7 Successful Amazon Affiliate Websites

The act of times this article was shared on Twitter. Shows estimated monthly search traffic to this article according to Ahrefs data. The actual search traffic ( as reported in Google Analytics ) is normally 3-5 times bigger. Shows how many different websites are linking to this musical composition of contented. As a general principle, the more websites link to you, the higher you rank in Google. Heard a bunch about Amazon affiliate websites but have no idea where to start ? Take inspiration from these seven examples.

Amazon affiliate websites make money via commissions from their affiliate program : Amazon Associates. here ’ s how this works :

  1. A person visits an Amazon affiliate site.
  2. They click on an affiliate link to buy a recommended product on Amazon.
  3. Amazon pays the site owner a commission.

In this post, we ’ ll plowshare some inspiring Amazon affiliate websites, why they ’ ve done then well, and how you can replicate their achiever. Let ’ s get things started .the prepared 2

Key stats

Domain Rating:  36
Number of referring domains:  901
Number of keywords it ranks for:  40,600
Estimated organic traffic:  31,900
Site age:  2 years
Estimated revenue:  Unknown Founded by John Ramey and John Adama —former advisors at the Obama White House—The Prepared is a survivalism web site that publishes hardheaded guides on preparing for emergencies ranging from potential car accidents to war .

Why they’re doing so well

For starters, the judgment day prepper market is huge. According to Finder.com, an estimated 160+ million Americans have either recently purchased survival gear or are already in monomania of some. Of run, The Prepared is not the only web site focused on survivalism. There are tons of websites in this niche. The success of this especial web site falls largely down to its owners ’ focus on creating content about evergreen topics. evergreen topics are those with reproducible interest and search bulk over time. For example, we can see that The Prepared targets keywords like “ best tarpaulin. ” According to Google Trends, this is a topic with increasing concern over time :best tarp 2 They ’ re besides committed to updating their contentedness regularly to keep it evergreen. After all, a list of the best tarpaulin won ’ thyroxine stay fresh constantly since newfangled products are released all the time . If they update something, they ’ ll note what changed in the post :last updated notice 2 The benefits of this approach path are obvious :

  • They don’t have to worry about waning interest in their topics. People will still be searching for “best tarp” 5 years from now.
  • They can get consistent organic traffic over time. Google tends to favor fresh results for queries like “best tarp” because old posts are out of date and no use to searchers in 2020. By publishing regular, minor updates as new products become available, the guys behind The Prepared can maintain rankings long term.

What besides makes them stand out is the quality of their contentedness. For their reviews, they test every product before publish, and they ’ ra crystalline about the test process .best tarp review trust 2 basically, this is the Wirecutter model ( we ’ ll talk more about them subsequently ! ). The Prepared simply took the mind and focused on a single niche .

How to replicate their success

Focus on creating “ best [ x ] ” posts for evergreen merchandise categories. These are things that people will placid be looking to buy in years to come. For case, a list of the best dishwashers has longevity since there are always people in the market for a new appliance. That ’ randomness why Google Trends shows reproducible research demand over time .best dishwasher 2 Of course, some topics are seasonal such as “ best tents. ”best tent 2 This international relations and security network ’ t an offspring because its popularity is consistent year over class. You ’ ll just experience more sales during certain parts of the year. What you want to avoid are non-evergreen topics with wan interest, like “ best fidget spinner. ”best fidget spinner 2 The profit of creating content about evergreen product categories is that it has the potential to attract organic traffic long terminus. Just make sure your SEO scheme is sound and you keep the posts updated. Learn more about how to do this in our lead to evergreen content .

Key stats

Domain Rating:  63
Number of referring domains:  1,320
Number of keywords it ranks for:  136,000
Estimated organic traffic:  244,000
Site age:  3 years
Estimated revenue:  Unknown Homegrounds is a locate that teaches “ dwelling baristas ” how to brew and enjoy better quality coffee bean .

