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Telephone area codes in cardinal and southeast New Jersey
Numbering plan areas of New Jersey. Numbering plan areas of New Jersey. Area codes 609 and 640 are telephone area codes in the north american english Numbering Plan ( NANP ) for the central part of the U.S. state of New Jersey. The count plan area includes the cities of Trenton, Princeton, Ewing, Hamilton, and southeast parts of the state and the Jersey Shore, including Atlantic City and Long Beach Island. In terms of geographic coverage, it is the largest number design area in New Jersey. In the original shape of the beginning countrywide call numbering plan of 1947, all of New Jersey was a single count plan sphere, assigned the first of all area codes, 201. In 1958, it was split to create a second number plan area, 609. This division generally followed the dividing line between North Jersey, proximate to New York City, and South Jersey, proximate to Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore. [ 1 ]

Despite the presence of the Philadelphia suburb, Trenton, Princeton and Atlantic City, South Jersey is not as dumbly populated as North Jersey. As a consequence, while North Jersey went from one area code to four during the 1990s, 609 remained the sole sphere code for the southerly half of New Jersey for 41 years. By the former 1990s, however, the proliferation of cell phones and pagers, particularly in the Philadelphia suburb, Trenton, and Atlantic City, made it authorize that South Jersey needed another area code.

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In 1999, the southwestern part of the previous 609 district, including most of the New Jersey slope of the Philadelphia sphere, was split off with area code 856. The newfangled area code entered service on June 14 ; permissive dial of 609 stay across South Jersey until November 14. [ 2 ] Since that time, the 609 territory covers parts of Central Jersey, South Jersey and the Jersey Shore, and many parts of Burlington County. It besides includes portions of southern Middlesex County in Plainsboro, Cranbury, parts of South Brunswick ( particularly Kingston ) and the extreme southerly separate of Monroe. The limit was drawn in such a way so that respective towns were divided between by area codes. Some prefixes assigned to mobile earphone providers that lie within the 856 district have never had their area code changed ; therefore 609/640 serves as a de facto fond overlay of 856, although it is rarely acknowledged as such. As of October 2014, the area code 609 count pool was expected to be exhausted by the second stern of 2017, [ 3 ] about 15 months subsequently than projected a year earlier. [ 4 ] Permissive dialing began in mid-january 2018, and ended mid-august when 10-digit dial became compulsory. [ 5 ] In mid-September, fresh assignments of numbers with the 640 area code commenced .

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