FBI: Civilian charged with involuntary manslaughter in fatal accident at Keesler AFB

BILOXI, Miss. ( WLOX ) – A Biloxi man who works as a civilian contractor at Keesler Air Force Base had a combination of legal and illegal drugs in his organization at the time of a black accident on base. That ’ south according to the criminal ailment obtained by WLOX News. Wednesday ’ randomness accident killed an Airman and injured three others on base. On Thursday, Emmett J. Bennett, 24, was charged with involuntary manslaughter and operation of a fomite while impair causing death. He ’ south already made his initial appearance before a evaluate in Gulfport. The criminal complaint outlines disturbing details of what happened before and after the crash. It says Bennett was driving south of Ploesti Drive on Keesler Air Force Base concisely after 1 post meridiem on Wednesday. Witnesses said he was speeding, and narrowly avoided an accident with another vehicle before the fateful crash. Witnesses had besides reported Bennett acting in an erratic manner.

The criminal ailment said Bennett crossed the northbound lane of Ploesti Drive and struck a light pole. The vehicle then struck four Airmen while they were walking on a walk traverse, killing one and injuring the others. The serviceman who died was dragged about 100 feet down the road. After the fomite stopped, a witness reported seeing Bennett get out of the fomite and walk over to the victim, picking him up and shaking him “ in an undertake to wake him. ” That same spectator besides observed Bennett foaming at the mouthpiece. Biloxi Police were called to the accident fit, bringing an accident reconstruction specialist, a educate drug recognition technical, and a state DUI train officer. According to one of the responding officers, Bennett was initially falling asleep during the field testing. But about 39 minutes late, a stimulation of some kind kicked in and Bennett was “ pinging around the board. ” finally, Bennett gave officers a recapitulate of his day. He said he went to work on base around 8 ante meridiem At noon, he left the base for lunch where he took a kratom “ fritter ” and drank a Red Bull. The accident happened as he was returning from lunch. Bennett late admitted to investigators that about 10 ante meridiem he had taken 10 kratom pills. According to the condemnable ailment, testing besides found cannabis in his system.

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An probe into all the factors leading up to the accident continues .On Thursday, 24-year-old Emmett J. Bennett was charged with involuntary manslaughter and...On Thursday, 24-year-old Emmett J. Bennett was charged with involuntary manslaughter and operation of a vehicle while impaired causing death. ( Harrison County Sheriff ‘s Department ) “ The FBI extends our bass condolences to the family of the Airman who was killed in this calamity, ” said Acting Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Jackson Division, Paul Brown. “ Our thoughts are besides with the three Airmen that were injured and the integral Keesler residential district. ” Two of the hurt men were treated at the Keesler Medical Center. The third base was taken to a medical facility in New Orleans. All three are presently in stable condition. The following of kin telling has been made, and the name of the die Airman is being withheld until 24 hours following the presentment. “ This is a tragic accident and loss for the 81st train Wing and our community, ” said Col. Bill Hunter, 81st train Wing commander. “ We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our Airmen and we are thinking of and praying for all those involved. ” According to the statement released from the FBI on Thursday, there is no threat to public safety.

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The FBI has jurisdiction over the black accident since it happened on federal property and the suspect is a civilian. however, the FBI is working with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Air Force Security Forces and the Biloxi Police Department. Copyright 2021 WLOX . All rights reserved.

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