Why they’re doing so well

I reached out to the site ’ mho fall through, Alex Azoury, to find out. here ’ s what he said :

first, we commit to publishing content that is better than our competitors. This is because the chocolate brew marketplace are switched on, and they decidedly appreciate subject that actually solves their problem, quite than content built to merely target a keyword. second, we reverse engineer our competitors via Ahrefs ’ Site Explorer to uncover capacity and backlink opportunities that are working for them. If it works for them, it will most likely work for us. finally, we dig deeper into keywords and think about search captive, preferably than fair looking at search volume. The topics that finally perform the best from a fiscal position are rarely the ones that look the best on face value. Again, Ahrefs ’ Keywords Explorer has been an invaluable resource for this .Alex Azoury

Alex Azoury,

Founder & Editor

How to replicate their success

If we distill what Alex said above, we see that what worked for the Homegrounds team is to focus on the basics :

  • Do keyword research and find topics with traffic potential.
  • Create content that aligns with search intent and trumps everything else on quality.
  • Build links to the content by replicating competitors’ link building strategies.
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Learn how to do this in our guidebook to ranking on the beginning page of Google .dog food advisor 2

Key stats

Domain Rating:  76
Number of referring domains:  5,890
Number of keywords it ranks for:  203,000
Estimated organic traffic: 594,000
Site age:  11 years
Estimated revenue:  Unknown DogFoodAdvisor is a site that helps pet owners make better decisions when buying chase food .

Why they’re doing so well

The pets grocery store is enormous. It ’ mho estimated that $ 75 billion was spent by pet owners in 2019, with $ 31 billion on positron emission tomography food alone. And therein lies the samara to this site ’ s success. alternatively of writing broadly on pets or tied favored food, they chose to focus entirely on frump food. It besides helps that the keyword “ pawl food ” has a global search volume of 117,000 searches per month .dog food ke 2 This concentrate helped them to stand out in a saturated recess, and about surely besides helped them to rank for thousands of frank food-related keywords .best dog food keywords 2

How to replicate their success

There are enough of things to emulate, but lets drill down on two aspects :

1. Create content hubs

Their page on the “ best frump foods ” ranks for over 1,300 keywords, sending them an estimated ~20,284 US research visits per calendar month .best dog food ke 2 Given that there are so many types of frump foods available for unlike breeds and for respective purposes, it would be impossible to answer the question of “ what is the best pawl food ” in a single article. alternatively, what this page does is internally connection to more specialize articles on the subject, allowing readers to choose the one that applies most to them. This is known as a “ content hub. ”basic content hub image 2 Besides creating a better drug user experience, “ hub ” pages are besides beneficial for SEO. This is because more “ assurance ” is transferred to DogFoodAdvisor ’ s most important pages as subpages link back to hub pages and vice-versa ). This is about surely region of the cause why this page is ranking thus well. Learn more about the types of capacity hub in this post .

2. Create useful content that attracts links

Dog food recalls are amazingly common but besides easy to miss. DogFoodAdvisor solves this problem with their up-to-date list of andiron food recalls .dog food recalls post 2 To date, this page has links from 390 websites .dog food recalls 2 Takeaway: Don ’ t focus entirely on “ best [ ten ] ” keywords. Create useful, informational capacity that attracts links and boosts your authority. Learn more about how to create content that attracts links .pc part picker 2

Key stats

Domain Rating:  74
Number of referring domains:  8,810
Number of keywords it ranks for:  785,000
Estimated organic traffic: 3,100,000
Site age:  9 years
Estimated revenue:  Unknown many people want to build their own personal computer, but the process international relations and security network ’ t that straightforward—particularly for newbies. This is where PCPartPicker excels. Choose the parts you want for your personal computer, and PCPartPicker will provide compatibility guidance and up-to-date pricing. They besides publish “ physique guides ” for those who are uncertain how to start building one .

Why they’re doing so well

PCPartPicker is matter to because it deviates from the traditional affiliate exemplar of targeting “ best [ ten ] ” keywords. rather, it ’ s a instrument. Knowing which components to buy is a big problem in the “ build your own personal computer ” global. PCPartPicker solves this by letting you shop for the latest personal computer parts based on performance and budget. It then automatically cross-references them to check for compatibility. then, based on what you ’ ve configured, you can purchase directly from Amazon ( with PCPartPicker ’ south affiliate links. )pcpartpicker links 2 2 The most remarkable separate about this is how much faith the locate has built with its consultation. A big publish with consort sites is they often recommend products based on the highest commissions. This “ strategy ” promptly erodes faith, causing many affiliate sites to fail.

