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hello ! This is antenna Fishing Guide, which was released on 21/09/2019 .

Requirements :

35 Hunter
43 fish

q : How to get to Lake Molch ?
A : talk to Teleport Wizard – > Skilling Teleport – > Lake Molch

In ordain to start catching fishes, you have to talk to “ Alry The Angler ”

1.Dialogue in where Player has to Speak with Alry The Angler in regulate to start Aerial Fishing .

After Alry has gave you a bird for starting Aerial Fishing, you will pick up King Worms, which are located adjacent to Alry The Angler, dropped on the ground .

2. Alry The Angler, and King Worms Spawn spot future to him .

After you have picked up the King Worms, you can start clicking on the Fishing Spots on the ocean. Make certain you bring a Knife with you and cut fishes into fish chunks, because it is the food used for the shuttlecock who ‘s catching the fishes .

unlike Fishes and their Requirements :

stOBFIL.png Bluegill – hunter : 35 & Fishing : 43

Grants 11.5 al-qaeda fishing experience, and 16.5 base hunter experience .

Using Knife on Bluegill grants 3.5 base cooking experience, and pisces chunks .

KC88C67.png Common Tench- Hunter : 45 & Fishing : 56

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Grants 40 base fishing experience, and 45 free-base hunter experience .

Using Knife on Common Tench grants 10 basis cook experience, and fish chunks .

UTn4dQs.png Mottled Eel – orion : 68 & Fishing : 73

Grants 65 base fish experience, and 90 root hunter experience .

Using Knife on Mottled Eel grants 20 basis cooking have, and fish chunks .

9WoJxgn.png Greater Siren – orion : 87 & Fishing : 91

Grants 100 floor fishing experience, and 130 base hunter feel .

Using Knife on Greater Siren grants 25 establish cook experience, and pisces chunks.

Keep in mind that players only have a chance to catch the certain fishes if they have the levels required to do so, and the higher their levels, the more likely they are to catch a better pisces .

bFKPGVC.png Perks of Aerial Fishing

Whenever a fish is caught, players have a prospect to receive a Molch pearl, which is used as a currentness for Alry ’ mho Wares .

3. picture of Alry ‘s Wares Shop .

UtbWW5p.png Pearl Fishing Rod – 100 Molch Pearls

This rod is equippable, and can be used in place of a regular fish rod .

M6VZSEh.png Pearl Fly Fishing Rod – 125 Molch Pearls

This rod is equippable, and can be used in place of a fly fishing rod.

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nPnsV6f.png Pearl Barbarian Rod – 150 Molch Pearls
This gat is equippable, and can be used in put of a savage fishing rod .

DHXKVfc.png Fish Sack – 1000 Molch Pearls

z0akd1X.png cIVDGwP.png F7FmMme.png 7yr8kEn.png Angler Outfit – 100 Molch Pearls per firearm .

Angler Outfit has a Fishing Bonus XP granted while break :

Angler hat : 0.3 % bonus fish know . Angler top:0.7 % bonus fishing experience . Angler waders:0.6 % bonus fishing feel . Angler boots:0.2 % bonus fishing experience .
Set bonus : If all the pieces of the set up are break, players will receive an extra 0.5 % bonus, totaling 2.5 % bonus fishing experience .

additionally, whenever a fish is caught, there is a 1/20,000 prospect of getting a Golden tench, an fabulously rare cosmetic weapon .

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