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Top 10 Richest Manga Writers In 2022 Ranked

Published by on Japan has the earth ’ mho third-largest economy and a large fortune of it comes from its anime & manga industry. It ’ s not a matter of fact to be hidden, but as of 2022, the zanzibar copal industry has a market value of US $ 25 billion .
That ’ s a huge sum of sum and half of its credit goes to the manga artists who put their farthermost feat to make the industry bloom. But, wait for doing such extraordinary work how much they make and who ’ s the richest manga writer in 2022 ?
well, in this article we ’ re gon na take a front at this interrogate and find out who is the richest manga writer in the history of the japanese industry.

so, let ’ s contract started .

10. George Morikawa (Net Worth: $3 Million)

Richest Manga Writer George Morikawam Net WorthRichest Manga Writer George Morikawam Net Worth
George Morikawa is best-known for his iconic boxing-themed sports manga Hajime no Ippo. The manga started serialization in the deep 80s and it was one of the most influential works by a manga artist at that clock .
The report of Hajime no Ippo is collected into more than 132 tankōbon volumes and it is still ongoing. An anime television receiver series consisting of 76 episodes was besides aired in 2000 which was late adapted into two more seasons due to huge demand by its fans .
As of 2020, Hajime no Ippo has sold more than 100 million manga copies and it is displayed in the net deserving of Morikawa as well. With a personal net worth of around $ 3-4 million, Morikawa has even won the 15th Kodansha Manga Award in the shōnen category for Hajime no Ippo .

9. Keisuke Itagaki (Net Worth: $5 Million)

Richest Manga Writer Keisuke Itagaki Net WorthRichest Manga Writer Keisuke Itagaki Net Worth
Baki The Grappler, a martial arts-based manga is celebrated for its breathless moments and bloody fight visuals. It is one of the first anime series of Netflix original and has been renewed into a series of unlike fib discharge. And, the man behind this manga is, Keisuke Itagaki .
Itagaki ’ south net deserving is estimated to be around $ 5-6 million and a big contribution of his income came from the manga sales of Baki The Grappler. As of 2022, Baki has sold more than 85 million manga copies including all its sequels sales a well .
The inclusion body of Netflix slightly increased the series popularity as well making its manga sales rise further. other than manga & anime adaptations, different television game adaptations are besides available in the market finally adding more to Itagaki ’ s web worth .

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8. Yoichi Takahashi (Net Worth: $6 Million)

Richest Manga Writer Yoichi Takahashi Net WorthRichest Manga Writer Yoichi Takahashi Net Worth
Yoichi Takahashi is the manga generator of Captain Tsubasa. In the early 80s, Captain Tsubasa was a very democratic sports manga based on football and it is widely recognized for its great contribution to Japan ’ s football history .
Captain Tsubasa has sold more than 80 million copies cosmopolitan and it is one of the best-selling manga series. other than Captain Tsubasa, Takahashi is besides known for his other soccer manga series ‘ Hungry Heart : wilderness Striker ’ .
In 2016, the football club FC Barcelona invited him as a guest and he has received many awards for his excellent work in the zanzibar copal industry vitamin a well. Takahashi ’ s personal web worth is estimated to be around $ 6 million .

7. Hirohiko Araki (Net Worth: $13 Million)

Richest Manga Writer Hirohiko Araki  Net WorthRichest Manga Writer Hirohiko Araki  Net Worth
Hirohiko Araki is a celebrated manga artist in the japanese industry known for his popular series JoJo ’ s Bizarre Adventure. As of the current date, Hirohiko ’ second manga has more than 100 million copies in print and is one of the best manga of all time .
The franchise of JoJo ’ s Bizarre Adventure consists of a serial of nine manga sequels, one-shots, inner light novels and video recording games taking the score of Hirohiko ’ s net worth to around $ 13-15 million .
versatile live-action films and anime adaptations have been produced since 2005 and it ’ s not over yet. Fans are brainsick about this series and in the future few years, the read will reach new heights .

6. Masashi Kishimoto (Net Worth: $25 Million)

Richest Manga Writer Masashi Kishimoto Net WorthRichest Manga Writer Masashi Kishimoto Net Worth
One of the top mangaka and most influential people of Japan, Masashi Kishimoto is a long-familiar boldness among zanzibar copal fans. He ’ s behind the creation of the most sleep together anime series Naruto .
Naruto is the fourthly best selling manga series in the global, selling 250+ million copies in about 47 different countries. It has won several awards and has featured several times in US Today and The New York Times best seller list .
Kishimoto ’ randomness exact net deserving is not publicly known but according to reports his personal fortune is around $ 25-27 million. presently, he ’ south working on the sequel of Naruto titled “ Boruto : Naruto Next Generations ” which is besides turning out to be a successful series.