But PCPartPicker ’ randomness tool is indifferent. It doesn ’ t push any finical products. All it does is leave users to choose their own configurations, and then make commissions off those choices. Because the tool is therefore utilitarian, it markets itself via viva-voce .pcpartpicker reddit 2 2 Along the way, the tool page itself has picked up 835 referring domains—many of which come from authoritative, high-DR sites like The Verge, PC World, etc .referring domains pcpartpicker 2

How to replicate their success

not all Amazon affiliate websites must be “ content sites ” to do well. There are other ways to excel. Is there a big trouble in your niche ? Can you build a unblock tool or resource to help fix that problem and potentially make some affiliate income along the way ? sometimes, you have to think outside the box. Learn more about how to find these opportunities in this guide ( skip to exemplar # 4 )equipboard 2

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Key stats

Domain Rating:  58
Number of referring domains:  2,560
Number of keywords it ranks for:  722,000
Estimated organic traffic: 354,000
Site age:  5 years
Estimated revenue:  Unknown Equipboard is a web site that showcases the gear, tools, and products used by celebrated musicians. content on the locate is partially user-generated. The founders ( Giulio and Michael ) revue products and create subject targeting “ best ” keywords, and users contribute capacity about the gearing their darling artists use .

Why are they doing so well?

As an affiliate site, Equipboard targets “ best ” keywords in their recess. That ’ s to be expected. But they besides tackle the consort model from a alone slant. A big partially of their site is the dislocation of the gear and tools that celebrated musicians use. That ’ sulfur pretty chic. In the music world, people want to be more like their idols. They want to play the guitar like Slash, rap like Eminem, or sing like Ariana Grande. not alone that, they want to use the like gearing as these people. In fact, Giulio, the co-founder, says this is how Equipboard started .

As musicians ourselves, we understand how musicians search for a certain audio and workshop for gear. That led us to create a site around the room people explore gear, specifically by looking up to the pro musicians they admire .Giulio Chiarenza

Giulio Chiarenza,


This is besides where Equipboard takes it to the next flush. Think about it : there are thousands of musicians from every potential genre. It would take them forever to cover every individual one of them. The solution ? Enlist the serve of their hearing. On Equipboard, anyone can add content related to their favorite artists ’ gear. then, with the aid of a few community moderators, the founders fact-check sources and ensure the suggestions are accurate. This allows them to scale subject output at a relatively first gear monetary value. It besides helps them to :

  1. Get traffic. Most of these musicians are famous, so there’s plenty of search volume for relevant terms (e.g. “jimmy page gear”.)
  2. Get affiliate link clicks. Since fans are already interested in the gear of their favorite musicians, it is likely they will click on their affiliate links.
  3. Get backlinks. Since they’re the most credible source for musicians’ tools and gear, they get tons of links from Wikipedia and other reputable sites.

How to replicate their success

Equipboard ’ s samara to success is their alone sell detail ( USP ) : the dislocation of tools and instruments that celebrated musicians use. But here ’ s the cool separate : you can apply this lapp concept to other niches. Run a golf web site ? There are batch of people searching for what ’ s in the bags of celebrated golfers .phrase match ke witb 2 Run a ledger reappraisal web site ? People want to know what books celebrated people recommend .phrase match recommended books 2 The examples are endless. You precisely need to find them, which is where a keyword research tool like Ahrefs ’ Keywords Explorer ( pictured above ) comes in handy .territory supply 2

Key stats

Domain Rating:  26
Number of referring domains:  275
Number of keywords it ranks for:  27,700
Estimated organic traffic: 26,600
Site age:  4 years
Estimated revenue:  ~4-figures per calendar month Territory Supply helps people find hike, camping, packing, and travel adventures in the US, while besides showcasing the best outdoor gear they should use .

Why they’re doing so well

The beginning thing you ’ ll comment when you visit territory Supply is how much it looks like an on-line magazine, quite than a typical affiliate site. And indeed, they do run their web site like a magazine. As an affiliate web site, they have articles targeting “ best x ” keywords. But they besides cover batch of other topics that don ’ t radio link to any products. They ’ re besides committed to linking to the best products, flush if they can ’ t make money from their recommendations. For example, their position on “ DIY teardrop camper kits ” generates an calculate 1,800 search visits per calendar month, but has only one associate to an affiliate product .territory supply organic traffic 2 Dustin Christiensen, the laminitis, reaffirms my thoughts .

I think one cause we ’ ve had success with Territory Supply is that we ’ ve tried to provide more measure than your modal consort locate. For model, a distribute of our merchandise recommendations come from modest brands or retailers that don ’ triiodothyronine have an affiliate program any. But, those brands make some of the best products, so we ’ ve included them in our content because that ’ s what ’ s most valuable to our readers. We don ’ thymine precisely find five Amazon products and call it a day—we ’ ll put a lot of research into each product category to find singular products and brands that no one else is discussing since most sites can ’ t make money off of them. second, we ’ ve invested heavily in our brand and appearance. alternatively of putting up a cheap WordPress theme, I spent thousands of dollars on a custom designed web site with some unique outdoor aesthetics that work well for the outdoor community. We tried to build something that didn ’ thyroxine look like a brassy, thin affiliate web site and rather, wanted something that looked trustworthy, valuable and impactful. stopping point, we besides do a draw of content that international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate related to products or affiliate market at all – like hiking and camping guides that include the best locations to explore in different areas. These articles are research-intensive and we try to find writers who live in or explore the areas we write about thus that they have real, accurate value for our readers. We do so much more than precisely product-based content that I think it helps find an consultation that a set of affiliate sites might miss out on .Dustin Christiensen

