144Hz laptop & 165Hz laptop buyer’s guide

If you want to know what to consider when looking for a bet on laptop in general, regardless of subcategory, have a flying look at this same section on our Best gaming laptop in 2022 page. The downstairs points will be a quick drumhead of what you need to be mindful of when shopping for a 165hz or 144hz laptop specifically .

Is a 144Hz refresh rate good for gaming?

The inadequate answer to this motion is yes, at least for the huge majority of gamers. Whilst the perceptible deviation between 60Hz and 100Hz is huge, and about the same gap between 100Hz and 144Hz is less meaning, but still substantial, by the time you go from 144Hz or 165Hz up to 240Hz or higher, the same numeric gap ( in terms of Hz ) fair doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel as perceptibly different. 240Hz or evening 300Hz and 360Hz are entirely for those gamers who are committed to squeezing every edge they can out of games like CS : GO, the Call Of Duty, or Battlefield series etc. even indeed, you will need a rightfully beastly gaming laptop, and a willingness to turn the graphic settings down, in order to achieve these kind of FPS in your games. For most people a 144Hz laptop or a 165Hz one will be more than adequate .

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FreeSync and G-Sync support

FreeSync and G-Sync are jointly known as variable Refresh Rate ( VRR ) or adaptive synchronize technologies, which help to smooth out movement expose on the screen, and reduce the artifact known as screen tearing. This is accomplished through more precisely matching ( i.e. synchronizing ) the frame pace output of your personal computer with the refresh rate of your display .
FreeSync is AMD ’ sulfur adaptation of the engineering, whereas G-Sync is Nvidia ’ s, although GPUs from both manufacturers can use either engineering to a degree, full G-Sync is frequently only useable by machines with an Nvidia graphics poster. G-Sync Compatible is the condition used to describe the less potent version of the technology, and you ’ ll find a fortune of gaming laptop display with native FreeSync accompaniment which are besides G-Sync compatible.

1080p vs 1440p gaming laptops

Every laptop you will see recommended on this page which comes with either a 144Hz or 165Hz review rate will have 1080p ( aka HD ) or 1440p ( aka QHD or WQHD ) resolution. refresh rate and resolution are the foreman determinants ( besides size ) of the price of a screen, so if we ’ ra keeping the freshen rate ceaseless then you can expect the 1080p models to be the cheaper options available. 165Hz is increasingly the standard for any recently released 1440p gaming laptop, and you ’ ll entirely find higher refresh rates on premium end 1440p laptops .
by and large speaking, we ’ re of the public opinion that 1080p is the arrant resolution for any bet on laptop with a 15-inch display or smaller. At this size, the benefits of a 1440p display, whilst noticeable, aren ’ triiodothyronine normally worth the sacrifices that must be made in other areas ( i.e. price and the lower FPS performance on the higher resolution screen ). still, if you have your heart set on a 1440p display, either for light workstation habit, watching higher-res movies and films, or just because you like the look of them, you can constantly turn down the resolution settings in-game to 1080p to maximize your FPS .

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4K 165Hz & 144Hz laptops

At the time of write, 165Hz or 144Hz laptops with 4K resolution aren ’ t a reality. The highest refresh rate you’re likely to see in a 4K gaming laptop is 120Hz, such as the MSI GE76 Raider 10UH or the Razer Blade Pro 17 4K touch, though even these are rare. Most 4K laptops tend to come in at a refresh rate of 60Hz, which isn ’ t a high adequate review rate for competitive on-line bet on, and is only around the minimum we ’ d recommend for slower-paced, single-player titles .

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