Ambetter may cover some brand-name, generic, and mail-order prescriptions.12 not all drugs are covered by the Ambetter drugstore platform. Some require anterior Authorization or have age, dose, and quantity restrictions .

What Services & Treatments Are Not Covered by Ambetter of Tennessee?

Investigational, experimental, untested, or non-medically necessary healthcare services are not covered by Ambetter.13
Exams, screenings, testing, or immunizations are not covered if they are :

  • Required solely for a career, education, sports or camp, travel (including travel immunizations), employment, insurance, marriage, or adoption
  • Related to judicial or administrative proceedings or orders
  • Conducted for medical research
  • Required to obtain or maintain any type of license.

How Much Do Mental Health Services & Testing Cost?

Costs can vary depending on your specific Cigna mental health coverage and personalize treatment needs. The following are average costs for therapy, though they may vary by localization and early variables and may not reflect the actual price of treatment or what you may actually pay .
For case, In the United States, the typical price of psychotherapy ranges from $ 100 to $ 20014 a seance, dependant upon the state and the distance of the session. With health insurance, you ’ ll most likely have a co-pay that can range from a few dollars to $ 50 or more a seance .
cognitive Behavioral Therapy ( CBT ) sessions are typically 45+ minutes hanker and cost between $ 100 and $ 200 per session, while dialectic Behavioral Therapy ( DBT ) normally consists of a weekly individual therapy session, a hebdomadally group therapy school term, and weekly earphone conversations. DBT costs change depending on the type of services rendered .
such factors, like whether the therapist is in-network or out of network, can influence this out-of-pocket monetary value.

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even with policy, you will normally have to pay some or all of your medical expenditures until your entire medical expenses for the year reach the deductible. Depending on your design, you may be required to pay a co-pay or coinsurance for each discussion .
Some therapists will work with patients on a sliding scale for those who do not show policy. If you find a therapist who offers a sliding scale payment design, they will most likely floor the cost of your sessions on your income. This sliding scale can besides vary from therapist to therapist .


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One of our friendly associates will help you get the help you need. Take this first footfall to feel dependable and take control condition .

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