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5. Yoshihiro Togashi (Net Worth: $30 Million)

Richest Manga Writer Yoshihiro Togashi Net WorthRichest Manga Writer Yoshihiro Togashi Net Worth
Yoshihiro Togashi is best-known for not equitable one but two of his iconic manga, Hunter X Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho. Both these manga are very popular and has been adapted into anime as well which became successful late .
On one hand, Hunter X Hunter has 80 million copies in circulation while on the other Yu Yu Hakusho has sold more than 50 million copies alone in Japan. These two were critical hits in the 90s and were well received by the fans .
Togashi worked on respective early manga ’ second vitamin a well in his initial days but these two made him financially the richest manga writer of all time. As of 2022, Togashi ’ south net worth is estimated to be around $ 30 million .

4. Hajime Isayama (Net Worth: $45 Million)

Richest Manga Writer Hajime Isayama Net WorthRichest Manga Writer Hajime Isayama Net Worth
When Hajime Isayama started working on Attack On Titan in 2005, he would have never imagined that his creation can lead him to become the richest manga writer of 2021 .
even after getting rejected by Weekly Shonen Jump, Isayama didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give up on his storyboard and took Attack On Titan to Kodansha. today, it ’ second one of the most favorite series among zanzibar copal fans .
For his brainy ferment, Isayama received several awards including the Kodansha Manga Award and Harvey Award. Till now, Attack On Titan has sold more than 100 million copies and the numbers keep rising .
Isayama ’ sulfur final worth is estimated to be $ 45-46 million which includes the royalties from manga sales & zanzibar copal production .

3. Gosho Aoyama (Net Worth: $50 Million)

Richest Manga Writer Gosho Aoyama Net WorthRichest Manga Writer Gosho Aoyama Net Worth
Gosho Aoyama is the godhead of the mystery & case-solving manga series Detective Conan. besides known as Case Closed, Detective Conan is a manga about a male child who deals with catchy cases and school life at the same meter .
With more than 1000+ zanzibar copal episodes and 240 million copies sold, Case Closed is one of the best sell manga series. Aoyama ’ mho net income worth is close to $ 50 million and a big separate of it comes from manga sales .
Aoyama started drawing at a very early stage and apart from Case Closed he has drawn other manga as well in the belated 80s. Magic Kito and Yaiba are his other manga series .

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2. Akira Toriyama (Net Worth: $55 Million)

Richest Manga Writer Akira Toriyama Net WorthRichest Manga Writer Akira Toriyama Net Worth
Akira Toriyama is said to be the Godfather of the manga diligence and it is highly true. due to his extra attempt in the japanese diligence, zanzibar copal & manga get exposure in the West. People get to know about zanzibar copal, thanks to the fabled manga Dragon Ball .
For the first fourth dimension, people came to know about anime was because of Dragon Ball. It was the most popular series in the 90s. His manga sales through versatile Dragon Ball sequels is calculated to be around 300 million out of which a large helping is sold in the West .
Akira Toriyama ’ s net worth is estimated to be $ 55-57 million and it ’ s not good because of the Dragon Ball franchise. He ’ south besides responsible for the character design in Dragon Ball Quest video game series. And, he has created several other mangas as well which including his first hit comedy series Dr. Slump .

1. Eiichiro Oda (Net Worth: $230 Million)

Richest Manga Writer Eiichiro Oda Net WorthRichest Manga Writer Eiichiro Oda Net Worth
In the history of the zanzibar copal & manga industry, no one ever reached the lead of the richest manga writers of all clock time like the way Eiichiro Oda did. He ’ s the most affluent mangaka with an estimate net worth of over $ 230 million .
His biggest creation, One Piece is one of the best shōnen zanzibar copal series fans ever witnessed and it ’ s distillery entertaining its fans for the end 22 years. In terms of manga sales, One Piece has sold more than 490 million copies making it the 2nd best selling amusing series fair behind Superman .
At the senesce of only 17, he became a manga artist and developed such a fabulous floor like One Piece that changed the history of the manga diligence. The feat Oda achieved in the survive 20 years is about impossible for person else to get even close up to it.

With this, our number of richest manga writers of 2022 comes to an end. We hope you liked it. Let us know in the comments incision, which is your favored manga artist and why ?
And don ’ metric ton forget to share this article with your fellow otaku friends so that we ’ ll come up with more excite anime articles like this one .

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