’25th Island of Greece’ meme explained: Here’s why this joke is taking over Twitter!

A meme is taking over Twitter that asks people to find out what the 25th Island of Greece is, but why? Here’s the joke explained.
Every calendar month, a raw meme emerges on social media that asks you to Google something .

Some popular ones have been ‘ why were chainsaws invented ? ’ and ‘ what dinosaur has 5000 tooth ? ’. now, there ’ s a new one to add to the mix .
The latest meme asks people to find out what the ’ 25th island of Greece ’ is, and it ’ s blowing up on Twitter .
then what is the twenty-fifth Island of Greece ? And why is it amusing ? here ’ south everything you need to know .

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The ’25th Island of Greece’ Meme is taking over Twitter

As you ’ ve been scrolling through Twitter, or tied some early social media sites like TikTok and Instagram you may have seen everyone talking about the ’ 25th island of Greece ’ .
Greece actually has 6,000 islands, of which 227 are inhabited, but why is everyone talking about the 25th one ?
well, it ’ s all separate of a viral meme, and what you ’ re supposed to do is use the internet to find out what the Greece ’ s 25th island is .
When you Google ’ 25th island of Greece ’, you ’ ll be shown an island list, and social media users think it ’ mho pretty hilarious.

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What is the 25th island of Greece?

so what is the twenty-fifth island of Greece ?
well, if you Googled the question then you would have found that the 25th island of Greece is an island in the Cyclades called Amorgos .
now you know what the twenty-fifth island of Greece is and you ’ re still confused, right ? Don ’ thymine worry, you ’ rhenium not alone .
therefore why is the appoint ‘ Amorgos ’ going viral on social media ?
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People think ‘Amorgos’ sounds like ‘Among Us’

The ’ 25th Island of Greece ’ meme is actually going viral because people are likening the name ‘ Amorgos ’ to ‘ Among Us ’.

Among Us is an on-line multiplayer space-themed game made by american game studio apartment Innersloth that is in truth democratic amongst children at the moment .
Whilst the two words aren ’ thyroxine wholly alike, they do sound reasonably similar, and fans of the game Among Us surely think the jest is funny story. In other newsworthiness, Dick Van Dyke however going firm at 96 as he hits the gymnasium with wife Arlene Silver, 50

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