Dustin Christiensen,


How to replicate their success

not every district Supply reader is quick to buy. sometimes, they ’ re just curious. And when they read articles like “ 10 Stunning Hikes in Death Valley National Park ”, they might be inspired to start exploring the outdoors more frequently. Or they might even be fired up to start hiking on the coming weekend. This will lead them to wonder about the gear they ’ ll need for hike, which Territory Supply besides helps with. The takeaway: equitable because you run an affiliate web site doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think of you should only cover “ best ” or “ review ” topics. You should target topics at every stage of the market funnel. Learn how to do this in our guide to finding and map keywords to the buyer ’ mho journey .the wirecutter 2

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Key stats

Domain Rating:  82
Number of referring domains:  23,100
Number of keywords it ranks for:  3,700,000
Estimated organic traffic: 4,100,000
Site age:  8 years
Estimated revenue:  ~ $ 10 million ( 2016 ) Founded in 2011 by Brian Lam, a former Editorial Director at Gizmodo, The Wirecutter has grown into possibly the most celebrated and well-known Amazon affiliate locate on the planet. Frustrated with the ceaseless chase for pageviews in traditional media companies, Brian quit Gizmodo and started The Wirecutter as a minor review web site focused on gadgets. It was acquired by the New York Times in 2016 for $ 30 million .

Why they’re doing so well

abruptly history : they rank on the beginning foliate for 62,000+ “ best ” keywords in the U.S. entirely :best keywords wirecutter 2 The longer history : they ’ re the absolute supporter of product reviews. When it comes to “ best [ merchandise class ] ” type posts, most affiliate sites just curate whatever ’ s presently selling well on Amazon. not The Wirecutter. For every class, they ’ ll thoroughly sample and test every major product. Where needed, they ’ ll hire professional reviewers .wirecutter review 2 They ’ re besides transparent about how they test the timbre of those products. further, to prevent bias, the staff writers are not informed about what commissions the locate receives for different products. And that ’ s not all. The Wirecutter understands that not everyone wants to read a drawn-out review. They just want a reliable and trustworthy source to tell them which product to buy. therefore, in the first paragraph of every post, they get straight to the sharpen. They build your believe by telling you how they researched it, then telling you exactly what to buy .wirecutter review best french press 2 For the impatient, this is perfective. They can click through immediately and make the buy. But even if they don ’ triiodothyronine buy mighty away, it ’ sulfur o. For Amazon affiliate sites, the snap itself is significant. After all, Amazon has a 24-hour cookie, which means that the locate owner will receive committee on anything the person buys in the future 24 hours. That said, The Wirecutter doesn ’ thyroxine precisely cater to the pulsation buyer. For those who are obsessed with researching every aspect of a leverage, there ’ s plenty of research to read .

How to replicate their success

Focus on creating thorough, well-researched posts for “ best [ class ] ” character keywords in your industry. That means testing the products yourself where possible, and potentially even coming up with innovative ways to do then. If you ’ re starting out and can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate yield to purchase every product in the category, focus on delivering in-depth research. not only does this approach build trust with readers and entice affiliate connection clicks, but it besides helps to attract backlinks .bbl wirecutter 2 That said, while the quality of contentedness surely plays an crucial character here, we besides suspect that employing an inhouse SEO team doesn ’ triiodothyronine suffering matters .linkedin seo wirecutter 2 And that brings us to a crucial point : You shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate judge to replicate this model like for like on a web site that reviews everything under the sun. Niche down and do things on a smaller scale. Coming full encircle, that ’ s what The Prepared did in the preppers niche—and it worked out reasonably well for them.

Final thoughts

Most successful Amazon affiliate sites follow approximately the same formula :

  • They target commercial investigation keywords like “best [category]”;
  • They create best-in-class content by actually reviewing products;
  • They work hard to build and attract backlinks to improve rankings.

none of this is rocket science. It good takes hard work, perseverance, solitaire, and a focus on long-run over short-run results. Did I miss any well sites ? Let me know in the comments or ping me on Twitter.

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